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Variety of massage uses !


All new, completely different .. a really eco-

nomical way to relax with soothing vibrating

action. This versatile hassock has a variety of

uses. Use it in regular foot position to massage

soles of feet . . turn it around, place legs on sloping

top and you've got a quickeasy way to relax tired

leg muscles and calves. Or makes a handy, restful

head or back cushion, too! 16x16 in. square plas–

tic-foam cushioned top, covered in plastic that has

"leather-look!" %:-inch bronze metallic enamel

finished steel legs-"sled" style. 110-120-volt,

AC only vibrator. UL listed.

State color

beige, med. Capri blue, canyon

orange or white. An ideal Christmas gift!

1 N 042860L-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs... . . . . . . .... Only $9.95




Harmony House .TVSnack Tables

King and Queen-size trays .. stain, alcohol-resistant


4-piece King-size Set. Brass-plated

steel legs, 1 tablewith casters. White

Floral pattern steel trays, each 16x21 in.

Plastic clips, leg tips. 24 inches high.

1 N 03895L-Shpg. wt. 17 lbs..... Set $10.95

[]) 4 -pc. King-size Set. Black tubular

steel legs. 16x21-inch steel trays in

Golden Chips pattern on antique white.

Plastic clips, leg tips. 24 inches high.

1 N 03894L-Shpg. wt. 16 lbs.... . . Set $7.59


7-pc. Queen-size Set.


6 Sunburst pattern


4-piece Queen-size

Set. Gay Four Sea–

sons pattern steel trays,

each 12%;xl



in. Brass–

plated steel legs. 24 in.

high. Plastic clips, tips.

1N03891L-Wt. 12 lbs.$6.98

[] 4-piece Queen-size

Set. Black steel legs.

steel trays, each 12%;xl7


in. Wire storagerack. Black

tubular steel legs. Plastic

dips. 24 inches high.

l N 03892-Wt. 19 lbs.. $8.95


Enamel-finished steel or stained wood legs


Bronze-finished Yo-inch steel

rod legs,


in. bracers. 2 non–

sag spring cushions, plastic cov–

ered. %-in. angle steel frame. 38x

16 Y,x16


in. high. Brass wire trim.

State color HH

med. Bronze green;

also canyon orange or white.

1 N M42827-Shpg. wt. 32 lbs..$19.95

[[] Same as (G) above, but larger.

3 _cushions. 56x16Y,x16V. in.


State color HH

med. Bronze

green; also canyon orange or white.

fN M42828-Shpg. wt. 47 lbs..$29.95

(G), (H) by freight, express



HH means Harmony House color


Black V.-in. tubular steel legs

in "arch" design. Plastic caps.

Padded seat covered in textured

plastic print design. Wcit seams.

17x17-inch top, 14 inches high.

State color HH

Malibu coral or

light Aquamarine; also white.

1N042821L-Shpg. wt. 11 lbs . .$4.98


Walnut-finished hardwood legs

with brass ferrules. %-in. thick

plywood base. Excelsior and cot–

ton filled; foam rubber padded.

Plastic covered. 27x16x15 in. high.

State color HH

Tuscan wine or

Parchment ivory; also med. blue.

1 N 042812L-Shpg. wt 19 lbs..


Brick-red steel trays

with Patio pattern, each



in. 24 in. high.

Plastic clips, leg tips.

1N03890-Wt. 12 lbs.. $5.69

Pillow-top Hassock!

[] New! Lightweight, easy-

to-move. Non-removable

pillow top, cotton padded,

tufted with


buttons. Cov–

ered in "leather-look" plastic.

21-inch diameter. 16 in. high.

Please be sure to state color


med. Bronze green; also

canyon orange or white.

l N 042807L-Shipping weight 20

pounds. . ..... .. .... . . . -$14.95