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Squadron of Six Jet Fighters


What boy could resist these models? True-to-scale repro–

ductions of modern American aircraft. A set of six plastic

models for the young pilot In your family-rich In authentic

detail, beautifully molded with high gloss finish. Each

model complete with its pedestal, colored decals and

simple plans-ready for assembly in a matter of moments.

Wingspan approx. 51/2 in. See (B) for cement.

49N2257-Set of 6 models, delivered ............ 1.98

Aircraft Carrier

U.S.S. Forrestol Kit



Paint Set. 6 bottles high gloss


colors, I bottle thinner.

49N2233-Pr!ce, dei'd .... 98c


Cement for use with plastic.


49N2015-Per tube .. 15c

Big Six Aeroplane Set


The thrills of high-speed planes go with this set

of six exciting plastic aircraft models. Molded

in realistic colors, they are faithful reproductions

of actual aircraft with all important exterior details.

Swivel-type plastic pedestals, decals, easy-to–

follow assembly instructions with each kit. Wing–

span approx. 7 In. See (B) for cement.

49N2258-Set of 6 models, delivered ..... 2 .98




Aircraft Carrier. Here's an


impressive plastic model of

the Forrestal, largest ship ever

built for the U.S. Navy. Remark–

ably authentic superstructure and

exterior details include "angled"

flight deck for launching jet planes.

Molded in 2 colors, carrier has


gun turrets, aircraft crane and

boom, 4 helicopters and 44 navy

jet aircraft on deck. Ready to

assemble. See (B) for cement.

49N2259-Lenqth 21 in .. 3.75


Pride of the Fleet is this fascin–


ating plastic model of U.S.S.

Missouri, the "Mighty Mo". The

20-inch true-to-scale model is

realistically detaHed, reproduces

the sleek beauty of one of the most

powerful ships afloat. See the

towering superstructure and the

massive armament-3 16-!n. tur–



5-!n. turrets, 20 40-mm.



Ready to

assemble. See (B) for cement.

49 N 2205-Price, deI'd. . . 2. 98

Mutiny on the Bounty-the most famous mutiny

in history-is recaptured by this accurate

plastic model of H.M.S. Bounty


which sailed

for the South Seas in 1787 under the com–

mand of Capt. Wm. Bligh, R.N. This colorful

scale model of the fateful ship has been pro–

duced with the shipbuilder's traditional care

for line detail. Hull and deck are precision–

molded; scaled masts, ratlines, gun carriages,

figureheads are included and can easily be

assembled with aid of cement and instruc–

tions. Length about 141/2 inches.

49N2213-Price, delivered .. ....... 3.98

Long Tom Gun and Carrier of

World War


fame, are dupli–

cated in this splendid 17-in.

plastic model. The moving

parts of this famous gun and its

caterpillar tractor are care–

fully reproduced. 2-way swivel

and pivot action adjust firing

position of barrel; wheels turn;

limbers "V"-out to firing posi–

tion. Ready to assemble, with

4-man crew. See (B) for cement.

49N2251-Price,del.. 2.98


Come Aboard This Cabin Cruiser-with an outboard


motor, just like he real thing! All-wood boat is gaily

painted, with chrome-plated accessories, flagpole, ven- '

tilators, ·guard rails, 2 big game fishing rods. All-metal

electric motor hitches to stern as in actual practice. Easy to

operate with handle for control and steering. Batteries incl.

49N2262-Length 12in. Boat with motor ....... . .. 3.95


All-Metal Electric Outboard Motor for the hobby en–


thusiast, complete with steering handle, mounting

bracketsL battery terminals. Looks and works like the real

thing. About 51/2 in. hiqh. Complete with stand.

49N2261-Price, delivered ...................... 2.98






A Working

Steam Engine




Steam Engine makes the ideal gift for


that buddinq engineer. Water in

boiler ls heated by heat tablets to make the

steam which moves the piston; this, in turn,

rotates larqe driving wheel, provides motive

power. Engine can be hooked up to drive

construction sets. Brass boiler has whistle

and safety valve. Made of lithographed

metal. Heat tablets not supplied.

49N2105-Price, delivered ....... 6.95


Heat toblets for use with



49N2056-Boxof2Dtablets . ... 29c


This Single Engine Beechcraft Bonanza

flying model with remote control thrills

the young pilot. Made of high-impact plas–

tic, .ft comes assembled and ready to fly.

1-cyl. engine, pre-tested, ready installed.

111/4 inches lonq.

49N2445-Price, delivered ...... 11.95


Accessory Kit for (]): spout, fuel hose,


wrench, clip, spare propeller, wire.

49N2405-Complete with fuel. Del. 1.75

Starting Battery for


49 N 2406-6-volt battery ..... 1.30