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Exciting games


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New I Burrowes "Pro"-Style Pool Tobie. We're


proud to offer this family size table loaded with

professional features! It's a "heavyweight" (160 lb.)

with the required rigidity and weight for "pro"–

style play. Sturdy hardwood frame--13ize 74 x 40 x

31 • high. Wide skirt and rail are natural lacquered

wood. Strong, double-braced legs, corners are red

maple. Warp-resistant Masonite Presdwood play–

ing surface and resilient cushions are covered with

heavy green cloth. Bed and leg-leveling devices

for professional accuracy. "Roll-A-Way" ball return.

Bead counters at end. Folds for storage. Four 52'

long hardwood cues. Set of 16 double-numbered

1-Ve• balls. 22.00 down, 13.00 monthly.

79N486DW-Table,cues,balls......... 215.00

Similar to above--1!ize 62 x 34 x 30' high. Set of

16 double-numbered 1314' balls, two 48• lang cues.

79 N 487 DL-Table, cues, balls. . . . . . . . . 149.00

. .



. . .




Practical Billiard Tobie makes a gift to provide



hours of entertainment. Strong, wooden frame

with folding legs for easy storage. Green fabric

playing surface with rubber beading on rail. Table

comes complete with cues, balls and set-up frame.

Size is 50 inches long, 26 inches wide.

79N460DL-Price,delivered ............ 26.7"!t""" •


Numbered Pool Bolls in set of 16, including 15


numbered balls and cue ball. Size 1314*.

52N328-Set,delivered.................. 11.95


Senior-Size Pool Tobie, for the whole family to


enjoy a game of skill and fun. Natural-varn–

ished hardwood frame. Smooth felt playing surface

and rubber cushions. Leather-covered corners with

mesh pockets. Leg-leveling, bed-leveling devices,

bead scoring rods at end, folding legs. Table comes

complete with two cues and 15 numbered l"Ve' balls.

Table size is 78* x 42'. Weighs 70 lb.

79N470DL-Price, delivered ............ 88.95

Similar to above, but has ball-returning device in–

stead of mesh pockets. Includes cues, l 3A• balls.

79N458 DL-Table size 66' x 36* .......... 59.95

Similar to 79N458DL but with smaller table.

79N459DL-55*x 33'. With balls, cues ... 44.95

Extra Cues (not shown). Leather-tipped hardwood.

79N462DL-About 43V2* long. Pair, del'd. 3.98

Profeuional-Type Cues-48* long. (Not shown).

79 N 488 DL-Pair, delivered. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6. 50


Snooker Boll Set of 22 Bolls. 15 red balls, 6 other




cue ball. Size 1314' diameter.

5 2 N 1 12-Set, delivered . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14. 9 5


De Luxe Crokinole Board. Sturdy wood frame

and Masonite construction. Marbilite playing

surface, no waxing required, 28" diam. Chec·ker

board on reverse side for bonus game. 24 discs incl.

79 N 4 78 DL-Price complete, delivered ..... 4. 79

Same as de luxe set above, without checker board.

79N479DL-Discs incl. Delivered ......... 4.29

79 N 104 D-24 Crokinole discs. Delivered. . . . 45c



Newl Magnetic Bowling Game that's a sure


win.ner. 5-pin alley is made of strong Masonite

on wood frame, finished in rich marbelized enamel.

When pins are hit, they disappear from alley. To

reset, just pull lever--pins automatically position

themselves. Held in place by magnet. Two bowling

balls included. Si,., 48 x 8 x 6V2 in. high.

79N490DL-Pricecomplete, delivered ..... 7.95

Same as 79N490DL above, but 10-pin alley.

79N489DL-Pricecomplete, delivered ..... 8.95


Ploy 85 Different Gomes with This Carom Board!


Complete with rules etc. for games such as

checkers, backgammon, crokinole, etc. Beautiful

27V4 • sq. playing board of 3-p!y wood veneer, fitted

with 4 green net pockets. 2 tapered cues, carom

rings, discs, tenpins, tops, score tab, dice and flies.

