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Make .Christmas Brighter with

All in brilliant full color to radiate Seas6nal Cheer .

l et Sears help make your house the gayest in the neighborhood


Santo Door Hanger. Proclaims a holiday

welcome to all who approach your door–

way. Colorful molded plastic face, red pine

cone body, white arms and legs. 22 in. high.

71N9697-Sh ipping weight 12 oz . .... ... $1.83


Giant Santa Face. Biggest size we've

seen .. stands a full 4 ft. high! Sparkling

eyes and happy smile beam ont in 5 bright

colors. Vinylite plastic face with Masonite

Presdwood back. Takes one 100,watt bulb

(not included). 2 ft. 4 in. wide, 6 in. deep.

3 ft. cord, plug. Freight, express, truck.

71 N M9609-Shipping weight 8 pounds ... $9.95


Star of Bethlehem. Hang from housetop

or chimney. Heavy white vinyl plastic

with red rim. Weatherproof back.


x29 in. high. Includes one 15-watt bulb,

4-ft. 4-in. cord and plug. Order today.

71 N 09671 -Shipping weight 3 pounds. . .. $3.98


Williamsburg Cooch lantern. Ideal for

front door piece. Lacquered black plas–

tic finish. Silvered back reflects light from

red-haloed candle.


in. high.



bulb, 4-ft. cord and add-on plug.

71N9674-Shipping weight 1lb.8 oz....




"Twinkie" The Toylond Angel. Halo

and face glow when Angel is illuminated.

31 in. high, 17 in. wide,


in. deep. Molded

vinyl plastic front; weather-proofed back.

Includes one 25-watt bulb, 4-ft. 4-in.

cord and plug. Looks good for years.

71N09681L--Allow 10 lbs. postage..



[] Nativity Scene. Deep blue background

with red, yellow, brown, green and blue

[]) Santo-Reindeer Stoke-in Set. Includes


Santa,Sleigh and 4 pairs o[ reindeer.

· Sturdy plastic construction in 5 bright col·

ors. Santa-Sleigh



in. high; each

reindeer pair


in. high. Includes 5

outdoor lights to mount in reflector base of

each unit. Arrange light cord to form reins.

71 N 02776-Shipping weight 4 pounds.... $6.79


3-Wisemen Stake-in Set. Brilliant 5-

color plastic. Each figure 15 in. long, 25

in. high. 3 bulbs included reflect light off

aluminum background onto figures. Pointed

end stakes for anchoring s.;curely in lawn.

71 N 02778-Shipping weight 3 pounds. ...


. QJ

Christmas Carolers. Rosy-cheeked, life-

size singers in gayly colored dress of

red, blue, green and yellow. Molded vinyl

plastic front is weather resistant. 47 in.

high, 28 in. wide, 6 in. deep. Masonite

Presdwood back. Takes three 25-watt and



bulbs (not included). With 3-

ft. cord and plug. Freight,


or truck.

71 N M9600-Shipping weight 9 pounds . . $11.67


Santa Face. Brightly colored 3-dimen-

sional vinyl plastic: 18 in. high. Hang on

front door or anywhere outside for effective

results. Has 4-ft. cord and C7



71 N 9762-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.. .. .$1.29


New! Needle-catcher Tree Base. Light-

weight plastic with red poinsettias and

candles on white background . . wipes clean.

Protects floors, rugs. Open-back seam for

placing around tree stand. 54 in. square.

71 N 9573-Shipping weight 5 ounces ., . . ..73c


figures, crib and palm ti:.ees. Mold-


New! Ad-a-Branch Set.



ed vinyl plastic front, Masonite Presdwood

branches where needed to get a full

back. Takes four tubular 25-watt bulbs (not

round tree with no bothersome drilling, wir-

included) . 4x29x48 in. wide. With r·ft. cord

ing, etc. Tighten branch in clamp .. merely

and plug.. Freight, express or.truck'.

screw into trunk! Package has 4 clamps.

71 N M9605-Shipping weight 9





8 oz.... . . . ..


4 89c

NOTICE: All electrical items are UL approved. For 110-120 volt, 50-60 cycle AC or DC.