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Finger.Painting Set. C:hildre.n love to


with these brilliant;_ s_tainless, non-toxic



twelve 2-oz. jars paint, 15 sheets paper,_4 spatulas.

3 N 5396-lnst,uctions. Shipping ·weight 4 lbs. 3 oz.. . .... ..... ..... $2.67

3 N5299-Some but


jars point, 10 sheets paper. Shpg. wt.


lbs... ..




Figurine Painting Set. Ideal for chil(iren and adults to make

for gifts. Two 5-in. Chinese figures and two 4-in. horse head

plaques in 3-D relief, 4 jars paint, glaze, brush, mixing pan.

3 N 1104-lnstructions. Shipping weight 2 pounds ............... . .$_1.87,


"Learn to· Draw" Set by Jon Gnagy. Ii:icludes 12x1_8-in.·

Masonite Presdwood drawing board; 25 sheets each _12xl.8.-_in.

Manila, 9x12-in. white drawi_ng.pap·er; 3 drawing, 1 carbon pencils;

shading stomp; eraser; sketching chalk; pencil pointer.

3 N727- 64-page instruction book. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz... . ... . ....



C.oppersmith Sets. Get expertly tooled copper pictures by tooling

copper sheets on 6x8-in. pattern plaques. Contain 3 pattern

plaques, 3 sheets copper, tools, finishing materials, instructions.

(D) 3 N 242- 0utdoor life Subjects Set. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz...... . .. $2.67

3 N 243-Doncers Set: 2 Hcition, l ballerina. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz..... 2.67

{E) 3 N 240-Similor to obove but with eight 4x4-in. plaques in varied sub–

jects ond ample supplies to


Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz.•.......... $1.98


Fire-Brite Copper Enameling Kit. Make beautiful copper enam-

eled jewelry. UL approved high heat (2000°) kiln has sealed

element with glass aluminized dome, holds pieces up to 472 in., cord

set. Also, swirling tools for "marbleized" effects, copper blanks,

fittings, 8 enamel colors, supplies. 850 watts, 110-120-v, AC-DC.

3 N 8067- Complete instructions. Postpaid IShpg: wt.


lbs.I ....... $14.95

3 N 247-Additionol Fittings Kit. Make 16 assorted pieces. Wt. 1 lb.. 4.95


Trinkit Copper Enameling Kit. Make


copper enameled items.

UL approved kiln with heat-holding metal dome, cord set,

enamel. copper blanks, supplies. 250 watts,_ 110-120-v, AC-DC.

3 N 259- Complete instructions. Postpaid IShpg. wt. 3 lbs. 3 oz.I .... . $6.95

"Dec-o-Fab" Textile Screening

Kit. Silk-screen, stencil or hand–

paint ties, blouses, towels, dra–

peries, almost any fabric. Contains

everything needed including 9x12-

in. ready-to-use screen, rubber-

•bladed squeegee, 2 stencil brushes,

4 jars paint (red, yellow, blue,

white), assortment of designs, sten–

cil and tracing paper, other mate–

rials. Instructions.

3 N 251-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz... $7.39



Ready-to-frame, mounted panels are pre–

sketched and pre-numbered-you



areas with numbered paints. Each set con–

tains panels, paints in wide ·mouth jars,

fine quality artist's brushes, instructions.

K-9 Oil Sets. 2 different poses of

~ne ani~

mal on two 9x12-in. panels;· 8 replaceable

cap jars .-paint;


brush, brush .cleaner.

Shipping weight each set 1 lb. 8 oz. ...... $1.57

( J )

3 N5250--Collies · ·

(K) 3

N5251-Cocker Spaniels

( L )

3 N5293- Pinto·Ponies


3 N 8045-Western King


(N) 3 N5318-Silver Tabby Cots

( P) 3 N5248-Boxer Puppies .•

( R)




Palomino Horses

Big Three Oil Sets.


companion subjects

on three 12x16-in. panels; 18 jars paint

with screw caps; 3 brushes, brush cleaner.

