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Regular Value




Finest 12" Hi-Fi, 33Y3 l-P's we

know of at this price, up to 24

selections on each record.

OO(Square Dance Party)-Take a Little Peek, My Pretty Girl.

01 (Lena Horne)-More Than You Know, Frankie and Johnny, etc.

02(Nutcracker Suite)-Warsaw Concerto, Ritual Fire Dance, etc.

03(Classic Favorites)-Song of India, Carmen Overture, etc.

04(The Al Sack Concert Orchestra)-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,

April in Paris.

05(Porter-Berlin Favorites)-Easy to Love, Blue Skies, etc.

06(Honky Tonk Piano)-12th St. Rag, Peg o' My Heart, Pony Boy.

07(Music to Love by)-Make Believe, These Foolish Things, etc.

08(Jazz Greats)-Some of These Days, China Boy, Quiet Please.

09 (Organ Favorites)-Exactly Like You, The Very Thought of You.

IO(Favorite Hymns)-Lord's Prayer, Onward Christian Soldiers.

!!(All-Time Favorites)-Jealousy, Melody of Love, Blue Tango.

12(World's Greatest Overtures)-William Tell, Merry Widow, etc.

13(Piano Recital)-Liebestraum, Minute Waltz, Nocturne, etc.

14(Hawaiian Favorites)-Song of the Islands, Naka Puco, etc.

15(Rock and Roll)-Off Beat, Rock That Boogie, No Name Rock.

16(Modern Jazz)-Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, How About You.

17(Movie Themes)-Stranger in Paradise, 3 Coins in Fountain.

18(Strauss Waltzes)-Blue Danube, Tales from the Vienna Woods.

19(Sweet Georgia Brown)-What Is This Thing Called Love,

Don't Blame Me.

20(Page Cavanaugh)-Nobody's Sweetheart, My Ideal, etc.

21 (Music for a Lonely Night)-Begin the Beguine, Body and Soul.

22(Party Favorites)-You Made Me Love You, Blues Serenade.

23(Music for Day-Dreaming)-Pagan Love Song, Too Romantic.

24 (Charlie Ventura)-Running Wild, Honeysuckle Rose, Dark Eyes.

25 (Kiddie Favorites) ·Little Red Riding Hood, Pop Goes the Weasel.

26(Time on My Hands)-How High the Moon, Siboney, Tia Juana.

27 (Concert in Jazz)-Oh, You Beautiful Doll, Rhapsody in Boogie.

28 (Meade "Lux'' Lewis)-SomedaySweetheart, BugleCall Rag ,etc.

29(Hi-Fi Piano)-Delilah, These Foolish Thinqs, What'll I do.

30(A Niqht in Havana)-l'll Always Love You, Mambo Jambo.

31 (My Fair Lady)-! Could Have Danced All Night, Embassy Waltz.

32(Holiday in ltaly)-Oh Marie, 0 Sole Mio!, Vien!, Vieni, etc.

57N5825-State cat. no. and selection no. Each, de!.. 1.98



Hi-Fi Tape Recorder. Christmas is a time of excitement ... of


Jauqhter and song and gaiety ..• you can capture that

spirit so easily with this versatile tape recorder. You'll love to

relive those precious moments ... hear them reproduced through

the dual 6• hlqh-fidellty speaker system. You get 2-speed opera–

tion: 33/4" per sec. for normal speech, 7V2• per sec. for musical

reproduction. Footage meter shows amount of tape used. Special

editing button. Hi-Ii amplifier has 5-tube performance. Record–

ing indicator. variable tone control. Dual output Jacks. 2-tone

Black-and-Grey leatherette finish.


x 1SV2 x 8V2' hiqh. See

P. 555 in our Fall Book for tape recorders beginning at 94.95.

57N80740L-60cy. 5.00down, 10.00monthly ..... 199.95


New 17• Portable TV. Give her this brand-new Silvertone


portable for Christmas . . . it features a new 3-tone color

scheme ... "picture-pretty" styling to add a touch of beauty

wherever she


Its slim tapered design means that it's easier

to carry. Then, just look at that cabinet ... it's made of fibre

glass, weighs only 31 lbs. Just think, it's so light In weiqht that

even a child can carry it. Big


aluminized picture tube gives

truer tones of black and white. Powerful Tetrode tuner, remove–

able curved safety glass. 4• speaker. De luxe chassis provides

excellent local and suburban reception. Built-In antenna.

17 x 163/4 x 14'. Your choice of bright Harmony House colors,

all have Black-and-White trim. 60 cycles.

