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Glamour Gals and He-Men


Musical Piano. Just like a real grand

piano .. even to upright legs. Space in top

for trinkets, jewelry. Crank movement for.

bright, tinkly children's music. Delight a mu–

sically minded youngster. Black plastic.


M<:1gic Water Flowers.* See flower burst



from a tiny sea shell! Just drop

in water .. see magic before your eyes. Color–

ful paper. Floating plastic fish and ducks.

Thrill boys, girls of any age. Shpg. wt. 2 oz.

8 N 9021-Size 3¥.x2Y2Xl 'l'a in. Wt. 6 oz.... $1.00

8 N 9161 - 12 fiowers 12 gilt boxes of 6 eochl..$1 .00


Boy Scout Rocks and Minerals Kit. Helps

teach location of mineral deposits, identi–

fication of precious metals and geological

formations. Helps develop scientific interest.

With detailed descriptions.

[[] Plant Science Kit. For year-round plant

growth and fun . . designed -for ages 6 to

adults. Introduction to science of growing plants

without soil. Includes assorted seeds, chemical

plant food, magic plant vermiculite (minerals).

8 N 9045-20.experiment book. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.. $1.00

8 N 9542-60 specimens. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..... .$4.97

[] Porty Trick Balls.*

Sai•e 50c







favors, tree trimmings. Un–

wind crepe paper . .



in each 3-in. ball .. Bird Call,

Pill Puzzle, etc. Bright colors.

8N9049-Wt. 4 oz. 6 in set.. $1.00


Toothbrush Doll Set. Ador-

able "crazy legs"

twist and


Junior-sized nylon-brist–

led brushwith mock jewel trim.

Doll of cloth .. gay colors.

8 N 9054-Shpg. wt. 4 oz... $1.00



Snow Man Surprise Ball.

See him smile .. holds 12

party tricks for children. Cute

as favors, for place settings or

tree ornaments. Bright crepe

paper .. even ear muffs.

8 N 90S2-6 in. toll. Wt. 4 oz.$1.00


Baseball Bot Brush.


97c. Was $1.97.

Sure to be

a favorite of any "little

leaguer." Natural woodback ..

nylon-bristled hair brush.

8 N 9394-9 in. Wt. 6 oz.... $1.00


My Merry Electric

Shave. Buzzes like

Dad's. Plastic shaver; tiny

talc, before and after shave

lotion. Order battery below.

8 N 9292-Wt. 8 oz..... $1.00

34N4653-Bottery. Wt. 1


11 c


Robin Hood Brush Set.

For a young "lancer".

Mirror-finish metal brush

top, nylon bristles. Plastic

comb. Shpg. wt. 6 oz.

8 N 9473-4V.. in. long... $1.00



indicates that the item is imported from Japan

Squirt Cigar

Rubber PenciI

Bag of Tricks presents"magic" to amaze your friends! 17 ex–

citing tricks in gay foil bag.

Separately, tricks


cost $3.50.

For all would-be magicians (adults as ..;'en as children). Tricks

made of


metal, paper and wood. Include glass sus–

pension, Hindu mystic trick, etc. Easy directions.

8 N 9295-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. Set of 17 tricks........ .... .. . . . •$2.97

Bag of Jokes for hours of laughter from children and adults, ..


Would cost $3.50 if sold separately.

Be the life of the party.

20 jokes in bright foil bag. Jokes made of plastic, metal, rub–

ber and wood. Include butter patty, rubber dollar, wonder

tube, sore finger, swiss cheese, 2 wooden nickels.

8 N 9057-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. Set of 20 jokes.. .

. . . . . ... $2.97


Wrisley Locker Kit for

the little leaguer. Gay

baseball-motif gift box. Con–

tains muscle rub, hair cream,

shampoo and soap .. sport

theme. Sc Fed. Tax incl.

8 N 9553E-Wt. l lb.8oz.$1.55


Clean Hit Kit.


wood-back "bat" brush

with white nylon bristles.

Comb, yellow cotton terry

cloth mitt; soap ball.

8 N 9588-Wt. 14 oz. . .. $1.57



Just like Mommy's

My Merry Dolly's Bath Clase!.

For a little gal who longs to

play house . . and which one

doesn't? Ful.l-color closet case

. (9%x7xl % in.) has separate

compartment for miniature

household needs.

Shelves hold towel bar, tow–

els, washcloth, "Lux Flakes,"

"Dutch Cleanser," toothbrush,

perfume, shampoo, mirror,

bubble bath, bath salts, waste

basket, clothes hamper, others.

8 N 9017-Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. $1.97