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Lighted Outdoor Ornaments

Weather resistant to stay bright through snow or rain

Add_ ornaments to your Easy Terms order ... pay only 10% down


Our Best Santa and Reindeer Set.


like, rounded figures equipped for stak–

ing or hanging. Heavy gauge vinyl plastic

with weatherproof backs. Brightly colored

Santa waves from his toy-filled sleigh. Sleigh

trimmed in red and green with yellow

streamer. Light-brown reindeer have red

harnesses, yellow bells. Santa-sleigh 5x33x

28 in. high; reindeer pairs 5x32x25 in. high.

Each figure has 40-watt bulb, 4-ft. 4-in.

cord, add-on plug. Sets containing Santa–

sleigh shipped freight, express, truck.

71 N MT9655-Sant.a-Sleigh and l pair of Rein-

deer. Shipping weight 15 pounds......... $14.67

71 N 09657L-One Reindeer Pair only. Allow 10

lbs. postage due to postal regulations.....



71 N MT9658-Save $ 2,26 on complete set. Santa–

Sleigh and 3 pairs Reindeer. Shpg. wt.29 lbs.$24.8Z




and Reindeer Set. 3-

dimensional figures made of sturdy vinyl

plastic in 9 bright colors. Santa-sleigh is

5x22x46 in. long, has 3-ft. cord and plug.

Each reindeer pair 5x15x27 in. long and has

6-ft. cord with add' on plug. Santa-sleigh

takes two 25-watt tubular bulbs; reindeer

each holds one 25-watt size. Bulbs are not

furnished. Use on lawn or hang from roof.

Complete set shipped freight, express, truck.

71 N MT9614- Complete Set. Santo-Sleigh and


pair Reindeer. Shpg. wt. 17 lbs. .. - . _..... .$14.99

71 N 09615-0ne Reindeer Pair only.

Shipping weight 3 lbs._

.. '. .. ...... $2.99


St<inding Santa:

Colorful, beaming San-

ta points up a Merry Christmas message

standing alongside tree and toys. Stands 18

in. high. Has C7.)1 bulb, 4-ft. cord and plug.

71N9761 - Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz..... $1.57


SANTA .. get a giaht 6-ft., full–

color pattern for outdoor display with

%-inch AC exterior plywood orders . .

see page 1380, Fall Catalog.

71 N 09621L-Allow 10 pounds postage ... $5.89


Weatherproof Composition Candle


Vivid red candles with white cap.

Heavy black bases make the pair tip-resist–

ant. Includes two 25-watt flame-tip lamps,

6-ft. 6-in. cord and add-on plug. Stand 44 in.

high overall. Ideal for doorway decoration.

71 N 09673-Shippin_g weight 10 lbs.... Pair $8.98


Giant- Metal Candle.

Stands just over

4 ft. tall. B1ight red and white striped

candle is hand-decorated of baked enamel on

heavy-drawn steel; completely weatherproof

to last for many Christmas seasons. Red

steel holder reflects a flood of light for out–

door illumination at night. Includes 25-watt

flame-tip lamp and 100-watt lamp for base,

10-ft. cord and plug. Shpg. wt. 20 lbs. ·

71 N M9700-freight, express or truck . .. $12.49

(H) UL approved Cord Set; other electrical items fully UL approved; all


v. AC-DC






$8.98 Pair