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For youngsters

ond adults ..

a lull 8




66-inch alley


Exciting Bowling and Game Alleys

Bowl-Amatic .. automatic, electrically-operated bowling game


Here's junior-sized bowling at its best .. all the thrills and all the

fun of the regular game .. right in your own home. Just like the com–

mercial bowling games that are so popular with the younger set today.



beautiful addition to any game room . . offers competitive fun

for the whole family. Just plug it into an AC electric outlet and you're

all set to play. Roll the ball down the alley, as it strikes the pins, instead

of falling, they automatically fly up into the pin spotter, and are ready

to be reset. After your ttfrn, just touch the button on the side and presto,

the pin spotter does .the rest .. you never have to touch the pins. ·

Frame is of handsome \Vestern clear pine, sturdily constructed

metal pin spotter. Highly polished hardwood alley. Two hardwood balls.

Automatic ball return brings them back as soon as they strike the pins.

Alley is 9<) in. long, 18 in. wide, and 23 in. high. (3 feet high at pin

spotter) . Instructions included. UL approved for 110 to 120-volt 60-

cycle AC. Shipped freight, express or truck. Order on Sears Easy Terms

and pay only 103 down .. see page 264 for details.

79 N M11 .0-Shipping weight 54 pounds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . $47.95

4-in- 1 Game Alley

[[] Enjoy shuffleboard,horse


racing. skill ball and

bowling. Pin setter lets you

tilt pinsinto place with one

motion. Hardboard surface

with automatic ball return.

4 each shuffleboard pucks,

horses, wood bowling balls ..

spinner, 10 plastic pins.

\Vood frame. Instructions.

79 N 0339-66xl 3x25 inches.

Shipping weight 16 pounds. $ 11.95

79 N 0338- 60x12x24Y, inches.

Shipping weight 14 pounds. $9.98

79 N 0211 L-52;11 Y2X22 inches.

No pin setter,only2 bowling balls.


weight 9 pounds $3.98


Games on Triple Alley


Two alleys for bowling,

skill ball. horse or auto

racing; center alley for

shuffleboard. Each alley

has its own game set. Bell–

ringing automatic ball re–

t;,,.n. Composition surface.

Set includes 4 wood bowl–

ing balls, 4 shuffleboard

pucks, 4 race horses, 2 skill

ball boards, 2 spinners, 20

plastic pins, 4 racing cars,

and2 pushers. Wood frame.

Instructions. 60x29!,'\lx


in. high. Freight, ex–

press or truck.

79 N M385-Wt. 24 lbs. $9.98

as real game

Push-button Boseball

Electric Football Game

New! Electric Pinball

[[] All the excitem.ent

of a commercial pin–

ball machine. When balls

strike bumpers. lights

flash, bells ring and the

automatic scoring mech–

a11ism registers the score.

Equipped with 5 steel

balls. Two hand-activat–

ed kickers keep the ball

in play so score of 10,000

can be made.Wood frame

30%x16}ix45 in. high.

Motor UL-approved for

1.10 to 120-v, 60-cycle

AC. Shpg. wt. 25 lbs.

79 N Ol42L ....... $19.79

Players.turn, move forward and back. When magnetic

puck hits goal, light flashes, buzzer sounds. \.Vood and

fiberboard. 34x23


in. wide. Use2 batteries (not incl. ).

Freight, express or truck.

79 N M396-Shipping weight 13 pounds.

. ....... $13.50

34 N 4650-Batteries for above. Shpg.


8 oz., .. 2 for 35c

79 N Ml06-1Not shown.I 35Y2x15



in. wide. Uses no bet·

teries. Sh pg. wt. 12 lbs....

. ... $9.69

Young baseball fans will love it.

Push the button, pitcher throws

curves, fast balls, etc. Batter

swings, knocks ball to field,

where it adheres to fences, play–

ers or field, indicating type of

play. 3 magnetic balls, 9 metal

men. Masonite Presdwood, steel.

19x18x6 in. Score sheet, rules.

79 N 0215-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.. .



Players race up and down, tackle

and block. Ball can be kicked,

passed or run. Masonite Presd–

wood surface with a steel frame.

Hidden vibrating motor, UL ap–

proved for 110 to 120-volt. 60-

cycle AC. 22 players, 2 magnetic

footballs, goal posts. markers,

instructions. 28x15x8 inches high.

79 N 0236-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.... .$7.79

Bell rings, lights flash, score

adds up automatically and reg–

isters on back panel. Steel, with

plastic top. Spring trigger shoots

5 steel balls. 26Yzxl2Hx14)/z in.

high. ·4 batteries operate game

(not incl.) .




79 N 0126L-Shpg. wt. 11 lbs. $ I0.88

34 N 4650- Flashlight batteries. Ship-

ping weight 1

pound ......


for 68c