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2P B

Modern lVay to Keep the Family 1n Trim ....

Sears Approved Firm-line Massager .. priced far below similar nationally advertised products


Our professional massager is priced

one-third lower

tnan any comparable unit we know of! Buy it for only

$1 S a month, less than you're likely to pay for a month of

salon visits. Designed for millions who are familiar with

benefits of passive exercise for improvement of figure.

Combined with the aid of Firm-Line tablets arid a sensible

diet, massager can help re-apportion your figure.

Rolling massage action (not vibration) promotes cir–

culation, relaxation and aids in weight re-distribution.

Frame of square steel tubing, baked-on black enamel

finish. Cushions padded with rubberized hair. Durable

ivory-color plastic upholstery, streamlined styling.

Over-all measurements (power unit and 2 chair units in–

cluded): 89Y,-in. length; 19Y,-in. width; 16Y,-in. height.

110-120-volt, 50-60-cycle AC only. Freight, express or

truck. Instruction booklet, timer, sand bag included.

8NMTl174-Firm-lineSa!onMassagerwith 3 months' supply of Firm–

line Tablets. Shpg. wt.



$13 monthly.


. ....

Cash $198.00

SEARS APPROVED Firm-Line Tablets.

An excellent dietary

supplement and appetite depressant . . for weight reduc–

tion and appetite control. Take 3 tablets daily to reduce

food craving. Supply essential vitamins and minerals to

supplement restricted calorie menus. Instructions incl.

8 N 501-90-day supply


tabletsl. Shpg.


12 oz....... $8.87

NEW! Sears Approved Thero Vibra-Lounge for luxurious vibration .. with rheostats, timer

[[] Enjoy stimulating massage plus a handsome furniture

addition to any room. Penetrating rotary vibration

helps relieve tenseness of muscles.

Lounge features 2 separate motors at head and foot.

Each has an individual rheostat and timer to control

degree of vibratory intensity for exact time your desire.

Plug heat pad, radio, etc. into outlet .. can be timed; also,

as you wish. Light indicates when current is on.

NEW! Chic Figure Glorifier


Helps firm flabby flesh as it tones and conditions.

Four rubber rollers with two-way action do the job of

a masseuse. Use for midriff,. hips, thighs. Built-in on-off

switch. UL approved. Operates on 110-120-volt, 50-60-

cycle AC current only. 5Y,-in. blue plastic body.

8 N 1193-Shipping .weight 3 pounds..


Head and foot each adjust to 3 positions: head from 247:1

in. to 34 in.; foot frnm 19V. in. to 27V. in. Reclining

length is 77 in. Durable combination of steel and wood

frame. Rubberized hair and cotton felt cushioning.

Operates on 110-120-volt, 50-60-cycle AC or DC cur–

rent. Naugahyde plastic upholstery. Freight, e.xpress,


State color

mocha tan or antique white.

8NMl173-Shpg. wt. 190 lbs.

Poy .$ 14 monthly ....


Cash $220.00

NEW! Chic Scolp and Body Massager


A hair conditioner, scalp stimulant, body massager

and beauty toner .. all in one. Hundreds of little rub–

ber fingers brush. their tingling massage. Handy on-off

switch. UL approved. 110-120-volt, .50-60-cycle AC

current only. SYo-in. ivory-color plastic body.

8 N 1192-Shipping weight 2 pounds. .



Before yott order any professional health equipment on these two pages, check

with your physician if an unusual pain or possible disease exists.

All this merchandise is available on Easy Terms . .

check page 264 for complete information