57 N8102 OW-HH Aquamarine. 5.00 down ....... 199.95

57 N81 03 OW-HH Sunshine Yellow. 5.00 down. ... 199.95

57N81040W-HH Malibu Coral. 5.00 down ...... 199 9l;j


Silvertone Pocket-Sized Transistor Radio. This midqet


portable fits into your hand ... slides easily into purse or

pocket. Features 5 powerful transistors plus diode chassis-no


.. .



. .







. .


more tubes to burn out; many added hours of battery life. Tunes

standard AM with thumb-control knob. 23/4* speaker. Non–

breakable "Dur-Pac" case is 3Va x I V2 x 6%' Battery incl.

57N82040-HH Smoke Grey. 5.00 down, 5.00 mthly. 49. 95


57N82060-HH Malibu Coral. 5.00 down, 5.00 mthly. 49.95

5 7 N 8000 0-Earphone attachment for above. Delivered. 4. 95

57 N800 I 0-Tan leatherette carrying case for radio .... 4.95

57 N 6418 0-60-hr. battery for radio. Delivered.. . . . . . . 1.40





. .


New Low- Priced Silvertone Portable Phonograph. Plays


all size records at 78, 45 and 33 r.p.m. singly. Has 4•

protected jumbo size speaker. Flocked turntable protects

records. Long-life needle and cartridge. 60 cy. 2.00 down.

57N8231 OL-Red-and-Whiteleatherettefinish. Del'd. 23.95


Silvertone "Manumatic'' Phonograph. You get the out-


standing features of a 45 r.p.m. automatic plus a manual

phonograph ... all in one compact cabinet. Yes-and it's at the

price of an ordinary manual too. Plays up to fourteen 45 or ·


16 r.p.m. records automatically on one loadinq ... perfect for

your Christmas parties. Plays 33 and 78 r.p.m. singly. Two


kinq·size 4• speakers give rich tone. Powerful 2-tube perfor–

mance. Lightweight plastic tone arm with single sapphire

needle. Floating turntable. Controls are "up top". 60 cy.

57N82380L-2-tone Lt. Grey-and-Blue. 5.00 down . .. 49.95


Silvertone 4-Speed Hi-Fi Phonograph ... it's just like being

present at a "live" performance. Plays all size records


and will intermix automatically. Dual front-mounted hi-ti

speaker system: one 6' and one 5V4*. Powerful 3-tube amplifier.

High-fidelity Syntronic changer with rubber-matted "floating"

turntable. Lightweight tone arm has dual-sapphire stylus with

ceramic cartridge. Separate bass-treble tone and loudness

controls are placed "out front". 2-tone Lt. Grey-and-Blue

leatherette finish. 60 cycles. 5.00 down, 5.00 monthly.

57N82440L-Cash, delivered ..................... 89.95


Description of Items Shown on Opposite Page


Super Entertainment Centre. For


"That Magic Moment" ... some–

thing extra special for someone special

. . . a wonderful home entertainment

centre in one luxury "low-boy" cabinet.

Enjoy unlimited pleasure for years ...

relax to your favorite TV shows ... hear

enchanting recorded music for hours–

all yours at the flick of a switch. Thrill



"big-screen" viewing. New

removable safety glass is specially

curved to · give you wide-dimensional

viewing from any angle of the room.

Revel in-the convenience of the illumina·

ted channel Indicator. with "push–

button" tuning on top. Even the height

of the cabinet has been reduced to give

you the new "low" Silvertone look for• 58.

24* TV with Aluminized Picture Tube.

You get blacker blacks, whiter whites

and a truly natural range of intermedi–

ate shades. Pre-set Tetrode tuner locks

in picture .. . eliminates need for fine

tuning. Keyed automatic gain and

frequency controls prevent lading, drift.

4-Speed Hi-Fi Record Changer. Plays all

sizes automatically and will intermix

them. Has sensitive Ronette cartridge,

twin. sapphire stylus and true-tracking

.arm. Rubber-matted turntable.

High-Fidelity Sound System. Sound is

diffused evenly around the room by

three speakers-two 4" and one 14 x 3"–

are placed on opposite sides of the

picture tube; you get thrilling concert·

hall realism. High-styled luxury "show·

piece" cabinet of select hardboard has

beautifully polished furniture finish.

36Va x 23 x 34lh in. 60 cy. A.C.

57N81900W-Walnut finish. 399.95

57N81920W-Limed0akfln. 409.95

57N81940W-Mahogany fin. 399.95


"Medalist" 21,. TV Console. Sur-


prise the family with this stunning

gift ... they'll use it 365 days In every

year. Think of the pleasure they'll get

... new curved safety



better viewing from any angle of the

room. Think of the convenience with

the handy push-button tuning and

lighted channel indicator located "up

top". Aluminlzed picture tube gives

greater contrasts, and high definition

pictures. Exceptional edge-to-edge


cus. Removable safety glass.

