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Priced separ·

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$ •

Priced sepor-






HIGGINS All Rubber Basketball Sets



HIGGINS nylon-wound Rubber Basketball Sets.,

Durable Basketball Set with double process molded ball, goal and net com–


Buy the set and save 67c.

Basketball easily outwears leather on concrete

or gravel play areas. Double process molded ply construction means better

bounce, no dead spots.

Ball won't lose shape or get lumpy. Rich pebble grained cover. Completely

waterproof. Inflating needle included. Regulation goal and net. Official 18-inch

diam. %-inch steel rim. 8 tieless hooks support cotton twine net. Welded steel

back braces. 4-inch backplate.

Our Best Basketball Set with nylon-wound rubber cover ball. Goal and net

combination, inflating pump.

Buy set


sm•e $1.30.

Ball has an extra layer of


rubber bond . . more nylqn filaments for a super-strong carcass.


ieea: Try




days. If you are not completely satisfied we'll refund every penny

·including postage both ways.

Inflating needle included. Regulation goal and net.

Official 18-i.n. diam. %-in. round steel rim. Tapered net of heavy seine twine.

Nuts and bolts included.


6 N 01885-Complete Set. Shipping weight 12 lbs . ............ . .. . . . : . . .... $11.97

6 N 01865-Complete Set. Shipping weight 8 lbs . ...................... . . .. .. $4.47.


N 1823-'Boll only. Official size and weight. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.


oz.. . . . . . .. ..... 8.43

6 N 1830- Ball only. Official size and weight. Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz......... . ... , . . . 3.47

6 N 01871 -Gool and Net only. Shipping weight 9 lbs.. . ............... . .... 3.97

6 N 0 1849-Goal and Net only. Shipping weight


lbs... . . . . . • ..... . ..... .. . . . . 1.67


N 1895-lnfloting Pump only. Shpg. wt.


oz..... . .......... . . . ........... 87c


J.C. HIGGINS Intermediate Basket-

ball. Slightly sn1aller than official

ball ... sized for small hands. Ideal for

younger players. Rugged all-rubber, 4-

patiel construction. Inter-locked seams

give long wear. N eeclle included.

6 N 1807- Shipping weight 2 lbs...... $1.92


J.C. HIGGINS Best top groin Cow-

hide Basketball. Official size, weight.

Precision balanced for more accurate

shots, sure passing, steady dribbling.

Tough carcass made by molding layers

of vulcanized rubber impregnated with

nylon around inJJa.ted bladder.

Select top grain cowhide then molded

over carcass. Pebble-grain surface for

sure grip. Inflating needle included.

6 N 1810-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. .... $11.94

Budget-buy Basketball Set with

molded rubber ball, goal and net


Bu.y set and save Zic.

Single molded construction of ball

makes strength and durability pos–

sible at this low price. Official size,

weight. Waterproof. Needle incl.

Regulation goal, net. 18-in. diam.

%-in. steel rim. Cotton twine net.

6 N


814-Set. Shpg. wt.


lbs... $3.83

6 N 1850-Ball only.

Shipping weight

2 pounds 8 ounces..

. ........ $2.67

6 N 01839-Goal and Net combination

only. Shipping wt.



. $1.37





Save $3.55



Official Steel Backboard, Goal and' Net. You'll find your game

much improved when you practice with regulation equipment. For

gym, playground, or backyard. Easy to attach to garage, etc. with

ordinary household tools . . all hardware necessary for hanging is

included. Rugged 12-gauge steel construction for greater strength

and rigidity.

Basketball backboard is waterproof painted to resist rust. Rein–

forced back braces for added rigidity (see small view in illustration).

Board extends 12 inches from wall.


Official 18-inch diameter Yo-inch round steel rim. 12 tieless hooks

hold net in position. Hour-glass st.vie net is made of 48 thread

cotton twine .. will stand severe use. An ideal Christmas gift .for

. the "cager" in your family. Shipped by freight or express from

factory near \Vilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

6NM1861 F-Sh ipping weight 80 pounds. Was $22.50.

. .$18.95

SMART SANTAS use Sears Easy Terms.


103 down and the

balance :in convenient payments. Order regularly and get your

Sears catalog regularly. Remember! Satisfaction guaranteed or

your money back. Shop at Sears and save!



Quality Basketball· Set with nylon–

wound rubber cover ball, goal and

net combination, inflating pump.

Buy set and save 94c.

Carcass of ball

reinforced with nylon filament. Of–

ficial size, weight. Waterproof. Nee–

dle included. Regulation goal, net . .

18-inch diam. )1--inch steel rim.

6 N Tl 874-Se t. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs .. $9.38

6 N 1826-;Ball. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz... 6.74

6-N 01869-Goal and Net Comb. only.

_ Shpg. wt. 6 lbs..... . ............ $2.64

6 N 1895-Pu:np only. Wt. 6 oz..... 87c

Priced separ–




Basketball Set with nylon-wound rubber cover

ball, goal and net combination.

Buy set and


Ball has tan colored cover. Retains shape

and vitality because nylon filaments prevent

lumps, reinfor-ce carcass. Official size and weight.

Molded into one solid piece from bladder to cov–

er. Completely water-tight. Vulcanized rubber

cover. Inflating needle included.

Comes complete with regulation goal and net.

Official 18-inch diameter %-inch steel rim. 8 tie–

less hooks hold

position. Welded steel back

braces give solid support. 4-inch backplate.

Regulation cotton twine net made for extra-long


6 N 01866-Complete Set. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.... . . .$6.14

6 N 1802-Bai! only. Inflating needle included. Shipping

Weight 2 pounds 8 ounce.s..

. ..•.. $5,44

6 N 01849- Goal and Net only. Shpg. wt.


lbs.. 1.67