No frames. Shpg. wt. e,ach set,"4


. ... $3.67

( S) 3 N522-3- Religious, Christ, Meditation,

Good Shepherd

·( T) 3 N 210 -Winter .


Deer, Cow



(V).3 .N5909- Woter Scenes, Harbor, Clipper

. . ..



(W) 3 N 206 -Scene" Ho_mesteod, lost Cubs,

Old Mill Wheel


3 N


-Religious, Nativity, Gethsem–

ane, Crown of Thorns·

( Y)

3 N5306-Still life, Fruit, Roses, Mixed


· (Z ) 3 N5243- Doncers, Bo.llet Con-Con, Spanish

King Size O il Sets. 2 companion subjects

on 2 large 18x24-in. canvas : panels; 30

screw cap jars paint; 3 brushes·, cleaner.

No frame. Shpg. wt each set, 8 Jbs.. .... $5.67

(A) 3 N05315-Dog" Collies 12 poses)

(8) .3 N 0204 -Religious, Good Shepherd,

Madonna and Child

(C) 3 N 08029-Country Scenes, Summer, Rural



3 N 09956--Autumn Scene" Foll Splendor,

Early Autumn

(E-) 3 N 05235-Religious, Christ with Children,

Last Supper

( F) 3 N 05314-Scenes, Winter Shadows, An–

gler's Delight

(G) 3 N


Stallion at Rest, Stallion


Vis-A-Lens Oil Painting Set. A step for–

ward for paint-by-number enthusiasts.

You actually create your own :Painting

with the step-by-step aid oi the unique

Vis-A-Lens system. This tested and proved

method shows how to paint with oils,

helps you learn balance of subjects and

color harmony. Your painting will have

an individuality that will give you new

enthusiasm and confidence in painting.

Set contains Vis-A-Lens painting guide,

with each step done for you to follow and

copy. Also, 12x16-in. linen-finished. art

board, 6 tubes paint, 2 brushes, bottle lin–

seed oil, turpentine, instructions.

Shipping weight each set 2 pounds... . ... $4.77

(H) 3 N 232-lighthouse Boy


3 N 231-Autumn Splendor

(K) 3 N230-Winter's Art

"De luxe" O il Sets Complete with Frames.

All materjals to paint and frame 2 beautic .

ful companion subjects. Two 12x16-in.

canvas panels, 20 replaceable cap jars oil

paints, 2 brushes, plus two sculptured

plastic frames in light gray with white

trim, hangers, instructions.

Shpg. wt. each set 3 lbs. 8 oz.. . .. . . .... $3.87

( L)

3 N 257-Bollet Dancers 12 subjects)

(M) 3 N 256-0ceon Scenes 12 subjects)

(N) 3 N 258-londscopes 12 s.ubjectsl

Miniature Oil Sets Complete with Frames.

4 charming companion subjects to paint

with four 2-in. deepdimension black plastic

frames. Genuine canvas panels are S72x5

in. Also included are 13 plastic vials of oil

paints with replaceable caps, brush, instr.

Shipping weight each set 2 lbs. 10 oz..... $2.67


3 N 8092-Birds _14 sub\ectsl

( V)

3 N 8093-Flowers .14 subjectsl

(W) 3


237 -Parisian Scenes 14 scenesl

( X)

3 N 8095-Horses 14 subjects!

( Y)

3 N 8094-Dogs 14 subjects}

Metal Artcraft Sets.



number technique decorate beautiful tole

tray and wall planters.. Made of sturdy

stamped inetal, finished in rich antique

black. Both sets contain


vials oil paints,


fine camel's hair 6rush, drier and com–

plete instructions.

State nu.mber of pattern wanted for


set ordered:

(5)-0riental, (8)-Water

.Birds, (9)- June Bouquet.



State pattern number.'

3 N 8074- 12*xl7% in. Wt. 1lb.5 oz... $1


(8) 2 Woll Planters. Each 8-in. diam. Hangers

incl. Plants not included.

3 N 8073-Slote

pattern no.

