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Shirts advertised



in Sports Illustrated


Textured Chromspun acetate in a

handsome plaid pattern. This fab–

ric resists soiling and is easy to laun–

der. Maximum fabric shrinkage


Moth and mildew resistant. Regular

spread top-stitched collar, permanent

stays. Matched pocket. White but–

tons. See How to Measure below.

Stale size

small (14-14:J1!-in. neck),

medium (15-157l!), large· (16-167!>).

extra-large (17-177l!).

33 N 725- Blue

33 N 726- B.rown

Shipping weight each 1 lb...... Each







Cottons for Santas Who Love Comfort


Ombre Stitch Sport Shirt .. neat, new style. Mini-

mum care combed cotton broadcloth needs little or

no ironing. \Vas.hfast colors .. maximum fabric shrinkage



Regular spread top-stitch collar, permanent stays.

Matching buttons. Matched pocket. Wt. 1 lb.

33 N 727- Blue

33 N 728- Ton. Stole size






Ivy league Shirt with Harmonizing Stripe Tie.

Combed cotton broadcloth. Minimum care .. little

or no ironing. Washfast. Max. fabric shrinkage 1



League collar. Center button closure .. white buttons.

Button cuffs.

State sioe at left.

33 N 729-Brown set 33 N 730-Gray set. Wt. 1 lb. Set



Vest-eez . . distinctive, new style. Regular spread top-

stitched button-down collar .. center button closure.

White buttons in insert .. 3 brass-colored buttons on vest.

Side elastic inserts. Chest pocket. Washfast. Max. fabric

shrinkage 1


State s·ize from (A) at left.

33 N 731-Gray

33 N 732-Red. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. Each


[] Foulard panel front .. newest Ivy look with harmoniz-

ing solid trim. Regular spread collar, permanent stays.

White buttons. Button cuffs. Minimum care broadcloth

needs little or no ironing. Maximum fabric shrinkage 1


Washfast colors.

State size f ram




33 N 733-Red

33 N 734-Brown. Shpg. wt. I lb. Each


Exciting new Madder-look Colors

3 new styles in deep, rich colors. 3-button Ivy League top–

stitched collar. Center button closure. Box pleat back.

Maximum fabric shrinkage 1



State size


(14-l4:J1!-in. neck), medium (15-157!1), large (16-16V,) .


also in extra large size

(17-1 7



Solid color cotton Oxford cloth, new colors in Ivy styl–

ing. Full panel front.

State size.

Wt. 1 lb.

33 N 717-Antique red

33 N 718-Gold color. . .Ea. $2.83


Smart stripes in combed cotton. White buttons.

Matched pocket.

State size.

Wt. 1 lb.

33 N 719-Brown stripe 33 N 720-Red antique stripe. Ea. $2.83


New Flag-motif Shirt for the sports enthusiast. Mini–

mum care cotton .. little or no ironing. 2-button adjust–

able diamond point cuffs. Full panel front.

State size.

33 N 721 - lvy green

33 N 722-Brown. Wt. 1 lb . . .. Ea.


HOW TO MEASURE: Measure around neck with tape

measure. Hold firm, not tight. Don't use string. Num–

ber of inches is size.


between sizes, order the larger.