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Scouting Tents

Ruggedly Made for Camping .. better than play tents


Popular Wall Tent. 7 ft. long, S ft. wide,

5 ft. high at peak.- 2 ft. high sidewalls.


Economy Pup Tent. 7 ft. long pins 1).1; ft.

rear extension, 5 ft. wide, 3


ft. high. Full

Front flaps can be tied open for ventilation or

closed for protection. Made of 6. 74-oz. drill,

water repellent treated. Strong 4-ply thread

used -throughout. Bar-tacked at points of

strain. Eaves extend 1% in. beyond sidewalls.

Guy lines, jointed wood ridge, upright poles.

rope and wood poles included. Forest green.

6 N 07727-Shipping weight 20 pounds.... $13.54

.,. sewn-in floor of 5.61-oz. drill. Top is made of

7.68 oz. drill. All the fabric is water repellent

treated. Nylon screen front door with tie down

flap. Jointed wood center poles for front and

rear, guy ropes, and wood stakes included.

Forest green color. Ideal for scout camping . ..

our most popular pup tent.


Umbrella Tent. 6.74-oz drill, water re-

pellent treated. Nylon screen rear window

has storm flap that ties up or down. 7ft. square

at base, 5


ft. high at peak, 4 ft. high at eave,



ft. sq. at eave height. Sewn completely

with 4-ply thread, bar-tacked at points of

strain. Wood center poles and awning poles

are jointed. Includes poles, ropes, wood stakes

and eave framec Forest green color.

6 N 07757-Shipping weight 16 pounds.... $11.97



Tent with sewn -in



and sides are made of 6.74-oz. drill, floor

is 5.61-oz. drill. All fabric is water repellent

treated. .Nylon screen front door snaps shut,

rear nylon screen provides 2-way ventilation.

Window has storm flap. 7 ft. sq. at base, 5


ft. high at peak, 4 ft. high at eave, 2




at eave. \Vood center pole and awning poles

are jointed. Poles, ropes, wood stakes includ–

ed. Forest green color.

6 N 07756L-Shipping weight 23 pounds ... $19.66

6 N 07735-Shipping weight 13 pounds . . .... $13.92


[] Man-size Pup Tent. 7 ft. long, 6 ft. wide,

4 ft. high. Full sewn-in 7J.1;-oz. duck floor.

Tent top is 7.68-oz. drill. Water repellent treat–

ed and mildew retardent. Front zipper flap can

be opened and closed from inside or out. Rear

screen window for greater ventilation. Front of

tent is supported by a jointed wood frame. Guy

ropes, staking poles at tent base, wood stakes,

frame and rear pole incl. Forest green color.

6 N 07751 L-Shipping weight 20 P?Unds... .. $20.94


Our Finest Man-size Pup Tent. Made of

8).1;-oz:' Shelter Tent Army Duck. Sewn-in

8-oz. duck floor. All fabric is water repellent

treated and mildew retardent. 7 ft. long, 6 ft.

wide, 4 ft. high. Rear window storm flap oper–

ates from inside the tent. Front flap and nylon

screen zip open and close from both inside or

outside the tent. Jointed front frame, guy ropes,

staking poles at tent base, wood stakes and rear

pole included. Blue spruce color.

6 N 0771 ll--Shipping weight 16 pounds... ....$25.97

Sizes ore finished sizes, subject to shrinkage due to climatic conditions


C. HIGGINS Sleeping Bogs . .• with Celocloud acetate fill

@]Scout-size Sleep-

ing Bag, Heavy

duty broadcloth cover.

2-lbs. 100% Virgin

Celacloud acetate fill–

ing for extra warmth

and comfort. Plaid

print cloth lining for

additional warmth. 36-

inch zipper. 70x34-inch

size, ideal for off-to·

camp youths and over–

night hikes. Rolls into

self duffle pack for easy

carrying. Shipping

weight 6 pounds.

6 N 8227 ... ..... $6.88


New Full-.size

Sleeping Bag

.. ideal for campers.

3-lbs. Celacloud ace–

tate 100% virgin fill–

ing. Bright red pop–

lin cover treated for

water repel!ency .

Warm gray flannel–

ette lining. Full 100

inch zipper. Quilted

through construc–



size. Protective head

canopy. No stakes.

Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.

6 N 8228....... $9.88


Better Adult-size

Bag. 3-lbs. 100%

virgin Celacloud ace–

tate fill. Red 8-oz. drill

outer cover, water re–

pellent treated. Plaid

flannelette lining, tie

tapes for liner. 100-in.

zipper opens from the

inside or out, join two

bags to form a roomy

double. Two air mat–

tress pockets. 34x80

finished size. Carry–

case snaps onto head.

Shipping weight 8 lbs.

6 N 8224 . . ... . .$14.88

Knapsack $3.47




duck. Large Jnner

pocket, small outer

pocket. Adjustable

straps. 1Sx13x. S in.

size. Shipping weight

1 pound 8 ounces.

10% Federal Excise

Tax included.

6 N 7298E... . .. $3.47

Conteen..Mess Kit $2.83


Aluminum construction

won't rust. 1-qt. canteen

has button down cover and

screw-on top. Mess kit in–

cludes 7-in. frying pan, sauce

pan that doubles as plate,

l cup, 1-qt. pot; lid.

6 N 7105-Wt. 2 lbs..... $2.83

12 Pc. Cook Set $7.74


Aluminum: Serves 4. 7-

qt. pot, 9-m. fry pan, S

qt. sauce pan, 6-cup coffee

pot, 4 cups, 4 plates. Set fits

inside 7-qt. pot. 7%-in. high.

6 N 7192-Wt.


lbs... . .$7.74

6 N 7292-1 B·pc. Set. Same as

above, plus 2 extra cups, 2 extra



-in. frying pan, 3-qt.

sauce pan. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs..$9.64