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Kiddie Kabinet encourages neatness and good health habits.

Hang on wall at child's height .. adhesive back leaves no

marks. Cabinet has ample room for cup, comb, hair brush,

2 toothbrushes (one "Good Morning," one "Good Night") .. all

junior-sized. Mirror inside.

State color

ivory, blue or pin_k.

8 N 2255-Size 6x5Y,x2Y2 inches. All plastic. S_hpg. wt. 1 lb..... $2.95


Kittens-in-a-Basket. Watch a little gal laugh at these charm-

ers. One even looks cross-eyed at a bee on its nose. Wicker

basket displays 7 pairs of barrettes and a pony tail ring . . all

plastic in bright colors. Cute kitties of white rayon plush. Cud–

dly playmates plus "home" for all her ·hair accessories.

8 N 9546-Basket 9 inches wide. Boxed. Shipping weight 1 pound $2.97

•Lowest Price Ever!

NEW! Musical Jewel Bo>< gives

· a young miss her own special

place to store treasures. Lift

tray inside . . for bracelets,

lockets, rings, etc.

She'll delight in listening to

the gay music box play a lively

children's song. Wedge-wood–

like design . . Roman soldier,

floral decoration. Medium blue

color. white designs. Durable

"plastic. Generous 7x4%x3 in. '

8 N 9050-Shpg


wt. l lb... $1 .97

[[] Musical Military Brush-Set.

Antique auto motif and

"l\forry Oldsmobile" tune spur

good grooming. Plastic-back

brush (4%' in.), nylon bristles.

Matching comb. Gay colors.

8 N 9392-Shpg.


l lb... $3.97


Musical Purse plays a gay

children's tune. Room for

her handkerchief, comb, trink–

ets, too. Bright red and .white

plastic. 4%-in. diam.

8 N 9025-Shpg,


8 oz... $1 .47


Surpris_es· for Junior


Barrette <:arryall. 15 pairs of barrettes in

cute designs and colors to match every

dress. Comb included, too. All plastic.


little Miss Carryall. Cutest we've seen ..

cuddly white rayon plush, even curled tail.

8 N 9545-Cose 4'11 in. long. Shpg. wt. 8 oz. $1


Dog head of turquoise corduroy. Top handle

and lock that really works. 3 pairs of barrettes,

comb inside .. plastic in gay colors. 8 in. long.

8 N 9551E-12lc Fed. Tax incl.! Wt. 12 oz... $2.57


Arabian Harse .. life-like, white plastic.

Holds comb, note book, ball point pen,

nail ·dipper. Personalize with gold leaf incl.

8 N 9547- 9 in. high. Shpg. wt. l lb.. • .. .. . . $2.97


Palomino Groomer makes tidy-up time

fun. Saddle blanket complete with stir–

rups. Holds ball point pen, nail file, toothbrush

and comb. ·See tiny cowhands rush to clean up.

Tan plastic horse. Gold-color chain.


Filly .. smaller version of above. Wears

cute pony tail holder and barrettes .. tor–

toise shell color, mock pearl heart trim. Plastic.

8 N 9548-6


in. high. Shpg.


8 oz...... $1 .37

8 N 9549-7Y, in. high. Shpg.


12 oz...... $2 .77


Little Miss Dresser Set.

Pretty pink plastic set for

long service. 7% in. profession–

al-style, nylon-bristled brush.

Comb and mirror with gay de–

sign. Rayon-lined gift box.

8 N 9051-Shpg. wt. l lb... $1.97


Cinderella's Vanity Set.

7Ys-in. brush, comb, cop–

per-backed mirror, 2 picture

frames with stand-up easel de–

sign. Pink transparent plastic.

8 N 9043-Shpg.


l lb... $1 .00


Shulton Friendship Gar-

den Charmer Set. Begin

her beauty habits early. %–

oz. toilet water, 1-oz. talc,

J4-oz. body sachet, P/is-oz.

bubbling bath crystals.

8N9559E-Ppd. !Wt. 12 oz.I $1 .38


Elephant-head Bath

Brush. Cute dean-upper.

Pink and white plastic-han–

dled brush. Nylon bristles.

Cut-out hangjng hook.

8N9060-l07' in. Wt. 4 oz. $1



Musical Kitty wags her



playf1Jl mood.

Hug her plump black rayon

' plush body. Cotton and

straw stuffing. Plays a sweet

children's tune. 12 in. long.

8 N 9203-Shpg. wt. 14 oz. $3 .97


Snack-Time Bath Set.

Looks good enough to

eat! Plastic milk bottle of

bubble bath. Cone of castile

soap. (Sc Fed. Tax incl.)

8 N 9554E-Shpg.


8 oz. $1.05




NOTE: "E" after catalog number means 10% Federal Tax included unless otherwise noted