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• 4 Working top burners





• Actual heat-controlled oven

"Little Hostess" Electric Range. Steel construe·

lion with baked-on Pink enamel finish. This

safety-tested stove will cook or bake on 4 top

burners, and in Heat-Trol oven with separate

heating element, fibre qlass insulation,

window and rack. 6 utensils, cook book in–

cluded. CSA approved. 12112 x 6!(2 x 12• high.

4,8 NI 049-Prlce, delivered. . . . . . . I 3. 95




Operates on

stand or os

hand mixer

Electric Mixer-Battery-Operated


luxe double-beater metal

mixer just like Mother's. This


battery-operated mixer may be

worked on its stand or slid off to be used as

hand mixer. Comes complete with mlxinq

bowl and juicer. Off-and-on switch on handle

operates mixer, juicer, and control light.

Gleaminq White enamel finish. Size about 9

x 8 x 4\12 Inches wide. Batteries included.

48N1050-Price,delivered ... . .... . 3.49

46-Piece Tea Set of

Polished Aluminum

Durable briqhtly polished alu-



set makes a biq hit


with a


hostess and her

friends. Consists of: teapot with lid, I servlnq

tray, I butter knife and 6 each of: cups,

saucers, plates, knives, forks, spoons and

paper serviettes. Plates about 4!(4• in diam.

48N927-Set, delivered . .. ..... . . .. 1.98




Traditional "Blue Willow" Tea Set,

a favorite pattern with mother and

daughter. Imported from Japan, made

of china. Includes 6 each: cups,

saucers, plates (3!(2• diam.); cream juq,

covered teapot, covered veqetable

bowl, meat plate, covered



48 NI 048-26-plece set, del d . I. 98

De Luxe Model Toy Stove

White enamel metal stove

for little qirls who love


to play cook. Backquard

has "clock", hanq-up shelf for qrater

and cookie shapes. Oven doors wlll

open, have transparent windows.

Red colored burners, covered centre

qrill; movable switches. Roast pan

with "turkey", kettle, saucepan.

48NI051-Size8x8Y2x41/2" . . 2.49

Set includes: 6 cookie cut-


ters, 2 cookie sheets, loaf

pan, 2 pie plates, muffin tin,

flour canister with lid, mlxinq bowl,

angel food cake tin, measuring cup,


beater, grater, whippinq spoon,

measurinq spoon, 2 cake lifters.

48N928-8et,delivered .. ... . 1.98







. .



. .







For the little homemaker



I I I - Piece Pillsbury Cake Baking Set. Now your little


qirl can bake real cakes just like Mother's. Ideal as

a companion qlft with an electric stove from opposite page.

Set includes: 2,4 packages of assorted cake and cookie

mixes; 15 packages of assorted cake frostings, 6 packages

of cake decorations, cook book, apron, 24 liners, and 40

plastic and metal utensils, includinq cookie sheet, mixing

bowl, and many more.

48 NI 024-All pieces not shown. Set, del'd........ 5 . 98

69-Piece Pillsbury Cake Mix Set contains 15 assorted cake

and cookie mixes, 8 assorted frostings, 8 cake decorations,

cook book, 22 plastic and metal utensils, 15 liners.

48N937-69-piece set, delivered. . .... . . ... .... ... 3.98


31-Piece Pillsbury -Cake Mix Set contains 8 assorted cake

and cookie mixes, 2 cake frostlnqs,


cake decoration, cook

book, 11 plastic and metal utensils, 8 liners.

48N938-3! -piece set, delivered.. . . .. . ... . ....... 1.98

23- Piece Pillsbury Refill Set. Contains


assorted cake and

cookie mixes, 3 assorted frostings, 2 cake decorations, 6

t:rinkle cups and 6 liners.

48N939-23-piece set, delivered . . . . . ... . .. . .. . . ... 98c


Gleaming Modern Kitchen Unit complete with utensils.


A dream kitchen of the play-world, as up-to-date as

the newest magazine kitchens. Constructed of sturdy metal,

durably enameled in the latest decorator color--Pink.

Three pieces: a stove, refrigerator and sink make up a

play unit for little homemakers.

The Stove has a hinged oven door with a window in it,

imitation switches that turn, 2 burners on top, an Imitation

clock, and a rack across the back to hold the "copper"

utensils. Utensils consist of 8 pieces, including an imitation

turkey, a frying pan, stew pot with lid, a


and others

as illustrated. Stove about 6\12x 33/4 x 8!(2 inches hiqh.

