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Crow Shoot



testing Target Ga.mes

For young sharpshooters .. They'll spend happy,

fun-filled hours developing their eye and their aim!


Popeye, the kids' favorite cartoon character,

challenges them to thrilling quick-triggered

action. Flexible 15-ft. tube attached to launcher

with rubber squeeze bulb at end. 24Yz-in. dart

rifle has black barrel, red stock. 3 rubber-tipped

darts, 3 bull's-eye skeets provide the fun .

79 N 0328-Shipping weight 3 pounds............ $3.49


Rabbit Hunt Game. Develop the skill and eye of

a real hunter! Wind up rabbit; see it scurry

·across floor as you try to shoot it down with double–

barrel dart gun. 9-in. long plastic bunny has long–

running clockspring motor. Plastic 24-inch gun.

Rubber suction-tipped darts.

49 N 384-Shipping wei_ght 2 pounds . .. .......... $2.79


Our Best Children 's Archery Set. 46-inch hiciory

bow, flax bowstring. 4 lacquered arrows, triple

feathered with large suction cups. 24-in. Masonite–

backed target with official target colors. Decorated

tripod legs have non-skid tips for use indoors or

out. Instruction pamphlet included.

79 N 0122L-Shipping weight 7 pounds...

... . $3.98


Mother Hen Target. Darts truly aimed are re–

warded with an egg in the basket! Includes full–

color 4xl7-inch metal target, black plastic gun, 8

. plastic eggs and 4 suction cup darts. Great fun for

everyone and all ages! Do your Christmas shopping

eady .. avoid the .rush.

49 N 198-Shipping weight 2· pounds 12 ounces .... $2 .69


Painted plastic crows give good little marks-

men "something to crow about" when they spin

and fall off steel fence. Break-action 21 Yz-in. rifle

has steel barrel, wood stock. 10 corks for ammuni–

tion .


crows. Colorfully detailed. l 7Yz-in. long



priced and fun!


N 116-Shipping weight




ounces...... $1.69

[] New! Electric U.S. Map. Turns facts into .fun!

Important data about State Capitols, history,

industry, etc. corresponds electrically to locations

and pictures. Right answer causes light to flash. 6

beautifully illustrated maps, plus battery and bulb.

Loads of fun and_educational, too! 12x18 in.

49 N 128-Shipping weight


pounds 2 ounces. ..... $2.59

[[] Ne;.v ! Popeye Clobber Cans. 01' "muscleman"

himself pro,,;des new fun for the family. Stack

Popeye's "Spinach Cans" to form the target . .

take aim with gay colored plastic bean .bags . .

Socko! Plenty of action as the cans go flying ·and

points pile up! Includes" full instructions.

49 N 319-Shipping weight 2 pounds 10 ounces . .. . $1.79

[] New! "Gunsmoke" . . transfers the thrills of

TV's top Western to "live" living room action

as Marshal Matt Dillon tries to save Fort Riley

from the Indians! 4 pJastic-topped stockades,

unique move selector, 22 plastic cowboys and In–

dians. Playing board. Fun for 2-4 players. 10x20 in.

49 N 308-Shipping weight 3 pounds............. $2.69

@]Moving Target Shooting Gallery



Battery-run moving target, spinning and falling

stationary targets. Automatic scorer, ball. Self– pistol, pellets. Plastic cover over steel 29 in.

long. Uses 4 batteries, not included.

79N0121L-Shipping weight II pounds ....... ... $8.98

34 N 4650-Batteries for above. Wt. I lb....... 4 fo r 68c

Shooting ranges below similar to above, not shown..

79N0161-Windup moving


20 inches long.


ping weight 4 pounds . .... . . . . ... . . . .......... _$4.65

49 N 220-Na moving targets. 19 inches long. Shipping



pounds............. • . . . . ............ $2.75


Thrifty Archery Set. The "aim" is fun, but

teaches coordination and marksmanship, too!

36-in. Cuban lemonwood bow, 4 rubber tipped

arrows. 24-in. Masonite Presdwood target.


N 0162L-Shipping weight


pounds.... . .... . . $2.98


Donald Duck Bean Bag Toss. Lovable Donald


opening his big beak wide enough-for bean

bags! . 3 colored plastic bags have different point

values. 14x16-ln. high fiberboard targets.

49 N 374-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz.......... .. $1.79


New! Captain Crow Action Target. Battery

powered with Western style dart gun, 3 rubber–

tipped darts. Squawking, moving beak provides

excitement until .. POW! Eyes drop to form XXX's

.. you've scored! Uses 1 battery (not incl.).

49 N 327-12x17:Y. in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz...... .


34 N 4650-Battery for above. Shpg. wt. 4 oz. ea. 18«




Santa says, "Build, your toy order to $20 or

more on

Sears Easy Terms

. .

then pay only