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Quality Tool Set 6 .95

For the able youngster who's now ready for real

carpentry. A big set in a lithographed steel

chest (abt. 16 x 8 x 3•) packed with:· a matched

pair of plastic-handled magnetized screw–

drivers, brace and bit, coping saw with 3

blades, plastic-handled panel saw, mechanic's

pliers, heavy claw hammer, block plane, tool

rack, steel square, level, nails, mallet, ruler,

sandpaper, pencil and project manual.

De Luxe Tool Set 9 .95

A regular set in a "hip roof" steel chest (abt.

18 x 6 x 6")-with monogram letters for personal–

izing it. Includes: 2 plastic-handled magnetized

screwdrivers, full sweep brace with high speed

bit, plane, heavy claw hammer, big panel ·saw.

Also forged pliers, steel square, triangle,

beveled blade tool steel chisel, coping saw with



blades, nails, level, ruler, sandpaper,

pencil, Handy Andy project manual.


Best Set for the Young Carpenter


Set contains every tool needed for odd household

jobs. Includes large panel saw, hand saw, 2 chisels,

2 screwdrivers, nail puller, all with matching plastic

handles; heavy claw hammer, forged pliers,

mallet, crowbar, level, brace and bit, plane, folding

rule, coping saw with 3 extra blades, steel try square,

triangle, nails, sandpaper, pencil, manual.

49 N 151 2-Price, delivered ........... . 6 . 95

49 N 151 3 -Price, delivered ........... 9 .95

4 9N 1514-In steel box, 18 x 6 x 6 In. Set .. 12.95


Every Science-Minded Child


will discover new worlds

in this fine chemistry set . . .

a practical, long-lasting gift.

Big three-panel cabinet is packed

with chemicals and apparatus

-all ready to help the young

scientist to explore the fascinating

scientific mysteries of general

chemistry, outer space travel,

and a tomic energy. 600 experi–

ments to widen his knowledge,

provide hours of interesting "re–

search.'' Harmless chemicals.

Cabinet opens to abt. 32 x 133/4 in.

49 N 2 300-Price, del'd. 1 2 .95

Battery-Operated Jig Saw



Jig saw has strong battery-operated electric


motor, will saw light wood and other

materials. Enameled all-steel construction, with

electric light over table, 2 extra blades. Throat

3V2 in. Complete with batteries, wood project

ready for sawing. About 8 x 7 inches.

49 N 1 51 5-Price, delivered ........... 4. 79

Junior Tool Set 3.69


For the budding carpenter----an educa–


tional set of fine tools. Contains row, claw

hammer, pliers, mallet, screwdriver, square,

ruler, pencil, sandpaper, tool rack, nail-pak,

manual. In steel chest 12 x 5 x 2 inches.

49N 1 511 -Price, delivered ........... 3.69


Bigger and Better

is this


advanced chemical lab for

the student who wants to fu rther

develop his scientific knowledge.

Set contains large assortment of

harmless chemicals and scientific

apparatus including precision

balance, professional alcohol

lamp, Pyrex test tubes, steel test

tube racks, blowtorch, supply

of glass. Five authoritative books

list experiments, guide the young

technician's progress. Giant


panel lithographed steel cabinet

opens to 44 x 13V2 In.

49N 230 1-Price,del'd. 17. 9 5


The Collegiate Microscope Outfit

has a

powerful triple objective metal micro–

scope and large assortment of accessories.

Precision lenses magnify 70-200--400 times

actual size. Kit includes specimens, Secrets

of Nature Manuel. Opens to 231/2 x 13V4•.

49N2302-Insteelcabinet. Del'd. 12.95


The lab Master


Our Finest Outfit,


ger in size and with finer and more

powerful lenses than (E). Magnification is

75-150-300--450 times life size. Outfit is

loaded with accessories including sub-stage

lamp, Secrets of Nature Manual. Litho–

graphed steel cabinet opens to 23V2 x 133/4".

49N 2 303-Prlce, delivered ...... 17. 95


Our Best Microscope

wilt delight


the young scientist with !ts

power and clarity. Built for the

enthusiast, it features the new

Adjust-0-Matic eyepiece with re–

volving triple-objective turret . . .

astonishingly versatile, it adds fresh

interest to the specimens under

scrutiny. Equipped with precision

lenses, which provide six magnifieq

images from SOX to 400X-a remark–

able instrument for such



able price. Slides, dissecting tools,

etc. are also included with instru- I

ment in case.

49N 2 304-Del. 10.95