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4 -pc. Coffee Se rvice. 12-cup (60-oz.) Pyrex coffee

carafe, beautiful turquoise and .gold-color decora–

tion. Black heat-resistant bakelite handle. Brass-plated

collar and lid, solid brass finial. Plain blown glass sugar

and creamer. Brass-plated warming stand with candle

to keep coffee hot, ready to serve.


gift any hostess

would enjoy getting and using.

Lends casual grace and cha rm to holiday parties.

Carafe (B) also sold separately : 17


in. long, 6% in.

wide, 14 in. high overall.

A . •21 N 9439- 4-pc. set above. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs... . . . . .$6.47

8 . . 21 N 9438- Coffee Carafe only. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs . .... 3.87


Milk Gla ss Ca rafe -warme r. Distinctively-styled 8-

cup (40-oz.) carafe, brass-plated cap, solid brass

collar, brass-plated handle. White enameled holder on

bright brass-plated legs. Complete with candle warming

unit to keep coffee hot , ready to serve.

21 N 940 8-9x9x l2 in. high. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs... . .. .. .. Set $2.97

[[] Mobil e Coffee Service. 10-cup (SO-oz.) P yrex glass

carafe with 22-K gold leaf design, gleaming brass–

plated collar and handle, white stopper. Glass sugar,

creamer. Brass"plated warming stand with candle.

21 N 9396-Sh ipping weight 4 lbs . .... .. .. . . . ..... . . Set $4.57


our Big Fall Ca talog for two pages of decorative Home Accessories

for ,Gracious Entertaining

Ai ds for a smart and charming HOSTESS


16-in. Chip and


Ceramic Susan.


dark green. 2

white insert dishes, white center dish with brass-plated

stem. Wood-grained revolving pressed wood base.

21N 9419- Decorative, useful. Shpg. wt. II lbs . . ..... . . .$6.97


16-in. Cove red lazy Susan . Smartly styled pottery.

4 insert trays, bowl ori revolving pressed wood base.

21 N 9421-Pink and ivory color dishes. Shpg . wt. 9 lbs.... $6 .47


14-in. Lazy Susan. Colorful pottery. 3 turquoise color

curved dishes around white bowl, set on a beautifully

grained pressed wood revolving base.

21 N 9420- for easy serving. Shpg.


8 lbs.. . .

.. $3.47


Casse role-tray Set. l Yz-quart glazed pottery dish

in beautiful turquoise color. Bright chrome-plated

cover has top knob in matching color. 11-in. diameter

chrome-plated tray can be used for serving.



9393 -A welcome gift. Shpg. wt.


lbs ..

.. $3.57


7-piece Ca sserole Ensemble.


hostess' delight at

an unheard of price. Oven-proof glass dishes in three

chrome-plated stands with handles .. all beautifully de–

signed to match. 1Yz-quart covered casserole, 9-inch pie

plate and 10x6Yz-inch utility dish. You'll find them use–

ful and impressive at holiday and informal parties.

21 N

9441 - Shipping weight 10 lbs . . ..... .. . . ... .. ... $4.97


17-piece moss rose Coffee Set.

Translucent china, gold-color trim.

Large 8-cup coffee pot, 6 cups and

saucers, covered sugar, creamer.

21 N S 8 l l -From Ja pan. W t. 7 lbs.. .$5.47


Coffee and Ca sserole, Buffet Se rv-

ice. 14-cup (70-oz.) Pyrex carafe and

1)1-qt. casserole. Brass-plated trim.

covers and warming stand. Glass salt

and pepper shakers. B akelite handles.

21 N 9 385 -20Y2 in. long. Wt. 8 lbs.... $9.97


Matching Meat Se rver.



warmers. 10 )4xl 7)1 in. long over-all.



9 386 -Shpg. wt. 6 lbs..... .. . ... $4.87




-in. Lovely Lady Ce nte rpiece.

Ceramic hors d 'oeuvre, candle

holder, salt, pepper shakers. Imitation

gem eyes. Picks, napkins, candle inc.



9407- From Ja pan. W t. 3 lbs... . .$2.97


Pearlized Chinalin Cente rpiece.

Washable artificial flowers, foliage

of lasting beauty in ceramic base.

21 N 09399- 13x25 in. long. Wt. 6 lbs.$7.97