Three Speaker Hi-Fi · System: two


"tweeters" plus giant 9




. . . hear booming bass and soaring

treble notes. Super-powered long-range

chassis with powerful Tetrode tuner.

De luxe hand-rubbed Hardboard ca–

binet 261/s x 22 x 38V4•. 60 cy. A.C.

57N81600W-Walnutflnish. 309.95

As Above Only 24". 26Vs x 22 x 381/4•.

57 N81 84 OW-Walnut finish. 339. 95

57N81860W-Limed Oak .. 349.95

57N81880W-Mahogany.. 339.95

Add a Clock Timer, AM Radio, or a remote

control unit to the above items. See the

descriptions on opposite page.

Low-Priced Skyranger



Lowest price we know of for







You enjoy

143 sq. In. of viewing area.


Chassis has adequate sensi- 5.00 Down

tivity for local and suburban areas.

Automatic frequency controls combat

ladinq and drift. 3• speaker. Conven–

ient side tuning. Sturdy, compact

metal cabinet has Brown spatter finish.

Size 17• wide x 17* deep x J4lh* high.

60 cy. A.C. Why not order one today?

57N71440W-Del'd ....... 139.95


De luxe 21


TV Console. Say


"Merry Christmas" with this spark–

ling Silvertone combination of long–

range viewing and high-fidelity sound.

Super alumlnized picture tube gives

perfect contrast. Tinted safety glass stops

glare. New Tetrode tuner acts as a built–

in booster for weak signals. Automatic

focus. 2-speaker hi-Ii system; two 5•

speakers give thrilling resonance.

Wood-grained hardboard cabinet is

23% x 20% x 34• high. Top-tuning and

lighted channel indicator. Distinctive

low look to harmonize with contemporary

room setting. 60 cy. A.C. 3 finishes.

57 N 8 I 54 OW-Walnut . . . . . 279. 95

57N81560W-Limed Oak .. 289.95

57N81580W-Mahogany .. 279.95




~% 3J~'.~~


lowest- Priced 21


TV Console. An


excellent gift for someone who is

hard to please. Designed to



of viewing pleasure. Special-chassis

circuit combats interference. Keyed

automatic gain and frequency controls.

Mellow-toned 4• speaker gives ample

volume. Expanded 21• aluminized pic–

ture tube has razor-sharp, edge-to-edge

focus. Automatic focus keeps picture

sharp. Safety glass. Walnut wood–

qrained finish on steel cabinet. Size

20% x 20% x 32%* high. 60 cy. A.C.

57N8150 OW-10.00down . 239.95


Our Finest Table Model. A magni–


ficent gift to be remembered by as

the years roll on. The greatest of our

wonderful Silvertone table model lines.

Super 2 1" Aluminized Picture Tube gives

greater contrast. Exceptional edge-to–

edge focus ... no "blur" at edges ...

no "smear" in the centre. Tinted, tilted

safety glass is removable, minimizes

glare and reflections, easy to clean.

Pre-set Tetrode tuner locks In picture ...

eliminates need Tor fine tuning. Auto–

matic focus, gain and frequency control.

Long-range chassis gives super sensi–

tivity. Silverphonic wide-range FM

sound produced through full-fidelity

5" speaker. Top tuning plus lighted

channel indicator.


hardboard cabinet has the new Si!ver–

tone "low" look. 24V4 x 21x2!V4".60cy.

T.V. cart not included.

57N81140W-Walnut. .... 239.95

57N81160W-Limed Oak .. 249.95


De luxe Silvertone 21 • Table


Model. A value-packed Silvertone

with all the worthwhile features-big

screen, ''portrait-like" pictures and

above-average range. Alumlnized 21•

picture tube, automatic focus. Powerful

Tetrode tuner. Automatic gain and

frequency controls. 4' speaker.

Space-Saver Metal Cabinet is hardly

bigger than the picture screen-21 l/4 x

18 x


high. Walnut color wood-grain

finish. 60 cy. A.C.

57N81 IOOW-5.00 down ... 199.95



Standard Portable

For only


a month more



than our low-priced model at


left enjoy bigger pictures plus


00 0

better sound reproduction. ·


Aluminized picture tube gives 155 sq.

in. of "live" picture. Chassis provides

adequate sensitivity for local and subur–

ban reception. Full-toned 4• speaker.

Automatic qain, frequency.




x 16 x 163;..•. 60



57N81000W-HH Sage Grn. 69. 95

57N8101 OW-HHParch.Bge. 169.95

'200 ..