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Block Stallion Books (Ages 10 to


Favorites for years-thrilling adventures of

mighty Arabian stallions


by Walter

Farley. All books clothbound with 256 to 320

pages; illustrated. Shpg. wt. ea. 1 lb.

3 N 148-Black Stallion .

. .. .$1.87

3 N 149-Black Stallion Returns . .. ... .

3 N 150-Son of the Black Stallion ..... .

3 N 152-lslond Stallion..... . .

3 N 151-Black Stallion and Satan ..... . , ..

3 N 153-Blood Boy Colt..

3 N 154-ls!and Stallion's Fury . ..

3 N 155-Black Stallion's Filly . ., .

3 N 156 -Black Stallion Revolts....

3 N 754-The Black Stallion Mystery..

3 N 440-The Horse Tomer.


3 N 31 8-B!ock Stallion's Courage .


"All About" Books (Ages 8 to 12)












Questions about science. the world around us.

answered simply, factually and dramatically

by top scientists. 2-color illustrations, 160

pages each, hard covers. Shpg. wt. ea. 1 lb.

3 N 220-At; About Dinosaurs .

. .$1.87

3 N 432-All About Radio and TV.....


3 N 224-All About the Seo. . . . . . . . . . . .


3 N 221-All About the Stars.. . . . . . • . • . . . 1.87

3 N 434-All About Chemistry. . . . . . . . . . . . 1.87

3 N 303-All About the Atom. . . . . . . . . . . . 1.87

3 N 304-All About Changing Rocks.


3 N 223-All About Rockets and Jets


3 N 436--All AbourSotellites and Space Ships.. 1.87

3 N 222-All About Birds. . ..


3 N 301 --All About the Insect World.


3 N 433-All About the Weather. . .


Marguerite Henry Books of Horses

Album of Horses. Wonderful stories and full–

page illustrations in color of 24 breeds of

horses. Ages


and up. 112 ·pages.


3 N 157-Clothbound. Shpg. wt. I lb. 6 oz...


Block Gold.A true story of a man, a boy andthis

Kentucky Derby-winning colt. 160 pages.

3 N 687-!llus. Hord cover. Wt. l lb. 6 oz.. ..





Hours of

Reading and

Coloring Fun


Barn Full of Books. For ages 2 to 8. Sturdy barn–

shaped box in full color contains 25 coloring and

activity books. Hours of fun for less than


3 N 411-Eoch book 20 pages,


in. Sh pg. wt. I lb ...



'frainload of Storytime Books. 20 original and

classical storybooks illustrated in


color and

boxed in colorful cardboard train. For ages 2 to 8.

3 N 4 12- 18 pages each book, 4x3ll; in. Wt.


lb.. ...



Rain or Shine Play Chest. Ages 4-8. Box converts

to easel for use on floor, desk, bed. Contains


activity items including paint, palette, brush, colored

pencils, crayons,




coloring and activ–

ity books with magic tricks, puzzles, plus big doodle

pad, slates and stencil cards.


3 N 413-Box size 14xl

I !!,

x2Y, in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs ....



Startime Poper Doll Assortment. Th is dazzling

collection of lovely ladies from the worlds of,

television, movies and fashion will thrill your little

girl Christmas morning. There's Rosemary Clooney

Patti Page, Bob Cummings Models, Janet Leigh

Patience a"d Prudence and Glamorous Girls of High

Fashion. Each of these


full-color portfolios has 2

stand-up dolls and 12 pages of costumes::.._ a total of

12 dolls with over 200 costume changes.

3 N 414- Complete Assortment. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz ...





Read-Aloud Bookshelf. A new and different gift

for young readers. Colorful, one-piece plastic

bookends with charming relief figures of boy and girl

reading hold 8 paperbound Read-Aloud storybooks.

Youngsters will love the Poems, Funny Sturies, stories

about Capt. Kangaroo, Peter Rabbit, Fairy Tales,

Romper Room, others. 160 pages each. 8x5 )4-in.'size.

3 N 419-Complele Set. Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz..". .



Little Sand_y


Book and Sheet Music.

The appealrng Christmas story that found a per–

manent place in the nat'lon's repertoire of Christmas

music and stories last year. Now with the beautifully

done book and sheet music your whole family can

enjoy reading and singing about this courageous

youngster who made his handicap his mark of success

in Santa Claus Land. Book is 10xl4 in., has 32 pages

with 16 beautiful illustrations in


vivid color.

6-page sheet music is also colorfully illustrated.

3N41 5-Hard-cover Book and Sheet Music. Shpg. wt. I lb. $3.37

3N41 6-Poperbound Book and Sheet Music.


. 8 oz. 1.43

[8] -QJ

Tiny Nonsense ond Tiny Animal Stories. Tiny

books with tiny tales for tiny hands. Ages 3

to 6.


set contains


delightful hard-cover books




in. small. Each filled with full-color pic–

tures that help tell the simple stories . . a total of 200

pictures per set. Slide-cover containers are as charm-'

ing as the books with colorful "playhouse" motifs in–

side and out. Shipping weight e_ach set 10 ounces.

IHI 3 N 697- Tiny Nonsense Stories-....

. . ...


UI 3 N 698-Tiny Animal Stories..


