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Holster Sets .. sure-shootin ' gifts for Hours of Pistol-packin' Play

Fine top grain cowhide with that saddle leather feel in two best sets


Sure to thrill the junior cowboys and gals on your

Christmas .list because it's styled just for them.

Slim pockets. Western buckle adjustment in belt.

Sharp-shootin' 8-in. metal repeaters hold 50-cap roll.

Embossed non-breakable grips; automatic break action.

Play bullets. Adjusts to fit 21 to 28-inch waist.

43 N 943- Shipping weight 2 pounds. .. . ... ..........



Cowboys 'n' girls strike it rich with.this eye-catcher.

Saddle-mate to set on figure at left. Rawhide lacing

belt adjustment. "Man-sized" 13-in. holsters. Big 11-

in. metal repeaters fire 50-cap roll. Automatic break

action. Stag horn embossed metal grips. Holder with 12

(38-calibre) play .bullets. Fits 24 to 30-inch waist.

43 N

909-State color

block or ton. Sh pg.


2 lbs. 3 oz..



Perfect for the quick-shootin' hombre on your list.

Top grain cowhide pockets and belt panel. Fringed

12-in. holsters. Rawhide lacing adjusts belt. Shiny 9-

inch 50-cap metal repeaters have quick-loading break

action; non-breakable eml?ossed metal grips. Play bul–

lets. Fits waist 22 to 29-inches.

43 N 907- Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz............. ....


[[) Dependable, hard-workin' set at a low, low price.

Perfect for your young cowpoke. Good quality

cowhide leather. Contour belt has rawhide lacing ad–

justers. Studded 11-in. holsters. Easy-action 8-inch

50-cap metal repeaters with automatic break action.

Play bullets. Fits waist 22 to 30-inches.

43 N 903- Shipping weight 2 pounds .... .. ...... . ....


Ohio prohibits sale of cap firing guns to minors under 16 years of age


[] Boolste rs make any shoe Western. Leather-look

plastic. Put on before shoes ... strap under shoes.

Whisk of damp cloth keeps them clean.

State size

2 (3-4

years); 3 (5-6 yrs.); 4 (7-8 years). Shpg. wt. 12 oz.

43 N 332-Slole co/or red, brown or block .............



Spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle. Nickel plated. No

sharp edges ... rowel wheels in safe clover-leaf de–

sign protects clothes and furniture. One size fits all.

43 N 368-Stale


or brown


Shpg, wt. 13 oz.. . .



Top-grain cowhide leather belt .. . %-in. ·wide.

Nickel-plated buckle.

State size

small (20 to 23-in.

waist); medium (24 to 28-inch); large (29 to 32-inch).

43 N 362-Slale co/or block or ton. Shpg. wt. 4 oz.. . .......



Safety-swivel trick lasso ... 9 ft. long. Now with a

little practice you can do rope tricks like Roy and

other rodeo stars. End clip fastens to dog collar for

double use as a leash. Ideal "stocking stuffer."

43 N 333-Shipping weight


ounces.. . .. .... . . ... . . . ...



Gift-boxed belt and wallet set. Top-grain ;Ji-in.

cowhide leather belt. Metal buckle with 6-gun dec–

oration and autograph. Plastic wallet with electronically

sealed seams. Autographed picture of his favorite West–

ern hero wearing real furry chaps. Bill pocket, slip-in

windows for pictures, ·coin l>6cket.

State belt size


medium or large. See sizes on (G).

State color

black or

dark tan. Shipping weight 10 oz.


N 366E-9c Federal Excise Tax Included ....•.•••

:.$ 1.94