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uys to StretCh Gift Dollars

.. Just in time to make your youngster's Christmas dream come true

Special Buy!

J.C. HIGGINS 20-inch Standard Junior Bike

Normally our price







cash -down.

For ages 5, 6, 7. Seat to peda1 length adjnsts from 21 to 24 in. Has "big bike"

frame construction of strong reinforced tubular steel. Head assembly and 3-

piece crank have ball-bearing action. Dopble-adjustable handlebars and

training wheels. Baked-on enamel finish that stays new-looking longer. Easy–



75 mid-weight tires. Chrome-plated handlebars, sprockets and hubs.

Coaster brake. Coil-spring saddle, kickstand, red rear reflector.



is black and red color; Girls' is blue and red. Both have white

trim. Seat to pedal adjusts frorn 21 to 24 in. Freight, express or truck.

6 N M4568-Boys'. Shpg. wt. 44 lbs. $29.88

6 N M4569- Girls'. Wt. 44 lbs. $29.88

26-inch Imported Lightweight Bike

Shop and Compare .. Even


$50 we don't

think you'll find all these features





• Sparkling chrome-plated handlebars, rims, air

pump, fork crown, sprocket and hubs

• 3-speed gear and caliper-type hand brakes

26-inch equipped lightweight bike. llfade to Sears exact–

ing specifications. It's built for speed, comfort-miles and

miles of bicycling pleasure! Recommended for ages over,

9. Seat to pedal length adjusts from 32 to 37 inches on

boys' models; from 31 to 36 inches on girls'. 3-speecl gear

shifts effortlessly while bike is in motion .. select proper

gear for quick starts, climbing hills or touring. Front and

rear caliper hand brakes have 4 rubber brake shoes that

.engage wheel rims . . provide positive braking action !

Generator-powered chrome-plated headlight .and tail

light .. no batteries to burn .out or replace. Roomy totirist.

bag for carrying small tools, jacket, etc. Comfortable,

water-resistant vinyl plastic covered mattress-type coil

spring saddle. Made in Austria.

Boys' diamond shape frame is single-bar type. Girls'

model is


type. Both boys' and girls' models

are shiny bl.ack with white and gold color trim accents.

Lightweight reinforced tubular steel frame. Easy rolling

high pressure 26xl.375-inch tires. Butyf tubes. Schrader

valves. Ball bearing bow pedals. Shipped by freight,

express or truck. Shipping weight 49 pounds.

6 N M4628-Boys' model.

. ............... . ....$43.88

6 N M4629-Girls' model.

.. ...... ... . .... . .... 43.88



With new exclusive design Coaster Brake . . and less than $30

Convertible for boys' or girls\




Recommended for ages 5, 6, 7.





HIGGINS 20-inch Convertible Bike.

Exclusive design of coaster brake

provides additional safety for the small bike rider . . pressure is applied directly

onto tire for positive braking action. Brake operates even if chain might. break.

Seat to pedal length adjusts from 21 to 24 inches. Strong, tubular steel frame.

16xl.75-inch semi-pneumatic tires. Ball bearings in crank and wheels. White

vinyl cover coil spring saddle. Flamboyant red enamel finish with white trim.

Red and white vinyl pedals. Reel plastic grips. Chain guard. Detachable training

wheels in.eluded. Shipped by freight, express or truck.

6 N M4729-Conve rtible for boys' or girls'; oges 5, 6, 7. Sh pg. wt. 35 lbs .. .. .. .....$24.95

Guaranteed parts and repairs are available for any



HIGGINS bike at any Sears store or mail order house