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It's a strike! .. healthful, exciting fun

Now! Bowl in your own home! Sharpen your skill, improve

your performance with this thrill-packed bowling game.

Set includes ten hard rock maple bowling pins. Big 12-

inch size. Bright white enamel finish with smart fed col–

lar stripes. Felt-base linoleum spotter mat. Pins sit on

pin spots marked on 24x'.M-inch wood-grained linoleum

surface. Backstop has Masonite Presdwood sides and

sturdy steel rod back to help contain pins. Two 4-inch

natural grain finish hard rock maple balls. Pad of score

sheets. Complete instructions.

6 N 02567K-Shipping weight 23 pounds........... Set $11.97

Shuttle-loop $5.94

Here's a stimulating, fast–

moving game that will

really keep you on your toes.

Combines the skill and

action of tennis and bad–

minton. It's portable, and

can be set up in a jiffy–

indoors or



for the youngsters .. noth–

ing to injure persons or fur–

niture. Includes: 2 paddles,

plastic shuttlecock, stand–

ard and loop (S;Yi-ft. high).

Court marker and com–

plete instructions.

6 N 02794-Set complete.





Game-room Carom Pool Table $59.93

New ! Simllar to tbe exciting action games of hockey and

soccer yet requiring the sldll and precision of billiards.

Relaxing fun for all ages. Official size, yet folding and

portable. Strong, braced, aluminum legs . . no wobble or

sway. 4 leg adjusters for perfect level. Play.field covered

with bright green 100% wool-faced rubber-backed pool–

table cloth.

12 locked-in, live-action rubber-bumpers have plastic

shields. Polystyrene cup inserted in table at each end.

Live-cushion rubber rails. Ten 2Ys-in. lathe-turned balls.

Two 48-in. kiln-dried maple cues with leather tip, rubber

base bumper. Chalk. Instructions.






size. Shipping weight 60 pounds.

$6.00 down on

terms ........... .... ................






"300" Bowling Game

$6.3 3

Teach the entire family how to bowl .• it's year around fun for all!

Here is the most realistic bowling game found outside the

bowling alley.

Ten 13-inch rock maple pins are of the same lumber

and finish as regulation pins, and measure a scant 2·

inches shorter. Bowl down a 16x2-foot wpodgrain lino–

leum alley, with two 4;Yi-inch duckpin-size balls of

molded dura-wear rubber with finger holes. Throw hooks,

score strikes and spares without worry about :flying pins

.. they're contained by a strong reinforced backstop.

With scorepads and instructions.

This economy-priced bowling game will

give you hours of relaxing fun. Scores 300

justlikeregular bowling, 5enameled 9x1



in. hard rock maple pins swing easily on.

tubular steel rod .. hit the headpin and

score a strike! A simple flip of ·the wrist

and pins are correctly set-ready for the

next ball .. no scattered pins to retrieve.

4-in. vinyl ball, tough, long-wearing. Comes

complete with ball, score sheet, instr.

6 N 02568L-Weight 39 pounds.

$2.50 do'wn, .....

Cash $24.50

6 N 02512-Shipping weight 7,lbs.. . .... $6.33

It's Game Time! Shuffleboard, Jokari, Hotseshoes; Safe-T-Bat, Scoop

• (Kl

Exciting Shuffleboard

G'ome with 12x2-ft. linole–

um court. Ideal for game-room.

parties, etc. Felt-backed lino–

leum court rolls up for easy

carrying, storage! Slick finish

helps bright-colored disks slide

to stenciled scoring area. In–

cludes eight 3;Yi-in. wood disks

-founed, four green. Four 50-

in. wood pushers. I nstructions.

6 N 02622-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs. $7.23


lorger Roll-up Shuffle-

board Game with near–

regulation size 14x3-ft. linole–

um courL Pleasure-packed for

picnics, basement parties.

Court rolls .up for storage,

lies flat for play. Easy-to-read

scoring area stenciled on each

end. Felt backing protects

floors. Set includes eight big



four red. Four 50-m. wood

pushers. Instructions.

6N02623-Shpg. wt. 19 lbs. $13.53


Jokori-roge of the French

, Riviera. Exciting, action-pack–

ed game that needs no special

court,- nets, or markers. Play

Jok"ri in the basement, yard–

almost anywhere. Players use

paddles and a ball which is se–

.cured to the control-box on a long

rubber cable. Includes sponge rub–

ber ball, 2 plywood paddles, 10-ft.

rubber cable. Instructions.

6 N 2521-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs... ... $3.78

[[] Our Best Horseshoe Set. Four

'2Y2-lb. drop forged steel shoes. '

No. 1 shoes silver-color, No. 2

gold-color. 2-pc. drop forged steel

stakes. Steel case.

6 N 02594K-Shpg. wt. 24 lbs. , . $8.53

([] Thrift-price Horseshoe Set.

Official size, weight. Four


lb. steel shoes. Painted, numbered.

Two 27-in. steel stakes. Box. ·

6 N 02584K-Shpg. wt. 24 lbs.. . $6.48

6 N 2583-4

horseshoes only. As Obove.

Shpg. wt. 11 lbs..... ........ .. $3.67


"Safe-T-Bat" and "Fun

Ball"-matched set mold–

ed from durable polyethylene.

E-veryone gets a hit, but no one

gets hurt! Even


the bat is

thrown, or a child happens to

step into its path. Bat is 30 in.

long. Official-size ball flies true

and straight, won't break win–

dows. Use on beach-it floats!

6N02793-Set. Wt.


lb.. ... $3.27

6N2779-Ball only. Wt. 4 oz. 83c


"Scoop" with "Fun Boll".

Made of toughpolyethylene.

Provides fast, exciting new

games you can play safely in–

doors and in outdoor areas of

limited space.

Variations of games like la

crosse, hand ball, soft ' ball,

volley ball; tennis, cricket,

tether ball, badminton, and

basket ball are twice the fun

when played with Scoop. Comes

with 2 scoops, one ball.

6 N 2778-Shpg. wt. 14 oz. $3.67