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Items Shown on Opposite Poge


National Electric Hockey-the favorite game of


young Canadians from coast to coast. This is

an action-packed game with magnetic puck for more

realistic play. Strong wood and Masonite construc–

tion, built to withstand lots of hard play. "Ice

surface" is authentically marked. Players of brightly

lithographed metal have strong gear playing mech–

anism. All players are arranged so you can check

opposing players, stick handle, pass and shoot.

Electric light goes on and buzzer sounds when goal

is scored. Size about 36 x 23V2 x 3%". An action–

filled, sturdily built game-the ideal gift for a young

hockey fan. 2 batteries included.

79N491 DL-Price, delivered ............ 15.95


Magnetic Hockey Master for 3 different kinds of


hockey-new Magnetic Puck Hockey, Regular

Hockey, and Shinny with Alley Puck. Realistic

"players" will play left or right hand, move along

the playing surface to check opposing players.

There's centre play as in real hockey; the goalie can

move to block a play and shoot the puck out to clear

his end. Period tally and score tally for each team

timed by a new period time clock that rings bell at

period's end. Up to 8 people can play at well–

spaced side controls. About 36 x 16 inches wide,

made of sturdy wood and Masonite.

79N481 DL-Set, delivered .............. 13.95

79N482DL-Asabove,withouttimer..... 11.95


Gondola Game Timer. Add enthusiasm to your


hockey game by putting a time limit on it. This

clockwork period timer has beli that rings at the end

of each period. Six dials register scores, periods,

and games won for home team and visitors. Time







about 9V2 inches long by 6 inches high.

79 N493 DL-Price, delivered ............. 2.98


Club Hockey Game--Excellent Value at this low


price. 5 players and goalie on each team will

!'Otate in either direction for quick defense or attack.

Rink is of wood-and-Masonite. Sloped playing sur–

face keeps puck moving-a real challenge to the

young hockey player. Fun for the whole family-

2 to 6 people can play. Abt. 37V2 x 15% x 3% inches.

79N492DL-Price, delivered ............. 8.88


All-Star Electric Football Game. An exciting


gome for Jong winter evenings, made with

strong metal frame, Masonite playing surface. In–

cludes 22 players, 1 kicker, I magnetic football, 3

wooden footballs, 1 yardage .marker, 2 goal posts, 2

goal post brackets, 1 set of numbers and letters.

"Playing field" is about 28 x 15 x 2• high. Any

number of people can play. 110 volts, A.C., 60 cycle.

Complete instructions included with game.

79N 483 DL-Set, delivered . . .. ........... 8.95


Big Gome Bagatelle. Test your marksmanship


and skill on bear, tiger, moose and other animal

targets. Brightly lithographed metal playing surface.

Spring shooter with transparent plastic cover.

Playing surface has bell and replay lever which

puts ball back into high-scoring area-makes the

game more exciting. Size about 16 inches long by

IOV2 inches wide. A safe, unusual gift.

52N329-Price, delivered ................. 2 . 69


Crow Shoot. Hit the crows and watch them spin


around the bar and then fall off. Strong metal–

and-wood cork gun. Plastic-and-wood target, about

17 x 4 inches high. Includes 5 plastic crows and

about 5 soft corks for ammunition. Safe indoor

practice for your junior marksman.

52NI02-Set, delivered ...... . ............ 1.89


Rabbit Hunt Gome with Shotgun. Mechanical


rabbit travels in a straight line or in a circle,

and rolls over dead when hit with dart. Sturdy

realistic 24• double barrel shotgun is made of high

impact plastic with 3 safe rubber suction cup darts.

Rabbit (81,h. long x


high) is made Of sturdy plastic

with clockwork motor. "Hunting license"



for young hunter. Instructions included.

52N330-Price, delivered ...... .... ....... 3.98


Shooting Gallery entirely enclosed in transparent


molded plastic-"bullets" cannot get lost.

