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Christmas Gifts for the Home

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

Your choice of (A) to (E) ..



1959 Calendar Towel of fine-quality

linen with multicolor Pennsylvania

Dutch print (predominantly red and green).



in., hemmed edges, wash–

fast. With wood rod and hanging cord. In

carton. Shipping weight 10 oz.

96 N


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. ..



Good Muslin Pillowcases .. snowy white

with pastel piped hems. Two 42x36-in.

'cases in plastic wrap. Washfast.

State piping color

pink or yellow.

97 N 7930-Shipping weight 10 oz...... .. .. 93c


5-pc. Dishcloth and Napkin Holder Set.

Brass-plated metal holder (about Sx534

in.) holds four cotton dishcloths in assorted

pastel colors. Dishcloth size about !3x15 in.

Cellophane wrapped.

96 N 1412-Washfast. Shpg. wt. 8 oz. . . . . .93c


3-piece Biscuit Bosket and Towel Set.

Woven bamboo basket made in Japan



in. oval) holds two fringed,

striped-cotton dish towels (about 16x30 in.).

Washfast. Cellophane wrapped.

State towel color

red, green or yellow stripe

alternating with white.


96 N 1404- Shipping weight 12 oz.. . . . . .. . .93c

[] Puppet Oven Mitts of red and white

checked 80-sq. cotton gingham, filled

with cotton wadding and qujJted for pro–

tection from heat. Solid-color red mouth

and black cotton felt trim. Size about ll;lix

534 incl1es. Boxed. Hand wash.

State pal/em:

Handsome Harry (at right

above) or Slinky Sally (at left above).

96 N 141 1-Shipping weight 7 oz..... . . . ... 93c

Gifts for Kitchen, Bedroom, Bath .. $3.77


7-piece Kitchen Set of pastel wooden salt and pepper-

mill shakers (each about 7 in. high), matching salad

fork and spoon (each about 11 in. long) and three solid–

color dish towels (one in matching, two in contrasting

color). Towels (about 16x30 in.) fringed and washfast.


State predominating color

blue, pink or yellow.

96 N 1415-Boxed. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz......... .$3.77


8-piece Striped and Solid Towel Set. Soft and ab-

sorbent cotton terry .. solid-color towels in washfast

hues, striped towels in matching color with white and

nontarnish, gold-color metallic-yarn stripes. Machine

washable. Set includes two striped bath towels, each 22x

44 in.; two striped washcloths, each 12x12 in.; four

solid-color fingertip towels, each llxl 7 in. Boxed.

State color

pink, yellow, turquoise or blue.

96 N 3539-Shipping weight 3 pounds.... .

. ... $3.77


8-pc. Pillowcase and Travel Kit Set including two

best-quality white muslin, 42x36-in. 'cases with pastel

embroidery and matching 3-in. hemstitched hems. Plastic

kit (regularly, our price would be


includes clear

cosmetic bag plus five pastel travel accessories, some

studded with imitation jewels. 16c Fed. Ex. Tax included.

State washfast color

pink or blue. Attractively boxed.

97 N7937E-Shipping weight 3 pounds 7 ounces . . ....... $3.77


2-piece Both Mot Set . . harmonizes with towel set

(A) at right below. Thick, cut-pile cotton chenille

with tufted swan motif; oblong mat (size 2lx34 in.) stand-

ard-size lid cover. Gift-boxed.


State llH color

Frosty pink, Sunshine yellow or Hori–

zon blue; also It. green or wrute. \Vash separately.

96 N 2936-Shipping weight 2 pounds 7 ounces . .. .. .. ... $3.77


6-piece "His and Hers" Towel Set. Fine-quality,

washfast cotton terry .. includes two 20x40-inch bath

towels, two 1lx17-inch fingertip towels and two 12x12-

inch washcloths. One each of the above "hers" in white

with screen-printed pattern, one each of the above "his"

in pastel color to match pattern. Nicely boxed.

State color HH

Frosty pink; also yellow or turquoise.

96 N 3544-Shipping weight 2 pounds 6 ounces......... . $3.77

Gay Gifts for Santos on a Budget .. $I ,86

[[] 4-piece Towel Set in rich solid colors with gold-color

metallic yarn woven borders. Handsome in appear–

ance .. yet so thrifty! Good quality cotton terry . . wash–

fast and machine washable; metallic yarns will not tarnish.

Includes one 20x40-inch bath towel, one 15x25-inch hand

towel and two 12x12-inch washcloths. Gift boxed.

State Harmony House

color Frosty pink, Horizon blue

or Sunshine yellow; also light green or white.

96 N 3531 - Shipping weight l pound


ounces.... . . .. $1.86


"Mr. and Mrs." Pillowcases with fancy floral design

delicately embroidered on a crisp. white background.

Two fine-quality muslin 'cases (42x36 inches) with 3-inch

thread-drawn hems. Washfast. Nicelv boxed.

97 N 7931-Shipping weight l pound 2



. .$1 .86


Pillowcase and Woll Plaque Set. Combines two good-

quality white muslin 'cases embroidered in variegated

multicolor floral with scenic wall plaque in brass-plated

frame. Pillowcases, each 42x36 jnches, have 3-inch

hemstitched hems; plaque, about 6 inches in diameter. is

imported from England. Attractively boxed. Washfast.

