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Christmas fun galore


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Xylophone Pull-Toy.


toy ls pulled Teddy's paws


swing up and down, tapping out gay musical

sounds on 3 keys. Strong wood construction, spring–

connected mallets. About 61/2• long,


high, 4• wide.

48N5420-Price, delivered ................. . . 1.49


Mr. Wiggle's Turtle soon makes friends! When


pulled along he pops in and out of his shell and

bobs his head. Brightly colored high-impact plastic

shell, quality coiled spring. About g• long, 4• high.

48 N5182-Price, delivered ................... 2.29


Bucky Burro has his own cart and driver. When

pulled he kicks up his hind legs, moves his tall;

ver jiggles, toy makes hee-haw noises, ears flop. Full

color lithographed wood construction. 131/2• long.

48N5424-Price, delivered ................... 1.98


This-little· Pig-Went-to-Market Pull-Toy. Constructed


of soft flexible plastic with gay character faces and

five different voices that imitate pigs in favorite Mother

Goose nursery rhyme. Rolls on vinyl wheels, ls joined

by flexible cord; gay toyland colors. About 15• long.

48N5467-Price, delivered ................... 2.49


Nursery letters--an alphabet that entertains as it


teaches. Contains about 60 plastic stand-up letters

and numerals for word making. Also has metal "teach–

time" clock, 51/2 x Sl/2•. Letters about ll/4• high.

48N4864-Prlce, delivered .......... . ........ 1.79


2-Piece Pull-Toy Set. Consists of Tiny Tim Turtle


and Queen Buzzy


Turtle in sailor suit and

spotted plastic shell wags tail, makes noises; Bee has

plastic crown, 2 spring feelers that wiggle and 2 wings

that make buzzing sound. Lithographed wood.

48 N5181-Price, delivered .... . . . ............ 1.98


Wagon of Colorful Blocks. These 2 colorful toys


are firm favorltes--at one low price. Sturdy metal

wagon has bright harmless enamel finish. The easy-to–

grip wooden blocks are embossed with letters and interest–

ing pictures. 24 blocks, each about ll/4• square. Wagon

about 11• long, handle 17• long; has 4 rubber tires.

48N4877-Price, delivered .. .. ............... 1.79

IUl Gay Roller that makes musical sounds when moved


fascinates kiddies. Sturdily built toy has metal

roller, wooden wheels and handle. Roller decorated with

animals and flowers in vivid colors. About 24• long.

48N5185-Price, delivered ................... 1.79


Ride-On Hobby Horse of wood for would-be cowboys

and cowgirls--a good outlet for high spirits!

Brightly lithographed head, bell in wheel. Abt. 30• long.

79N5418L-Price,delivered ................. 1.69

Set of Alphobetical Blocks. A dual-purpose set that


can be used for play or for teaching the ABC's.

Made of soft pliable washable sponge plastic in pastel

colors--lightweight, safe. Each block 1l/2• square.

48N5183-Prlce, delivered ................... 1.29

Ill Rider locomotive ls heaps of fun tor kiddies. All·


wood construction with metal lithographed wheels.

Wide seat only g• from floor makes it easy for toddlers to

get on or off. Brightly colored. 20• long.

48N5472-Prlce, delivered ................... 4.49

IU1 Giddy-Up Happi-Time Spring Horse. Sate and strong


for children, rigidly constructed hardwood frame

and Masonite body. Engineered to support triple the

child's weight. Mounted on tempered springs to give ex–

citing ride. Beautifully lithographed. About 30• long.

79N7939DL- Price,delivered ............... 7.95


Spring Shoo-fly ls a popular toy to delight the


very young ... keeps wee folks amused. Seat

mounted on 4 well-tempered spring sgives child a feeling

of a real ride on a horse. Well-braced painted wooden

frame about 28 x 18", Masonite-and-hardwood rocker.

