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Kashara Doubler



Soft, luxurious woven Kashara

cotton flannel in a shirt with a

sweater look! Neat contrasting check

on collar, iiiside yoke and bib insert.

Regular spread top-stitched collar with

permanent collar stays. Elastic side–

hem at bottom. Washable.

State size

small (14-14;1-in. neck),

medium (15-15;1), large (16-16;1).

(ll) 33 N 2506-Blue

(12) 33 N 2507-Tan


weight 1 lb. 4 oz..... . Each $4.90

Sueded Flannel




Spark.ling rayon and acetate flan-

nel in bright washfast colors. Solid

color shirts have regular spread collar,

square bottom- wear in or out. 2 but–

ton-through pockets, double self–

fabric yoke. !-button cuffs.

State .iioe

small (14-147:2), medium

(15-157:2) , large (16-16Yz), extra large

(17-17Y:;) . Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.

(13) 33 N 2530-Solid red

(14) 33 N 2531.-Solid blue

(15) 33 N 2532-Solid oyster .. Eoch $3.90

HOW TO MEASURE FOR NECK SIZES: Measure around neck with tape

measure (don't use string because it 'might stretch). Hold the tape firm

but not tight. Number of inches measured is size.


measurement falls

between sizes order the larger for a more comfortable



Plaid Flannel



De luxe sueded mediumweight cot-

ton flannel in a striking printed

plaid design. Regular spread collar

with permanent collar stays. Double

self-fabric yoke. Matching plastic but–

tons. Washfast.

State s·ize

small (14-147:2-in. neck),

medium (15-15Y:;), large (16-16Y:;),

extra large (17-17Y:!). Shipping weight

.- 1 pound 6 ounces.

(16) 33 N 2545-Red ploid

- (17) 33 N 2547-Brown ploid

(18) 33 N 2546-Blue plaid . . . Eoch $2.90




Rich solid color with contrasting

knit trim Kashara cotton has soft

cashmere-like feel. Sport collar with

permanent stays. Double self-fabric

yoke. Imitation pearl buttons. Square

in-or-out bottom. Sanforized . _. max.

fabric shrinkage 1%. Washfast.

State size

small (14-147:2-in. neck),

medium (15-15)1), large (16-167:2).

extra large (17-17)1) .

(19) 33 N 2549-Ton, brown trim

(20) 33 N 2550-Gray, red trim.

Shipping weight 1 lb. 4 oz.... .. Eoch $3.90

.. his warmest

winter friend

Imported wool



A fine gift he'll treasure for many

winters to come. High quality

100% Australian wool gives the ut–

most in soft comfort and deep

warmth- plus excellent durability.

Single-needle stitching. Top-stitched

collar. Ocearr pearl.buttons, adjust–

able cuffs. Square bottom ca11 be

worn in or out of trousers. Dry clean–

ing recommended.

State size

small (14-14)1-in. neck),

medium (15-15}1), large (16-16Y:;J,

extra large (17-17)1).

(21) 33 N 2839-Blue

(22) 33



(23) 33





1 lb. 10 oz..... .

Wool and part wool

in 3 rvgged styles

Low as




Washable Zipper-front Jacket. Heavyweight 100% wool defies coldest

weather! Double-stitched main seams, sleeve facings. Rayon yoke lining.

Single-button cuffs. Mothproofed. Maximum fabric shrinkage 3%. Square

in-or-out bottom.

State size

147:2, 15,


16, 167:2; 17-in. neck.


(24) 33 N 2814-Green (25) 33 N 2813-:;Red Shpg. wt. 1 lb. B oz.

Each $7.84


Washable 100% virgin wool overplaid. Single-needle stitching. Ocean

pearl buttons. Adjustable cuffs. Rayon yoke lining. Square bottom. Max.

fabric shrinkage 3%.

State size

small (14-14)1-in. neck), medium (15-15)/i),

large (16-16)1), extra large (17-1 77:2). Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.

(26) 33 N 2878-Red (27) 33 N 2879-Blue (28) 33 N 2877-Brown Ea. $7.84


Washable 80% Orlon*-20% virgin wool. Regular plaid with spread


collar. Plastic buttons. 2-button adjustable cuffs. Square in-or-out bot–

tom. Maximum fabric sh6nkage 3%.

State size

small (14-147:2-in. neck),

medium (15-f5Y:;), large (16-16)01), extra large (17-17)1). Wt. 15 oz.

(29) 33 N 2888-Bl'ue {30) 33 N 2890-Brown (31) 33 N 2889-Red Eo, $4.84

*Reg. T.l\l, for DuPont acrylic fiber