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"Drive Out" o f Garage Automatically


This true-to-life service station will keep your "junior

mechanic" busy for hours. The all-metal station is

authentically lithographed in detail, is on a base.

Measures about 26 x 14V2 x 8" high. It's fun to

assemble the two take-apart sets and operate the

gas station just like a real service station attendant.


Working Model of Road Grader. Heavy-gauge

steel, huge rubber wheels, enamel !inish. Front

wheels steer, blade rises, lowers, tilts, rotq tes

Authentic cab. Plastic motor block under hood.

49 N5769-Abt. 17 x 63/4 x 6%" high. Del'd. . 3 . 98


Douglas DC- 7 . Brightly lithographed, all-steel.


Twm frichon motors turn 4 propellers. Twin

rubber landing wheels, nose and tail wheel.

49N5157-Abt. 14" long; wingspan abt. 19". 1.79


All-Steel Grumman Panther. Friction action on


rubber landing wheels, metal nose wheel. Pilot

and active compass in canopy. Wings crank up or

down and lock. 3 plastic rockets, fuel tanks on each

wing. Length about 12V2". Wingspan about 12".

49N5158-Price, delivered . .............. 2 .98

There are gas pumps, an elevating grease and

wash rack, tire rack, battery and oil racks,

jack, pail, a ir pump, signs and an oil changer.

The set includes six cars and two take-apart

kits. Contents of sets may vary slightly.

79N5919DL-Price, delivered . . ... . . 4.98


4 - Piece Fire Engine .Set. Each piece made


of brightly enameled steel with strong

friction action and siren. Fire engine and

hospital car each about


long with 4 rubber

wheels; pumper truck with bell and hose about

7V2"; hook-and-ladder truck about 12V2" has

fully rotating ladder extending to 22".

49 N 51 60-8 tires on ladder truck. Del.. 2 . 79


3 - Piece Mail Truck Set. Brightly litho–


graphed all-steel construction. The 2

trucks are each about


x 3" high with strong

friction action ,


rubber tires, 2 rear-opening

doors, one side-opening door. Mail box has

parcel door, letter slot and key to open . Can

.be used as ban k. About 4 x 2V4 x


49N5159-Set, d elivered . . .......... 1 .98





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Giant -toys


Items shown on o pposite page


Giant Plane. This authentic replica of


the world's largest combat plane with

its brightly lithographed all-metal con–

struction will delight any young aviator.

Two sets of twin rubber land ing wheels

drive the strong friction motor. All six

propellers revolve. Clear plastic dome

houses the crew; plastic g u n bliste rs and

twin jet engines on each wingtip. Twin

rubber nose wheel, metal tail wheel. Length

about 19" ,_wingspan about 26".

49N515:>L-Price, delivered ... . . . 4.98


Robot-Operated Bulldozer.



lithographed, all-steel. Battery oper–

ated and robot-controlled with roll away

turntable action on rubber wheels. When

robot driver meets an obstacle, he pulls

lever and bulldozer backs off in another

direction until it meets another obstruction.

Horn beeps and light flashes on robot's

head. About 9V2 x SV2 x 6" high.

49N5154-Batteriesincl. Del'd.... 4.49


Hydraulic Dump Truck for the "big"


contracting man in your family .

Brightly enameled, heav y steel body.

Smooth hydra ulic d umping mechanism

tha t dumps a real "pay" load . Glass

headlig hts, mud flaps on d ual rear wheels,

6 rubber tires in all. Spring-loaded hitch.



released by lever in cab. Abt. 14 x 7".

49N5151 -Price, delivered ...... 4 .95


All-Steel Double-Van Truck. Beautifully


finished a nd constructed. Saddle

tanks and dual rear wheels. Strong friction

motor. Rear trailer is mounted on 4 rubber

d ual wheels. Forward trailer has front,

side doors; rear trailer has side and rear

d oors. Brightly plated h ubcaps, bumper

and grille. 251/4 inches long.

49N5861 L-Price, delivered ..... . 3.98


Metal Model of Road Grader. Sturd y


a ll-steel construction with full size cab.

Blade lifts, rotates and tilts to severa l

positions. 6 jumbo size rub ber tires. Full–

floating rear tandem w heels give smooth

rid e over the roughest ground. Steers from

wheel in cab. Length 18 inches, width

73/4 inches, height



49N5719-Price, delivered ....... 5.95


Remote-Control Auto Transport. Bright–


ly enameled all-steel carrier with

gleaming "chrome" trim, 10 rubber tires.

Two cars carried inside and two on top of

transport. Each is enameled steel with

rubber tires. Car ramp a ttaches to top of

trailer. Two-button remote-control unit with

steering w heel and generous length of

cable. Length with ram p ab!. 21 x 4".

49 N 51 53-Batteries incl. Del'd . . . . 3. 98


Searchlight Truck. Ideal for police jobs


and spotting aircraft. Big spotlight

sends powerful beam way out. Truck is

made of heavy-gauge steel. Baked-on

enamel finish and sturdy rubber wheels.

17" long and 9" high. Batteries included.

49N5878-Price, delivered . ...... 5.49


Large Fire Engine. Your youngster


can rush to "fires" anytime with this

lustrous Red enameled steel fire engine.

The 3-section ladder of gle aming "ch rome"

can be raised and extends about 34",

swivels 3600. Rear ladd er seat. Friction–

operated drive located u nde r cab. 8

rubber tires, "chrome" bumper. About

18 inches long.

49N5150-Price, d elivered ....... 4 . 49


Tow Truck. It's fun to tow your cars

with th is brightly enameled, heavy

steel truck. 4 heav y-duty tires plu.s 2

spares attached to ratchet action winch in

rear of truck. All wheels can be removed

with handy wrench stored on winch. Brake–

controlled winch has chain with large end

hook. About 16" Jong, 6" high.

49N5156-Price, delivered ....... 4.29


Tractor and loader. Brightly lithe–


graphed, battery-operated tractor and

enameled loader, each mounted on 4 rubber

tires. Tractor has power·driven take·off on

rear which is attached to drive shaft from

conveyor. Conveyor elevates sand and

can be adjusted to various heights. Con–

veyor·can also be coupled to tractor w h ich

is also electrically driven in forward or

reverse. Enameled sh ovel for loading.

Tractor about 8 x 6". Batteries included.

49 N 51 52--Conveyor abt. 12 x 8" .. 4 .98