Buy both sets for only. .


Washable Cloth Books

Bright pictures baby loves to see on soft cloth baby

loves to chew. And chew he can, paints are non-toxic

and boqks are entirely washable.


Three Cloth


Si".'ple pictures of playthings

baby knows. Titles: lip We Go, Down We Go,

Step by Step. Graduated page widths for easy turning.

3 N 674-Sei of 3 Books. Shipping wt. 4 oz.. ..... ..



Baby's First Library. 4 linen books in colorful gift

box. Titles: ABC Alphabet Book, 1-2-3 Picture

Book, Mother Goose Rhymes, Baby's First Book.

3 N 1Ol -'-1 2 pages per book. Shpg. wt. 10 oz: ..... ..



Cloth Books wth Toys. Simple adventure sto-

ries about chicks and a duck told in brightly

colored pictures. With each a chewable, lovable, suds–

able foam rubber stuffed toy that squeeks. Shpg.


ea. 3 oz.

IMI 3 N 1530-"6 little Chicks" with Toy Chick...


INI 3 N 420-"Quack Quack" with Toy Duck. . .


Buy both for only .

. . . 2 .73


Our Biggest and_Best Activity Set, Ages 4-8. A

super-sized assortment to delight youngsters on

Christmas morning .. (and to keep on delighting them

on rainy days or when sniffles keep them in bed).


total of 67 fun-packed

pieces specially selected for a

variety of wholesome fun activities. Contains



size activity books (10%x8Yz in.) of wet-the-brush,

trace and color and follow the dots. 20 books


Yzx5 Yz


of quizzes, mazes, stencil play, games, things to

make, drawing and coloring. 21 books

(5Yzx5 ~


of cutouts, stand-ups, making funny faces, doing

things, going places, etc. Plus a paint palette with 6

paints, brush, pan and box of 8 crayons. A gift a child

can use again and again and do something different

every time. All fine-quality materials as you'd expect

in our best. In gift box.


N 668- Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces..... . .


Little Golden Book Assortments. For ages 2 to 8. Each

set has 12 carefully selected books for young book–

lovers. (And if you know a youngster who doesn't love

books, give him these and watch him change his

mind.) Each book has 24 pages with beautiful color

illustrations on every single one.


little Golden Disney Assortment. Fantasy and

adventure as only "Walt Disney can create it.

Look at the list of world-wide favorites included:

Zorro, Seven Dwarfs, Scamp's Adventures, Old Yel–

ler, Sleeping Beauty, Disneyland on the Air, Bambi,

Dumbo, Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Cinderella,

Mickey Mouse Mouseketeers.

3 N 428-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs........... . .Complete Set


[[] Little Golden Book TV Assortment. A whole festi-

val of


with smallfry's TV favorites: Tom and

Jerry and Little Quack, Gunsmoke, Circus Boy, Cfeo,

Wyatt Earp, Lone Ranger and the Talking Pony, Rin

Tin Tin and the Outlaw, Bugs Bunny, Roy Rogers

and the Indian Sign, Lassie and Her Day in the Sun,

Howdy Doody and Mr. Bluster and Cheye1me.

3 N 427-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs..... . ..

.Complete Set


[]] little Golden Book Bediime Story Assortment.

A selected group of


for quiet reading

to little sleepyheads just before dreamtime. Includes:

More Mother Goose Rhymes, Little Red Caboose,

Four Little Kittens. Child's Garden


Verses, Poky

Little Puppy, Heidi, Out of iVIy Window, Three Bed–

time Stories, Smokey the Bear, Musicians of Bremen,

My Teddy Bear, Little BlackSambo.

3 N 430-Shpg.


2 lbs..

. ... .Complete Set



Little Golden Book "learning and Doing" As-

sortment. A stimulating selection for inquiring

young minds eager to learn. How to Tell Time, Deep

Blue Sea, Wonders of Nature, Travel, Clown Coloring

Book, Animal Paint Book, Counting Rhymes. Car

and Truck Stamps, }>aper Doll Wedding, Bird Stamps,

Dog Stamps, Words.

3 N 431 -Shpg.


2 lbs. . .

. .Complete Set


Special Purchases for Christmas Savings


Golden Picture Stamp Book Assortment.


ly our price would be $5.00.

So much for so little!

600 gummed perforated full-color picture stamps, 10

large(8%xll-in.} picture-story albums, 32 to 48 pages

·each, with pictures to color. Pasting appropriate

stamps in albums is fun and educational Includes:

"Wonders of the World, Marco Polo: Transportation

Stamps. Gulliver's Travels,


Days of Old, Daniel

Boone, Moby Dick, Disney's Littlest Outlaw, Dis–

ney's True Life Adventures and Davy Crockett and

Mike Fink.


3 N 425 -Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz. . . .. Complele Set



Golden 49'er Assortment.

Normally our pr-ice

would be $2.94.

Same fine quality as Little Golden

books b ut larger,




in. Full-color pictures on

every other page. Titles: Animals, Presidents of the

U.S., Wonders of the World, Cowboys, Bible Stories,

N ight Before Christmas.


pages each. Shipping



pom1ds 6 ounces.

3 N 426-All 6 books for only.... .. . ... . . ... . .. . ..

$1 .63