Wt. 1 lb..... $1 .77

Paint-a-Tale Metal Basket Sets. Paint

waste basket and desk basket-planter in

companion patterns. Sturdy metal finished

in smart black. Both sets contain basket,

12 vials assorted oil paints with replace–

able caps, brushes, instructions.

(C) Desk Basket-Planter Set. 5Ye-in. deep

basket can


used on desk for pencils,

pens. stamps, etc. or as planter. Has 7x5-

in. oval opening. Bears attractive "Floral

. Still Life" pattern. ·

3 N 229- Shipping weight 1 pound 2 oz.. $1.77

(D) Waste Bosket Set. Basket is


in. deep,

has 11 YexSYe-in. oval opening. Bears beau–

tiful "Butterfly and Flowers" design·. 2


3 N 228-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. ........


Flowers, Birds, Scenes to Paint. 32 pop–

ular flowers, 32 colorful birds, (size 8%.x


in.) or 20 beautiful nature studies

(size 117:1,'x13%' in.). Outlined on fine

drawing paper. 72-page book with Birds

and 'Flowers and- 48-page book with

Scenes show each subject in full color with

suggestions for painting, informative de–

scriptions. Include 50 cakes fine quality,

,semi-moist water colors; 4 tubes water

colors; brush. ,

(E) 3 N 396-Birds. Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz...... $2.77

(F) 3 N 392- Flowers. Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz.... 2.77

(G) 3 N :i.95-Scenes. Wt. 2 lbs. 4 qz.. ..


Deco-Write Textile Painting Kits. Color–

fully decorate pillow cases, dresser scarves

with quick-drying, hand washable paint.

Color flows on from ball-point tip tubes.

Each kit contains


tubes assorted colors.

Shpg. wt. l lb. 10 oz.

(H) 3 N 253- Pillow Cose Kit. Floral Design.

Two 42x32-in. quality cotton coses.......



3 N 254-Pillow Cose Kit. Pussy Cot Design.

Two 42x32-in. quality cotton coses..... . . $4.57

(K) 3 N 5221-Dresser Scarf Kit. Two 12*x42-

in. quality cotton scarves.... . ......... . $3.29

·-. Extra Deco'.:Write Color Tubes.



most any


and even J:!aper, metal,


State color

yellow, chartreuse, It.

green, forest green, royal blue. lt. purple,

cherry red, pink, brO\'(n, black.

3 N5313-Shpg. wt. 6 oz... ..... 3 for $1 .37

Paint N Group Oil Sets. Paint-by-number

sets with decorators touch. Companion

pictures are specially selected tor group–

ing in attractive geometric patterns.

Each set contains 3 genuine canvas pan- ·

els-1large9xl2 in. and two 6x9 in. (some

hang vertically, others horizontally) 12

screw cap j!lrS. paint, .2 brushes, b;rush

cleaner, instructions.

Paradise Color-by-number .Pencil Sets.

Ideal for children with no mess of oils,

water, brushes. Excellent results from

colored pencils with minimum lead break–

age. Kits have pre-sketChed, pre-num–

bered drawings, assorted colored pencils,

sharpener, mat frame.

(L) De luxe Set. 15 pencils, 8 drawings plus

easel pencil selector with color and number

identification for youngsters.

Shipping weight each set 1 lb. 12 oz.. . ... $1 .87

(P) Group 1.. 3 N 218 Autumn landscapes

3 N 8085-Marine Scenes {not shown)

(R) Group 2.. 3 N 226-Jesus, ·Mary, Joseph

3 N 227-Water Scenes (r:.ot shownl

(S) Group 3. .3 N 8080-Abstrocts

3 N 8084-Horses lnot shownl

3.N 8025-Shipping wt. 2 lbs... , ... . .. : $2.29

(M) Portfolio Set.


pencils, 16 drawings.

shavings receptacle on sharpener, plastic

zipper pencil case· Pins embossed sketch

portfolio with




for personalizing.

3 N5393-Shipping


2 lbs. 9 oz.. .... $4.47