Suspended target spins, bell target rings when hit.

Also moving targets on base, and scoring target.

Self-feeding automatic pistol provides continuous

safe action. Rate of fire of the steel pellets is controlled

by shooter. Steel base. About 19V2 x 7V4 x 121/4•.

52N181 -Price, delivered ................. 3.49


Duck-Shoot Target Gome made of steel, with a


bright, realistic enamel finish. Ducks are Jllade

of strong, lithographed Masonite. Ducks fly around

in a circle, 2V2 ft. in diameter, to present a lifelike

moving target, drop from target arm when hit. Plastic

dart rifle 21 V2 inches long fires the 3 suction darts.

Target is about 4V2 feet high. Will provide loads of

fun for the whole family on Christmas day.

52N313L-Price, delivered............. 6.49


Bow and Arrow Target Game for the young


archery enthusiast'. Sturdy 40-inch wood bow

with 3 suction cup feathered arrows. Brightly

colored target is mounted on stiff cardboard, held in

a wooden frame. Target 17 x 17" mounts on an easel

tripod 33 inches high. Easily assembled.

79 N 494 DL-Price, delivered .. ........ ... 3.98


. .








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• Automatic scoring

• Flashing light

• Ringing bell

•Steel bolls




Electric · Pin Ball Machine with latest


automatic features.

Fully enclosed

transparent top, spring trigger arrangement,

5 steel balls. When balls touch, scoring sec–

tions bell rings, light flashes and score is

automatically registered. Sturdy construction,

lithographed. Replay lever on side to put

balls back into play. Batteries included.

79N476DL-26V2x12V2><:14V2" high. 13.95


Bingo-Matic, Ideal for Family or Club.


Automatic dispenser mixes; selects and

ejects I number at


time. Set contains

dispenser, 75 embossed 2-color plastic calling

numbers, banker's chart, 50 bingo cards,

colored wooden markers and full instructions

about how to play this absorbing game.

Comes in sturdy 17 x 13 inch box.

Something New

in games


of skill-"Basketelle",

a simulated basketbali set in

miniature. Lithographed

metal base with strong plastic

cover so that ball can't hop

out. Spring-loaded shooter

rotates as you aim for basket

at back, to challenge your

skill. Hours of fun for children

of all ages.

52N331 -Delivered .. 1.29

52N323-Price, delivered ..... ..... 3.89


Shoot the Chutes with


spring-driven shooter

and try to land marbles In

the high-scoring slots. Litho–

graphed metal back, clear

plastic front. Automatic ball

release for replay. Requiring

skill and patience, this game

will provide hours of amuse–

ment for all the family.

About 9V2• diameter.

52N319-Delivered ... 98c


"Knock My Hat Off", the


comic clown challenges

the young sharpshooter.

When you hit his nose, his

hat flies off. Spring-action

plastic Woodsman gun shoots

safe, rubber-tipped suction

darts. 14• high target of litho–

g1·aphed cardboard. Spring

action knocks the laughing

clown's hat off.

52N231-Set, del'd.. 2.49


Hood Set








Just Like a Cowboy,


Be a Real Archer with


you can play horse-


this fine bow and arrow

shoes with this set. SV2•

set. Sturdy 46• hickory bow

diameter rubber horseshoes,

with flax string that won't

2 rubber mats with wooden

fray or snap. Three 18*

pegs for indoors, pointed pegs

arrows with rubber tips. A


to drive into the ground for

target is Included. This is

outdoor use. Two or four

a Christmas gift that will

players can play.

delight any youngster.

52N332-Delivered ... 98c

79N210DL-Del'd . . 2.49



Robin Hood Archery Set.


Bright felt Robin Hood

hat with feather. 2-color

plastic bow. 2 arrows with

rubber suction-cup tips and

the famous Whistling Arrow

for signaling. Complete with

brightly colored target,

numbered for scoring.

52N304-Delivered .. 1.49