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Fun for the Whole Family!

Our most popular 4 -racket

set •. with carrier stand

Talk about clever outfits! Feather–

light enameled metai stand holds

complete set-even shuttlecocks.

Built-in thumb-screw presses keep

rackets in top shape. Four power–

packed rackets feature 3-ply lam–

inated construction. Eye-catching

red-and-white color is smartest on

the courts. Waterproof high-test

nylon strings give snappy returns.

Fatigue-free leather grips. Acces–

sories are feature-packed, too: 20x

2-ft. net resists moisture- leave

it up all season. 3-pc. metal poles,

stakes, resist rust. Poles disassem-'

hie quickly for carrying, .lock

tightly for play. Ropes adjust ten–

sion on poles, hold net taut. Rule

book diagrams courts, gives tips.

6 N 01348-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.....$11.97




Perfect for newcomer or occasional pla)".er

Balanced clubs give fine direction.control. Chrome-plated stepped

steel shafts, composition grips. Men's right-hand only.

Woods: Driver, No. 3 (Spoon). Both have persimmon heads,

deep mahogany finish. Scored plastic face insert for sharp click.

Smooth-riding metal soleplate to protect surface.

Irons: Numbers 2,


7, 9, and putter. All have chrome-plated

heads, sand-blasted faces. Scoring is U.S.G.A. approved.

Bag: Red-ai1d-black plaid drill, rubber-backed for extra wear.

Steel wire frame keeps bag in top shape. Tan vinyl trim. Non–

skid molded rubber bottom. Stitched strap. Zipper pocket.

6 N 0852L- Outfit. Shipping weight 13 lbs.


down ......... . ..$37.88






New Carrier Stand Set


Perfect combination:

All-new steel shaft rack–



clever carrier stand!

Shafts are chrome-plated for

a glea_ming finish. Sturdy

steel adds power to drives,

resilient nylon give light–

•ning-fast returns. Two-t0 ne

rubber grips add hours,long

hand comfort. Stand holds

whole outfit-even 2 shut–

tlecocks. Built-in thumb–

screw presses keep set in

shape. 3-pc. lockfast metal

poles. Sturdy ropes. 20x2-ft.

tarred weather-resistant net.


· · ·

.6 N 01349-Wt. 9.lbs....$15.97

Knee-action Golf Cart

Special knee-action design

smoothes bumps, ends club

rattle, lengthens life of cart,

bag. c]ubs. Heavy-duty tub–

ular metal with big 14xl.


wheels, rubber tires. Auto–

matic folding-just move

handle. Brackets adjust for

bag up to 9 in. diameter.

6 N 0929L-Wt. 22 lbs...$17.66

Fun-packed, thrift-buy laminated wood sets


4-racket Set with double racket presses. Presses keep

rackets in top shape for longer life, better play. Strong wood

rackets have multi-laminated frames for added power. Water–

proof nylon strings. Rubber grip for extra hand comfort. 2 plas–

tic shuttlecocks. Shrink-resistant 20x2-ft. bound net. All neces–

sary 3-piece metal poles,,stakes, ropes.

6 N 01347-Rulebook included. Shioping weight 6 lbs............. $9.97


4-racket Set. Laminated wood rackets from Japan. Nylon

strings, rubberized fabric grip, bevelled frame. 2 plastic

."birds". 20x172 ft. bound net. 3-pc. wood poles, ropes, stakes.

6 N 01326-Rulebo6k included. Shipping weight 6 lbs....... . ... . .$7.77


2-racket Set. Laminated wood rackets with nylon strings

countersunk in frame. Spiral-wound vinyl grip. Eye-catch–

ing two-tone bindings. 1 plastic shuttlecock. 18xl-ft. net.

6 N 01324-RulebooR included. Shipping weight 2 lbs.. .

. .$3.37

Comparto Bag Special

Sensational price-made pos–

sible by factory fabric close–

out! 14 compartments hold

up to 18 clubs. Laminated

vinyl, riyton-stitPied. Vinyl

trim, rubber bottom, zipper

pockets, pouch, cnstom ban-·


State color:

blue plaid,

green plaid or red plaid.

6 N 0937L-Wt. 8 lbs....$12.88

Junior Golf Outfit

For youths to age 12. Brassie,

3, 5, putter. Chrome-plated

shafts, spiral-wound leather

grips. Brassie, 3,


have step–

ped shafts. Brassie head per–

simmon; irons chrome-plated.

Right-hand only. No fill-ins.

White canvas bag has braced

steel top, bottom. Zip pocket.

6 N 0853- Shpg.




Smart Bowling Bag, Shoes


Red-black plaid cotton sides.

Ivory-color plastic gussets. Zipper.

10% Feel. Ex, Tax incl. Our Big Fall

Book has full bowling bag line.

6 N 1495E-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz .. . .$4.87


Thrifty Men's Bowling.Shoe.



leather left sole slides, rub–

ber right sole grips. Cowhide.


D (medium) 6 to 11, 12. Half

sizes too.

State size.

Shipping weight

2 pounds 8 0unces.

67 N 4039-Srnoke color ....... Pair $4.97

67 N 4032-Block ... . ......... Pair 4.97