Open the Refrigerator Door and a liqht goes on inside, just

like Mother's, operates on battery, (included). Has shelves

for holdinq utensils, and racks built into the door, just like

a real refrigerator. Utensils Include wooden bottles, coffee

can, a salad mold, a refrigerator jar with lid, and a pitcher.

Size about 4 x 4!(2 x 7" tall.

Tap In the Sink Really Works-you just


the reservoir at

back, pump plunger and the water pours out, all ready

to wash the dishes and utensils. Sink has sliding doors

across the bottom to make a


space. Glasses for

dish washing are included. Size about 53/4 x 61/2 x 33/4".

48 N 101 1-3-piece unit. Battery included. . . . . . . . . 4. 98


New Coca-Cola Dispenser. Let him serve his own friends


with this miniature soda fountain dispenser. Made

of bright, shiny Red plastic, it dispenses Coca-Cola right

from the bottle. 4 small plastic Coca-Cola glasses are in–

cluded. Easy to use-just place uncapped bottle of "coke"

into dispenser, slide handle unit into bottle, pull down

handle, and out pours your drink. Easily cleaned. Size

about 8!(4 inches high, llY2 inches long.

48 N 1045-Price, delivered .... ... . .... .. ..... . . . 3.98


Ice Cream Maker. A new and exciting present for


children who love to prepare desserts. Made of

unbreakable plastic, this handy Ice cream maker



able and safe to operate. Just fill drum with ice, add sherbet,

or any such mix, and turn the handle. Machine makes

delicious ice cream, sherbert or frozen custard in 60 seconds.

Machine measures about 83.4 x 4\4 x 5 inches tall.

48 N 1044-Price, delivered . .. .... . ............. . 4. 69


New Electric Washing Machine. Now she can do her


doll wash right along side of Mother. Machine is made

of gleaming Pink-enameled metal with clear window in

front. Has rubber drain hose. Top has openinq for soap.

Switch operates swirler. Uses regular flashlight battery,

(included). Size about 6!(2" high, 41/2" long, 33.4" wide.

48N1046--Pr!ce, (with battery). Delivered . . ... ... 2.49


27-Piece China Set imported from Japan. Lovely floral


pattern on White backqround, gold color trim. With

this charminq china service of her very own your little girl

may have five guests to join her for tea. 27-piece set con–

sists of 6 each: cups, saucers, plates; I each: teapot with lid,

cream jug, suqar bowl with lid, vegetable dish with cover,

meat platter and gravY. boat. Plates are about 4\12 inches

in diameter, with the other pieces in proportion. This is a



for any junior hostess.

48N967-27-plece set, delivered ..... . ...... . . . ... 2.98


Modern 29-Piece Tea Set in gay "Rooster" desiqn–


a set with which any little hostess will proudly serve


Set includes 4 metal plates and saucers, 4 plastic

cups; 4 metal-covered plastic spaons, knives and forks;

plastic creamer, covered sugar bowl and teapot. Plates

measure about 61/4". Teapot about 5112" high. Other dishes

in proportion. A charming gift for any little girl.

48 NI 043-29-piece set, delivered . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2. 98


17-Piece De Luxe China Tea Set. Any young hostess


wlll beam with pride when she serves her doll family

or friends from this good quality china tea set. Delicate

"Columbia Rose" design on sparkling White backqround,

gold color trim. Includes: 4 each of plates, saucers, cups,

creamer, covered teapot, and covered sugar bowl. Plates

are about 6V4" diameter. Teapot about 5" high. Other

pieces are made in proportion.

48N I 047-17-piece set, delivered . . ..... . .. . .... . . 3.98

Ill Lightweight and Almost Unbreakable, this complete


44-piece plastic tea set Is ideal for tea parties for very

young ladies and their friends. So that she can set a com–

plete table the set includes 4 each of knives, forks, spaons,

cups, saucers and plates; 4 clear plastic sherbets and

goblets; I teapot with lid, suqar bowl, creamer, salt and

pepper, butter knife, sugar spaon, and 4 paper serviettes.

Cups 2!(2• diameter, other pieces in proportion. The ideal

gift for the junior hostess.

48 NI 025-44-piece set, delivered . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.79