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Colorful Ribbon and Decorations at low, low prices


50 Packag e De corations. For



unique wrapping idea, put these goocl–

looking decorations on your gifts .. they'll

add a touch of sparkling brightness.


clude pine cones, jolly snowmen, holly,

flowers and many others.

3 N 5570-Sh ipping weight 14 ounces ... $1.49

26 Package Decorations. Like above.

3 N 5568- 26 Decorations. Sh

pg. wt.

8 oz.. 98c

[[) 6 Pre-tie d Bows with Ribbon. Super-

quick way to fancy gift wrapping. Six

gorgeous, fluffy pompon bows in


wide "Satin-Glo" ribbon- colors: two reel,

one each of green, red with silver stripes,

white and gold.


addition you get 6 reels of :U-in. wide

matching ribbon- 6 feet long-enough to

wrap most any package.

3 N 557 1-Shipping weight 1 lb..... ... $ 1.49


Acetate Satin Ribbon. 157 ft. woven

fabric .. embossed edges. 5 reels (7/(




in. wide)-2 red, one green, one gold–

color and one red with foil stripes.

3 N 5576-Shipping weight 8 ounces . ... .. 97c


Rayon Curling Ribbon. 125 ft. of popu-

lar %-in. width. 5 reels in these bril–

li ant holiday colors-red, green. gold,

white and tri-color (red, white, green).

3 N 5579- Sh ipping weight 6 ounces .... $1.17

[) Our Best Ribbon Assortment. 10 big

spools- 306 ft. of ribbon. Six 41 -ft.

spools of

3/( 6

-in. rayon curling ribbon (3

solid color, 3 striped) . Two 15-ft. rolls of

%-in . rayon ribbon laminated to acetate

back (va ried colors). Two 15-ft. rolls

%-in. rayon ribbon with metallic stripes.

3 N 5580-Shipping weight 10 ounces ... $ 1.53

Desk Sets and Accessories .. gifts for home or office


5-piece leather Desk Set. Rich, dis-

tinctive appearance gives that "ex–

ecutive' look" to home or office. Features

14x24-in. desk pad with genuine leather

side-panels in smooth glazed finish (24K

gold tooling) . . desk fountain pen with

base .. perpetual calendar .. rocker blot–

ter .. slim-style letter opener.

State color

It. brown or dark green.

3 N 0272 -Shipping weight 3 pounds.... $7.98


5-piece Imitation l eather Desk Se t.

Features 14x24-in. desk pad with imi–

tation leather side-panels . . 24K gold

trim. Also includes ballpoint desk pen

with base, rocker blotter, perpetual calen–

dar, letter opener.

State color

brown, dark

green or reel.

3 N 0578-Sh ipping weight 3 pounds .... $4.95


3x7- in. Onyx-base Desk Pen Set. 3-

wire brass letter-rack. Brass roll-type

perpetual calendar. Easy-flow ball-point

desk pen.

Sta,te base color

white or black.

3 N 564-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz .. $7.50






-in. Onyx-be se Desk Pen

Set. With brass roll-type perpetual

calendar. Ball-point pen. Wt. 2 lbs. 2 oz.

3 N 563-Stote

base color

white, block ....



Autodex lnitialist. Automatic tele-

phone index with "drop-in" initials

for personalization according to your de–

sire. Gold or silver-color decoration on

top. Large 4Y.x6-in. pages . room for

over 1,000 entries. Cover opens flat for


State color

brown, gray or ivory.

3 N 579- Postpoid. IShpg. wt. 1 lb. 10 oz.1.$3.95

Music while you

write! Just

lift lid

Wood Stationery Chests


Embossed Musical Statione ry

Chest. Imported 18-note Swiss

music movement. Select hardwood

construction. Red rayon satin lining.

Secret compartment in base. With

white linen-finish stationery. 24

sheets (5x9Y. in.), 24 envelopes.

Hasp, lock, 2 keys. 6 YsxlO Vsx4



Shipping weight 3 lbs.

3 N 55 1- lacque red


finish .. $4.98

3 N 552- Modern blonde finish.



Mirror-lined Cedar Chest. Em-

bossed front, picture top. Lined

with gold-color foil. mirror. 24 white–

linen-finish sheets (5x9


in.). 24

envelopes. Hasp, lock, 2 keys.

3N252-6Vax10%x4Y2 in. Wt. 3 lbs. $2.98


Picture Cedar Chest. Natural

lacquer finish. Embossed pictnre

top. 24 white vellum sheets. (5x8%

in.). With 24 envelopes. Hasp, lock,

2 keys. Size

5%;x'9 ~x3%


3 N 581-Shipping weight 2 pounds.$1.98

Drop-front Stationery Cabinet


Our most popular cabinet- stun-

ning in white, pink, blue and

gold-color. Front opens to rouncl–

front envelope drawer; top to sheet

tray. Fine vellum stock; 144 single

sheets .. 5Ysx7 in. (48 white, 48

pink. 48 blue). Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz.

3 N 556-72 matching envelopes... $2.29

High-style Stationery


"Mister" Cabinet. Styled for

men. 96 sheets of white crushed


(7 ~x 10Y,

inches). 72 enve–

lopes. Smart gift cabinet.

3N553-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz.. $1.79

Little "Mister." Like above but 48

sheets and 36 envelopes.

3 N 554-Shpg. wt. I lb. 12 oz...... 94c

' m

3-drawer Artificial leather

Chest. Embossed floral design on

padded top. 24 folded sheets (4 Ysx8

in.) white boric!. 24 envelopes. Chest

size-8 :Ux6Ysx5% in.

3N262- lvory color. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.$1.69

3N261- Rich brown. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. 1.69


Stardust Cabinet. White and

gold-color, clear acetate top. 60

sheets of white vellum (5Ysx8 in.).

60 envelopes. Gold-color border on

sheets and envelope flaps. Tied with

black and gold-color cord.

3 N 569-Shipping weight 1 lb. 2 oz.$1.39


Fin e "Milady" Stationery. Qual-

ity vellum . . scalloped and

bordered edges. 48 white sheets

(5Ysx8 in.). 36 envelopes.

S tate

border color

gold , pink or blue.

3 N 3143-Sh ipping weight 1 lb. 4 oz .. 93c


"Social Butterflies" Ensemble.

Quality white vellum. Floral and

butterfly design with glitter trim. 36

single sheets (5 YsxS in.) . . 24 deco–

rated. Also 12 decorated folded notes

(5 :Ux4 in.). 36 envelopes.

3N3145-Gift box. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.93c