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We suggest these gifts


Description of Items Shown on O pposite Page


Our Biggest Farm Set Ever-Over 1 4 0 Pieces. He'll


have the time of his lite raising pigs, feeding livestock,

tending poultry, fencing, harrowing, raking and plowing.

All the interest and color of the farm right in the "young

farmer's" own home. Big hip-roofed steel barn with attached

shed and silo. Haylift hoists bales of plastic hay. Back of

barn ls open to make it easier to bring in animals. Colorfully

lithographed strong sheet metal construction with all edges

turned for safety and strength. About 25" long, 9V4" wide,

11" high overall. Silo has plastic roof. Pig pen with fence;

chicken house with broken-span type roof. All animals

are made of unbreakable vinyl.

3-D Molded Plastic Livestock Includes


horses, cows,

grazing cows, colts, calves, hound dogs, lambs, pigs, goats,

kids, hens, ducks, chicks and birds. Horses 2Ve" high,

other animals in proportion. New friction drive tractor will

pull 7 farm implements to ease the "farmer's" worki attach

spreader, conveyor


plow, harrow, rake, mowing machine

and wagon. Loaas of accessories; feed bags, trough,

shovel, pitchfork, pail, stool, cow stall and litter-carrier that

slides on a rail. Plastic fencing, trees. The contents of this

farm set may vary slightly.

79 N592 2 DL-Price, delivered. . . . . . . . . . . .

10 .95


Our Biggest Happi-Time Metal


House. Front door


opens at a touch; flick a switch and living room lights

up. Look in on 7 spacious rooms, play-packed with furniture

scaled to size. Real stairway to second floor, lithographed

in detail. Breezeway leading to playroom; rooftop patio for

outdoor tun. Extra-large house measures abt. 38 x 15V2 x


deep. More than 45 pieces of plastic furniture plus 3 plasiic

"occupants" and a miniature broom that really sweeps.

Strong, long-lasting metal construction ... all windows,

edges safety-turned. Floor sections ribbed, walls double.

turned for extra strength. Authentically lithographed brick

and clapboard exterior has colorful shutters, flower boxes.

Interior tastefully decorated in modern colors with beautifully

lithographed drapes and paintings.

Break-Resistant Plastic Furniture Includes: club sofa and chair,

barrel chair, coffee table, end table, floor lamp, TV set,

dining table; 4 chairs, Dutch cabinet, buffet server, double

bed, vanity dresser and stool, chest-on-chest, night table,

chair, sink, icebox, stove, table, 4 chairs, bathtub, toilet,

washstand, hamper, crib, playpen, chest, commode chair,

piano, bench, round and pinqpong tables, 2 chairs.

Furnished patio and utility room. Easy to assemble.

79 N 1 054 DL-Battery included. Delivered ... . ... 8 . 95


60-Piece Electric Freight Train Set ... it's the largest


layout we've ever offered. You'll have to build a

fence around this one to keep Dad away! Smoke-puffin<;i

6-unit train runs up, down and around on more than 26 feet

on roadbed filled with curves and grades; keeps you on

your toes when "en gineering" the trestle track. You can

couple and uncouple, run train forward, in reverse, fast or

slow ... all by wonderful remote control. Smoke-puffing

die-cast metal locomotive has piston rod action, bright

headlight, oilless bronze bearings, Scale-detailed tender,

cattle car, tank car, stake car with cartons and caboose,

made of metal and plastic with 8 die-cast wheels on each car.

Heavy-duty transformer with circuit breaker. 12 sections of

straight track, 13 sections of curved large radius track being

a 26'9" track layout. '.!'.rain is 473/4 inches long. 24-piece

plastic trestle set, one uncoupler ramp with sign, track

connector, smoke refill included. CSA approved for 110-120

volts, A.C. Only 3.00 down, 5.00 monthly on our Easy

Payment Plan. For details please see Page 217.

79 N9863 DL-60 cycles. Complete set, del'd ... . 2 7 . 95


Train Runs under and over Trestle, Climbs with Ease


. . .



. .



. .




.. .


Press Button, Change Color

3-in-1 Flashlight 1.29

111 Here's an exciting flashlight that's


actually three lights in one.



special features; adjustable focus 500 ft.

White beam, Red danger beam, and

Green safety signal. This beautifully

chrome-plated flashlight has a big 2V4"

diameter plastic lens, and measures 71/4"

long. Bulb, 2 batteries included.

34N4373- Each . ... 1.29; 2 for 2. 29


Be Prepared


the huntin', shootin'


and fishin' season with this power–

packed lantern. Its great advantage is

that it 's safe .. . no fire hazard if you

knock it over. Can be put to plenty of use

around the camp in the evening and for

lighting your path through the forest–

a "must" in your camping equipment.

Has a Red steel case with Black handle.

Sturdily constructed to withstand the

roughest treatment from young "back–

woodsmen". Bulb, 6-volt battery included

at no extra charge.

34N4348-Price, delivered.... 3 .49

Razor-Sharp Steel Hunting Knives

Q uick·action

flasher button




Send codes

and signals

Roy Rogers Flashlight 1.29


This flashy, colorful Roy Rogers


signal light has a built-in alarm

siren and flasher-button signal. Colorfully

lithographed 67,le" steel case with blue–

brown-red-and-green picture of Roy

Rogers on Trigger. Strong plastic lens.

Throws a 300-ft. beam-makes the posse 's

work easier. Bu lb, 2 batteries included.

34N4369- Each . ... 1.29; 2 for 2.29


Big 5 -Cell Flashlight with a long–


range beam, safety lens protector.

Push-button action. Chrome-plated alu–

minum case. Bulb and batteries incl.

34N4393-Del. Each. 2 .29 ; 2 for 3 .98


Cowboy Flashlight with 3-position


switch, built-in siren for the "range

patrol". 2 batteries included.

34N4505-Del.. Each. 1.00; 2 for 1.79

Flashlight Batteries (not shown).

34N4650-Leakproof steel. .. 2 for 45c

3 4N4670-Paper clad ... . ... 2 for 3 5c

3 4N4702-6-volt (for lantern) . . . 1.19

Mickey Mouse Wrist-Roy








Hunter's Knife at an economy price. 5" steel


blade with fish scaler on upper edge. Simu–

lated bone handle fashioned to imitate stag.

Complete with leather sheath. Ideal for the



a Mickey Mouse secret


agent. Have secret codes

among other members of your

gang and flash them with your

Wrist-Ray signaler. Straps on

your wrist, just like a Corps

Commander's wrist radio. Press

a button and it lights up. Slide

the dial to choose Danger

Red, Safety Green or clear

Zero White. Send your Morse

code signals in any color.

Make sure all your members

have one-there's a special

price for two Wrist-Rays. Bulb

and battery included.

~oNn 68~~~~~~n

knife length 9• .. . ...... 1. 09


Sheffield Steel Hunter's Knife ... your better


buy. . The fine Sheffield steel blade retains

its edge indefinitely. Makes an ideal skinning

knife. Has a leather safe-grip handle, aluminum

hand guard. Blade 5 in. long, overall length 9 in.

6N7163-Leathersheathlncl. Del'd ...... 2.2 9


Our Finest Sheffield Steel Hunte r's Knife with a


polished genuine stag handle. Best quality

5• steel blade retains keen edge. Aluminum hand

guard for safety. Overall length 9".

6 N 71 61 -Leather sheath incl. Del'd . . . . . 2 .98


34N4500-Each ...... 1.00

Buy 2 for ...... . ....... 1 .79



• .