79 N 9046 DL-Price, delivered ............... 9.49


Reversible Shoo-fly Rocker. When turned upside


down it converts into a fine table for baby's play–

time or mealtime. Baby sits safely inside, can't tall out–

gives mother more time for her tasks. Made of Masonite–

and-hardwood6multicolored washable design.

79N9015-A out 23 x 12112 x 151/2• high. Del'd. 5.29


Jingo Chime Horse. This little horse gives the young


jocked a real musical ride, with chimes in Its steel

wheels an bells on the reins. Can be ridden or pulled.

Strong wooden body


brightly decorated with animal

pictures on wheels. lbl/2• high, 19• long.

48N5184-Price, delivered ...... . ............ 2.98


A Simple Rocking Horse. Gaily colored and decor–


ated framehrockers, and seat. Strong steel upright

joins rocker to ardwood seat. 20• long, 143/4 • high.

48 N7952-Prlce, delivered ........... . ....... 3. 79


Double the fun with a kiddie car and rocking horse


all rolled into one. Baby can easily get on or oft

without help. Made of beautifully decorated, extra–

smooth Presdwood. Wheels retract on springs to make

rocking horse. Bells inside wheels ring. Back support.

Size about 201/2 x 7 x 31/2• high. A two-in-one gift.

79 N 7930-Price, delivered ................... 4 .79


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Blocks for Busy Little Fingers

A 19-pc. set of wooden blocks that &nap

easily together to make all sorts of fascinat–

ing toys-engines, cars, trucks. Sate with

no sharp edges; they're attractively colored

playthings for youngsters. With 2 pairs of

4-in. wheels. Largest block abt. 5 x 1 x I inch.

48N4886-19-pieceset, del'd ...... 1.98

Clear Plastic Blockettes

Intriguing set of crystal-clear blockettes,

each containing a bright animal, puzzle,

building or figure. Grooves in sides-fit

easily together for building. Blocks are

lightweight, safe, with smooth round cor–

ners. Easily cleaned. Each abt. 1l/4 •square.

48N4802-Setof25,delivered ..... 1.39

14-Pc. Set of Nesting Beakers

Just the thing to keep young builders busy

-a set of blocks for building or nesting.

Of unbreakable Polythene in pastel colors


they're washable, hygienic. Decoratea

with designs, letters, numerals. Large•t

block about 21/4• high, 3• diam.

48 N4887-Set of 14 pieces. Del'd.. 1.89

Colorful Pyramid Rings

Fun and games for small fry with this attrac–

tive set of 14 pyramid rings to stack and

nest. Made of unbreakable Polythene,

richly colored, with base and peg. g• high.

48N4888-Set, del'd ............. 1.89

A Walking Dog That Barks!

This lovely Brown-and-White plush puppy

has floppy ears, gay tam, and ribbon bow.

Walks and wags his tail, or nods his head,

wags his tail and barks. Remote control,

battery-operated; he's a real obedient pet;



long, stands 7• high.

48 N5180-With batteries. Del'd .... 3.49


Colorful Blocks for Toddlers

Delightful set of blocks to keep wee folks

happy . . . lets them express themselves.

There's plenty of fun in these hardwood

blocks, vividly colored with embossed

alphabet letters on 2 sides


fascinating pic–

tures on the others. Each aoout 1V



48 N4876-Set of 48 blocks, del'd ... 1.29

For the Junior Bowling Club

This ten-man army of pin soldiers makes a

tine target for young bowlers. Made of

wood, about 93/4" high, with gaily painted

faces and uniforms . . . they love being

bowled over. A wonderful playtime gift for

all youngsters. 3 bowling balls included.

48 N5499-Set complete, del'd. . .. 1.29

Mickey Mouse Jig-Saw Puzzles

Meet Mickey and his Disneyland friends in

this delightful set of 4 puzzles. Easily

assembled, they show scenes of Fantasy–

land, Adventureland, Frontierland.

48N6852-Abt. 143/4 x lll/2•. Del'd. 1.98