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Excitement and Fun-All the Young "General" Could Desire


100-piece army and air force set. Big action–

packed replica of an armed forces training centre,

with everything the young general could desire.

A Christmas gift every boy will love. Realistic,

brightly lithographed metal headquarters building

is about 11" long, 5• high. Base is manned by 43

soldiers in various combat positions, 6 sitting

soldiers and 22 Air Force Figures.


Operated Tonk

Equipment includes: I flagpole with flag, 2 jet

planes, 1 machine gun ori tripod that really shoots

its own shells, I army vehicle, 2 sets of field equip–



stretcher, 6 tents, 4 camp garbage cans,

4 sets of stacked rifles, I0-piece Jog fencet 2

bazookas, and 6 machine guns On tripods.


contents of each set may vary slightly.

79 N 591 3 DL-Price, delivered ...... . .. 4. 98





New Mobile ''Electronic" Cannon. "Ready!"


.. and the giant "atomic" gun barrel rises,

lowers and aims with push buttons I and 2. "Fire!"

with no. 3 button and away goes the rocket into

space. Battery-operated cannon is mounted on

sturdy metal truck, finished in Khaki-and-Green

baked enamel. Equipped with 4 heavy-duty

rubber wheels, 2 rockets, elevation gauge, strong

friction motor. About 19" long,


wide, SV2" high.



machine gun sound after rocket is fired.

49N5179-Batteriesincluded. Del'd ...... 4.98


Remote Control Army Tank. This all-metal tank


is battery operated, resembles real lumbering



remote control action through long

cable. Tank moves forward and backward on

rubber caterpillar treads. Recoil action cannon.

Lighted turret with revolving machine gun.

49 N5177-Batteries included. 8V2" Jong ... 3.98


Searchlight Jeep with Gun Carrier. You can


hook the gun carrier on to the jeep and "roll

up to the Front!" Battery-operated jeep is enameled

all-metal; has 4 tires, spare tire, gas tank; jeep

driver, forward and reverse lever positions on

dash. Searchlight lights up, rotates 360° and tilts

to any angle. Carrier with 2 rubber tires carries

guns plus 2 operators. They rotate 360°, can be

tilted to any angle. Overall length abt. 16'.

49 N 51 78-Batteries included. Del'd ...... 2. 69


Howitzer Cannon and 1 0 Soldiers. You will


imagine a deafening "boom", when this

breech-loader Howitzer cannon "opens up". Gun

can really shoot, trigger has strong spring action

which fires harmless wooden shells. Cannon is

made of tough plastic, rubber wheels.



soldiers. Shells included. Abt. 12" long.

49N5874-Price,delivered .............. 1.98

. .





Farms and forts


Items Shown on Opposite Page


De Luxe Farm Set. G1we your


children the fun and fascination of a

realistic farm set! Big hip-roofed metal

barn is about 135/s x 91/4 x 9V4• high,

made of colorfully lithographed sheet

steel. 9" steel silo has plastic roof. Barn is

open at back-the young farmer can put

the animals in their stalls. Metal edges

turned for safety and strength. Haylift

will hoist bales of plastic hay into loft;

plastic litter-carrier slides along overhead

rail. For field work there's a plastic

scraper, wagon and plow that can


hitched to plastic tractor. There are many

molded plastic animals-cows, calves,

horses, fowl, etc. Plastic milk pick-up

platform with milk cans, plastic feed bags,

hay, feed box. Barn shipped flat, easily

assembled. About 70 pieces in all.

Contents of the sets may vary slightly.

79 N 5905 DL-Set, delivered .... 6. 49

1 2-Piece Set. Colorful domestic animals

of molded soft vinyl plastic in various

natural-action positions. .

49 N5950-Set, delivered ......... 98c


New! Fort Apache Set-Over 7 0 Pc.


The famous Fort Apache in exciting

replica, with Indian camp, fort, soldiers

and Indians. It's packed with all the

action that a boy's dreams are made of.

He'll guard the plastic stockade walls,

beside the soldiers holding out against

the determined Indian attack. Let's ride

away on one of the 4 horses, or man the

plastic shell-shooting cannon. Build the

fort walls out of 11 interlocking sections,

each 53/,i x 4% in. high. Open or snap

shut the 2 gates that swing on the log-type

archway. Put men in the JOV2 x 5 x 5 in.

lithographed steel log cabin. Wall sec–

tions are double-rolled for extra strength.

Plastic accessories include: axe and

chopping block, anvil, log pile, well,

powder kegs, fire with kettle. 2 block–

houses rest on walls at stockade corners,

and are big enough to hold several of

the 21/4' high, 3-dimensional plastic

figures. Plastic tepee is 4V2 x 6 inches

high. Contents of sets may vary slightly.

79N5920DL- Set, delivered . . .. 6.98


Robin Hood, Famed Legendary Hero of


the poor and oppressed, storms the

walled fortress of the evil Sheriff of

Nottingham. Robin Hood and his Merrie

Men come alive in this huge set of about

90 pieces. The besieged medieval castle

is a big 29V2" Jong, 14V2" wide, 123/s"

high. It consists of abt. 38 pieces; the

walls interlock with buildings and arch–

way to form a sturdy, complete unit with

an authentic open courtyard. Constructed

of strong lithographed steel, skilfully

designed for simple, strong assembly with–

out tools. Detailed plastic turrets, archway

and movable drawbridge add to the


realism of this popular set.

Robin Hood's Band includes Robin Hood

himself, Friar Tuck, towering Little John,

lovely Maid Marion and several of the

Merrie Men, all in traditional costumes.

The Defenders consist of the Sheriff of

Nottingham and many bold knights in

combat poses. Molded of silver-metallic

plastic, they're authentically detailed

right down to the weapons they brandish.

There is a knight with crossbow, a charg–

ing knight with spear, a rider with mace,

one with lance, a knight with battle-axe,

several knights with swords and shields,

2 armored horses for knights.

Accurately Detailed Accessories include:

a campfire, table with benches, a chair,

chest and barrel, trees and a lantern.

There's a horn to call the Merrie Men, a

staff, a crossbow, arrows and target, an

assault battering ram, and assault ladders

to scale the castle walls. The contents of

each set may vary slightly.

79N5918DL-Set, delivered .... 5.98


A Well-Equipped 50-Piece Farm Set


with lots of animals that will make

interesting toys for an imaginative young–

ster. The big metal barn is colorfully

lithographed inside and out, open at the

back so that the animals can be put

inside. The plastic fence has about 18

sections, which can


set up around the

farm as a corral. There's a plastic tractor

for heavy work. The well-stocked farm

contains a large assortment of various

farm animals, beautifully molded to life–

like poses, made of unbreakable Poly–

thene plastic. The barn is about 135/s x

9114 x 9114• high. The contents of each set

may vary slightly.

79N5921 DL-Set, delivered .... 3.79