97N7932-Shipping weight l pound 6 ounces . . ........ $1 .86


Practical 7-piece Kitchen Set . . six multicolor-

striped cotton kitchen accessories in unbreakable,

pastel plastic cutlery tray. Tray, about 93ix14x1% in.,

holds 3 dishcloths (each about 127;lx14Yz in.), 2 pothold–

ers (each about 6x6 in.) and 1 utility cloth (about




Gift boxed and ready for wrapping.

State predominating color

pink, red or yellow.

96 N 1413-Shipping weight l pound


ounces..... • .... $1 .86


10-piece Place Mot Set including 4 multicolored

matchstick-bamboo mats (about 12x18 in.), 4 solid–

color, washfast pink cotton napkins (about 11 )1xl1Yz in.)



pair of ceramic salt and pepper shakers (about 4 in.

1011g, lVz in. high) . Napkins merrow-stitched at edges;

shakers and mats imp01·ted from Japan. Boxed.

96 N 1610-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces. .

. . ... $1 .86




Christmas shop


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Our Finest Bafh and Bed Linens $4.77




5-piece Towel Set .. agleam with rich, gold-color

metallic yarns woven into the intricate border design.

Truly luxurious, best-quality cotton terry .. thick, thirsty,

machine washable; colors are washfast, metallic yarns

will not tarnish. Set includes two 24x46-inch bath towels,

one 16x26-inch hand towel and two 12x12-inch wash–

cloths. Attractively boxed with ribbon trim.

State Harmony House color

Frosty pink, Sunshine yel–

low or Parchment beige; also light green or white.

96 N 3542-Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces.... .... . .



Harmony _House 3 -p iece Sheet Set .. snowy white,

good-quahty muslin with multicolor floral design

printed on 5-in. top hem of sheet and matching allover

print on the 42x36-in. 'cases. Double-bed sheet (81x99 in.)

has 1-in. bottom hem, 'cases have 3-in. hems. \Vashfast.

State predominating print color

pfok or blue. Boxed.

97 N7860-Shipping weight 3 pounds 3 ounces .. . ....... $4.77


8-piece "Ricksho" Towel Set . . with woven jacquard .

pattern on the borders of bath towels and washcloths.

Our finest cotton terry . . sturdily woven and super ab–

sorbent. Set includes two bath towels, each 24x46 inches;

two hand towels, each 15x26 jnches; two fingertip towels,

each 1lx18 inches; and two washcloths, each 13x13 inches.

Hand and fingertip towels with selftone <lobby borders.

Washfast. Beautifully boxed.

State Harmony House color

Frosty pink, Sunshine yel–

low or Parchment beige; also light grej!n or white.

96 N 3545-Shipping weight 3 pounds 14 ounces.... . .... $5.74

See co-ordinated "Ricksha" bath mats and shower sets on


920 of our Big Fall and Winter Book


Harmony House 3-pc. Muslin Sheet Set. Truly stylish

bedding with wide multicolor "Floral Bouquet" panel

screen-printed below the 3-inch top hem of the sheet,

repeat of floral motif in center of 42x36-inch pillowcases.

Double-bed-size sheet (81xl08 inches) has l-inch bottom

hem; 'cases have 3-inch hems. '\Vashfast.

State predominating print color

pink or blue. Boxed.

97 N 7861-Shipping weight 3 pounds 3 ounces.

. ...





Harmony Hous/ color

Pretty Gifts at a Practical Price _ . $2.83


Pillowcase and Cologne Set. Best-quality white mus-

lin 'cases in embroidered "His and Hers" pattern with

1-dram of Prince Matchabelli parfum de cologne (regu–

larly our price would be 81.29). 42x36-inch 'cases have

3-in. thread-drawn hems; cologne with black rayon-taffeta

cosmetic bag. lOc Fed. Ex. Tax included.

State washfast embroidery color

pink or blue. Boxed.

97N7933E-Shipping weight I pound 5 ounces..

. .$2.83


Combed Percale Pillowcases with dainty rose design

printed on a pure white ground. Exquisitely textured

. . over 200 threads per square inch. Size 42x38Vz inches

4-inch thread-drawn hems. Wasbfast.


State print color

pink or yellow. Gift boxed.

97 N 7934- Shipping weight l pound.

. ... $2.83


5:piece Floral_ Towel Set. Fluffy, :wrute cotton terry

with screen-prmted rose pattern m shades of pink

and green . . accented by nontarnish, gold-color metallic

yarn borders. Machine washable; washfast colors. Set in–

cludes one 20x40-inch bath towel, two 15x25-inch hand

towels, two 12x12-inch washcloths. Gift boxed.


N 3536- Shipping weight:;. pounds.

. .$2.83


3-p iece Embroidered Towel Set .. harmonizes with

bath mat set (J) above. Thick cotton terry with

bath and hand toweis printed jn popular swan motif ..

the predominant swan embroidered in 100% nylon.

Matching screen-printed motif only on washcloth.


one 20x40-inch bath towel, one 1Sx25-inch hand

towel and one 12x12-inch washcloth. Washfast colors.

State Harmony House color

Frosty pink, Sw1shine yel–

low or Horizon blue; also light green or white. Boxed.

96 N 3537-Shipping weight l pound 15 ounces. . ....... $2.83


8-piece Kitchen Set. Three washfast cotton kitchen

towels with fringed ends (about 16x30 inches) plus

brass-plated rack (about 10Y:lx534 in.) holding ceramic

sugar and creamer set (each piece about 3 in. high) and

matching salt and pepper shakers (about 23'-2 in. high).

State towel color

blue and yellow or pink and green.

96 N 1414-Boxed. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 6 oz........ .$2.83