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Co mplete Paint-by-Number Set. Has an

easy-to-handle fountain brush that

works like a fountain pen. Just insert

the paint tablet, add water and you're

ready to start painting pictures that will

amaze you with their excellence. Bud–

ding young artists in your family will be

delighted with this gift that will give

them hours of absorbing and interesting

constructive activity. Set includes 12

fountain brushes, l. picture 10 x 14",

and 5 pictures I0 x


The ideal way

to encourage your child's artistic talent

and to develop his interest.

5 2 N1721 -Set, delivered ..... . 2. 4 9


Roy Rogers Paint Set in a luggage-type carry–


ing case with hinged cover, carrying handle

and snap lock. Set includes action pictures of Roy

Rogers and Trigger plus coloring materials: crayons,

good quality paints and poster paints, and brush.

Designed to please youngsters and keep them crea–

tively busy for hours at a time.

52N 1782-Set, delivered ................. 2 . 49


Roy Rogers Oil Painting Set. Let your child try


his hand with the same kind of paints as were

used by the Old Masters. Contains 2 numbered

picture panels, 12 fine oil colors, 2 high quality

artists' brushes, jar of brush cleaner, instructions.

52N1777-Set, delivered........

. ... 2.49


Paintstiks give you all the fun of painting


without its fuss and mess. Just dip any of the

sticks in water and paint. All the paints are com–

pletely safe, washable and non-toxic-can be used

without danger by the very youngest. Set contains



sticks, drawing paper, water bowl.

52N 1784-Set, delivered .. . ...... . ....... 1.9 8


Kleon Klay Modeling Kit. Every child will be


delighted with this modeling kit, that gives

hours of entertainment .and pleasure. Kit contains

7 strips of Klay in assorted colors; 3 sizes of assorted

plastic tubes; 0:1e 12-inch rule; 2 Klay sticks; pipe–

cleaners; colored instruction book.

52N1778-Kit, delivered ...... . ....... . ... 2.29

Big Top Circus Wagon and Books 1.49

Colorful cardboard wagon with cheerful clown

"passengers" brings a load of entertainment and

makes a gay pull toy for toddlers.


carries 13

absorbing activity books, story, picture and

coloring with crayons for the coloring books;

also slate and chalk. Stories will appeal to

younq children. Wagon is 10 x 7V4 inches.

52N6849-Set, delivered .. .. .......... 1.49

Girls' Activity Set 1.49



ideal gift for the little girl you want to

please this Christmas. Set contains 3 coloring

books, 1 cutout book and 2 story books; pair of



safety" scissors for cutouts; real paint

palette and brush; crayons for coloring' and


magic slate-write on


then erase, as





paper ... use over and over again.

52N6851 -Set, delivered . . ... . ... . .... 1.49

Boys' Activity Set 1.49

Designed to keep your energetic lad happily

occupied for hours. Set contains 3 interesting

coloring books, 1 punchout and coloring book,

2 absorbing story books, paint palette, good

quality paintbrush, magic slate book-write

secret messages and' make them disappear simply


lifting the paper-plus crayons and chalk.

52N6850-Metal scissors. Set, del'd .... 1.49


Kindergarten Activity Set. In


handy luggage-style carrying

case that helps your youngster de–

velop his ideas on care for his toys.

Set contains crayons, modeling clay,

assorted paper for cutouts and past–

ing, beads to string and lengths of

yarn, coloring cards and teach–

time clock with movable hands.

52N1779-Set, delivered ... 1.98


Set of 8 Little Golden Books.


Brings you the wonderful

childhood stories such as Bambi,

Pinocchio and many more, with

lively color illustrations. Also books

on birds and animals, written in man–

ner most likely to guarantee a child's

interest. This is an entertaining set,

certain to delight boys or girls.

52N6845-Set, delivered . .. 2.25


Giant Coloring Book with


crayons. Will absorb any

child's interest for hours at a time.

Pages are abt.


x 11" and there

are over 250 of them waiting to be

colored. Also 64 asstd. crayons,

giving full range of colors including

gold, silver and copper. Full of

interest for boys and girls.

52N6846-Set, delivered.



Three Classics for Girls. 3 favor–


ites in


set, including Heidi,

Little Women, Five Little Peppers.

Hard-backed covers.

52N6847-Set, delivered ... 2.29

Three Classics for Boys (not shown).

Includes Black Beauty, Treasure

Island, The Three Musketeers.

52N684B-Set, delivered . . . 2.29