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Tower 35mm.. Capture and Relive Christmas Joy

Why wait? Buy your c.imera now for just 103 down .. Easy Terms on page 264


Tower 35mm's

So simple to use

Read! Set! Aim! Shoot!

•Accurate meter and

Light value system as–

sure you peffectly ex–

posed pictures

• 5-element f:2.8 48mm

· lens

•Shutter _speeds 1 to

1/500 second



Save $4 32

Projector and screen





- sell separately for $54.27



We believe this to be the pest camera value on the market today!

Tower 300-watt projector and 30x30-in. beaded screen at a

sensational low price. Give as a gift or enjoy them yourself.

Projector accepts all 2x2 slides-35mm and superslides. Fea–

tures exclusiye cooling system to protect slides from heat damage

. . they will not pop out of focus. 300-watt lamp, condenser sys–

tem and 5-in. f:3.5 projection lens. Quiet motor .. lubricated for


Built-in tilting device . . large knurled knob for microfocusing.

Slide changer accepts 36 slides in cardboard mounts .. push.

pull action advances slides automatically, Luggage-type case ..

covered with tan tweed-effect, plastic-coated materia[ Brown

base. Rubber feet. Metal body with brown crackle finish .. gold–

color front panel. 110-120 volt, 60-cycle AC only. UL listed.

30x30-in. glass-beaded screen sets up on table or watl. Rolls

into shaped metal base. Plastic tip legs.

3 N 08435-0utfit obove. Shipping weight 19 pounds.

$5 down.. . $49.95

READ! Obtain LVS number from meter.

SET! Set this number ·on lens barrel . .

you now have correct aperture and shutter

speed for a perfectly exposed picture.

AIM! Look through one window to focus.

and <:<;>mpose. You'll see a brilliant gold–

color frame surrounding the subject. This

frame actually moves to keep subject in

focus whether yoti are inches or miles away

. . a remarkable feature not found on any

camera at a comparable low price.

SHOOT! Catch rapid-sequence lever .. a

short, fast stroke automatically winds film,

cow1ts exposures and cocks shutter.

Extra-sharp 5-element f:2.8 lens assures

Famous-make Cameras. at Sears low prices

you clear, sharp pictures in color, black-and–

white or brilliant 35mm color slides. (Other

models with faster lenses, listed below.)

New, vivid white on black settings. Syn–

chronized for flash and speedlights. Metal

body . . black leather cover. Made in Japan.

3 N 010-Camero above. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.·... ,$64.00

3 N 09856-3NOIO camera, B-C flosh unit and leother

carrying case. Shipping weight 3 lbs..

. ..$75.00

3 N018- As 3N010, but foster 7-element 42mm U.8

lens.: deloyed·oction timer. Shpg.


2 lbs. 8 oz..$88.50


N 020-As 3N010, but superfost 8-element 35mm f'2

lens for wider field of view. Shpg.


2 lbs. 8 oz..$94.00

3 N 8362- leather Case for cameras above. Shpg.



lb. .

. .....$6.95

3 N 8706- B-C flash unit !battery included) for cam–

eras above. Sh



10 oz....

. .. . .



Polaroid "picture-in-a-minute" Outfit


Kodak Pony II-ideal for 35mm beginners




Polaroid "150" ·camera. With simplified exposure value settings- single dial

sets both shutter and lens for any lighting condition. Coated,anastigmat lens

focuses from 3


ft. to infinity. Coupled rangefinder . . parallax corrected.

Synchronized for flash, speedlights. Makes


prints. Metal body.

Print Duplicator. Copy any Polaroid picture in {ust 60 seconds. Has electric

timer. Built-in lens and lamps. 110-120-volt, 60-cyde AC only. UL listed.

3 N 09849- Comero, flash, cose, print duplicator, roll of film. Shpg. wt. 20 lbs. $139.50

3 N 09802-0utflt with camera,




roll of film. Shpg.


7 lbs.... . .


3 N 06427-Portable Print Duplicotor for Model "150" Camera. Shpg. wt.


lbs.. 28.88

3 N 6710- 8-e<posure roll Type 42 Pan film. Index, 200. Wt. 8


. $1.90.4 for


Precision camera that makes perfect color slides and black-and-white photo–

graphs so easy to take. Features fast 44mm Kodak Anastar f:J.9 lens.

Eiq)()sure value scale . . 7 supplied cards give correct settings for various

light conditions. Optical eye-level viewfinder .. you can use zone focusing (near–

by subjects, groups or distant scenes) or scale focusing


ft. to infinity).

Double exposure prevention. Synchronized for flash.

Outfit includes Pony II camera, flash unit and carrying case.

3 N 08433-0utfit described above. Shipping weight 5 pounds.... : . , ..... . ..... $33.00

3 N 061 OS-Kodak Pony II Cameco only. Shlpping weight 2 pounds ......... , . . . . 21.47

3 N 6209-leather Carrying Case for Pony II camera. Shipping weight I lb . . . . .. . . .




Film for color slides



For other Precision 35mm Cameras

Index: daylight 10,

tungsten 16. Price does

not include process–

ing. Shpg. wt. 3 oz.

3N7051-$ l.95;20.exp. doylight. $1.53

3N7052- •1.95;20-exp. tungsten.



2.75;36.exp:daylight. 2.1_9

3N7054- 2.75; 36-exp. tungsten. 2.19