79N455DL-Price, delivered ............. 9.95


Compendium of 33 Favorite Gomes-year-round

fun for the whole family. Includes Snakes

and Ladders; Steeplechase; Ludo; Tiddlywinks;

Draughts; Dominoes; Anagrams; Word Guessing;

Stock Exchange; Spelllng Competitions; Fox and

Geese; Go Bang; Bingo cards, counters and call

numbers; many others. Lithographed board abt.

11 inches sq_uare. Instructions included.

52N121-Price,delivered ................. 2.49


De Luxe Scrabble with All De Luxe Ports. A


terrific buy in this popular ward game! Set has

de luxe parts from the expensive edition regularly

marketed at 14.95. Simulated ivory tiles, cribbage–


counter on special tile rack, and count peqs.

52 N 11 0-Price, delivered ................. 4. 29

Ill Monopoly--Foscinating Game for make-believe


" tycoons''. For 3 to 8 players, who handle

thousands of "dollars". Buy, rent, sell-railroads,

houses, hotels and utilities, with deed cards, mort–

gages etc. Includes supply of "money", plastic

models of houses, hotels, dice. Board si"" 19* sq.

52N306-Price,delivered ................. 2.95


luxe edition with extra "money", de luxe pieces.

52N307-For3-10 players. Del'd .......... 4.39





. . .



. .




. .



. .



Dragnet Bad{je 714-Detective Game


Everybody will enjoy this fascinating


game of Dragnet-modeled after the

famous TV show. You get mystery and clue

cards, police and suspect cards. Markers,

dice, shaker cup, 6 police and bandit cars.


A sure delight and lots of entertainment


on Christmas morning. Colorful litho–

graphed playing boards 12* sq. 22 playing

plans with embossed wood checkers, colored

wood chips and dice. Instructions.

52N310-Price,delivered .......... 3.95 52N 308-56-game set, delivered. . . . 1. 39

Chinese Checkers


Attractive and color–


ful finish is outstanding

on this combination set. One

side is 14' sq. lithographed

checkerboard, on the re–

verse are Chinese checkers.

Sturdy embossed metal. Ih–

cludes checkers and marbles.

An excellent gift.

52N300-Price,del.. 1.59

Three Giant Puzzles


Usually a 1.47 line.


3 giant 500-piece Jewel

jigsaw pu22les. Absorbing

pastime for all ages. Each

puzzle is 15 x 19 inches and

contains 500 pieces. In–

cludes beautiful and interest–

ing scenes of Canadian

nature and wild life. Del'd.

52N301-3 puzzles .. 1.29


Magic Robot


New! Magic Robot

ICl A brilliani idea com–


bining loads of fun with

educational interest.


questions and 128 answers

on geography, history, liter–

ature, etc. Just place Magic

Robot in question spot. Ro–

tate with pointer at desired

question, then place robot

on mirror in answer section

and he will point to the an–


4 sheets, 8 sides.

Instructions included.

52N326-Price, de!.. 1.59

Busy Bee Building Set


Imaginative game


which satisfies creative

interest of child in putting

designs together. Consists of

multicolored plastic parts.

Child selects the body, head,

adds qther pieces, thus com–

pletes the insect. Pieces are

easy to handle and assemble

to make attractive multi–

colored combinations. Child–

ren can also play "first to




·52N 109-Price, del'd. 1.39

Child's 50-Pc. Puzzle


Educational and fun–


filled gift for any child

is this set of three kiddies'

SO-piece jigsaw



puzzle is 15 x 19 and has 50

large pieces. Familiar and

colorful scenes of dogs and

children add interest to each

puzzle. Delivered.

52N302-3 puzzles .. 1.29

Tom Thumb Billiards


Though the set is a


miniature one, the real

pleasure it offers is giant

si,.,. Tom Thumb pocket

billiards is carefully and

realistically made, so that the



fast and accurate.

Playing surface is made of

smooth felt with pockets on

sturdy plastic frame. There

are two spring-action cues.

Also includes colored balls

and a ball rack.

52N327-Price, de!.. 2.98