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Happi-Tim·e Autos,. Tractors

Sturdy, brightly enameled all-steel

$2.00 down

1959 Models direct from Santa's showroom .. snappy sports cars, station wagons .. rugged trucks, tractors


Happi-Time Super Sports Car.

Sleek up-to-date styling. Full ball–

bearing drive . . ball-bearing 8-in.

double-disc wheels with 1-in. solid

rubber tires for faster speeds with little

effort. Hinged trunk door . . lifts open.

Shiny hub caps, rubber pedals. Bright

plated radiator ornament. Heavy

gauge steel construction. Flamboyant

green baked enamel finish with white

and gold-color trim. White enameled

windshield, aluminum-color grille.

Fiberboard seat mat.


7x39 in. long.


N 08953L- Shpg. wt. 36"lbs.....



Hook and ladder Fire Truck. Spot-

light flashes and bell rings as small

"smoke eaters" rush to the scene. Full

ball-bearing drive; ball-bearing 8-inch

double disc wheels with 1-incb solid

rubber tires. Roomy rear step and

deck with tubular handrail for a

second fireman, too!Heavygauge steel,

enameled bright vermillion ; white

trim. Two removable wood ladders.

Rubber pedals, shiny plated bell. 17x

47 inches long. Fiberboard seat mat.

Uses 2 spotlight batteries (not incl.).


N 08949L-Shpg. wt. 38 lbs.....$22.47

34 N 4659- Botteries. Wt. 4 oz... 2 for



Happi-Time Sports Car Reduced!

Styling and top-flight performance

at a low price. Smooth-operating ball–

bearing drive; 8-inch double disc wheels

with Ya-inch solid rubber tires. Shiny

hub caps, rubber pedals. Enameled

open windshield and bright plated

radiator ornament. Heavy gauge steel

construction throughout. Smart metal–

lic turquoise enamel finish with ver–

million and white trim. Aluminum–

color bumper and grille. Fiberboard

seat mat. 17x36 in. long. Wt. 27 lbs.


N 08905L.........


$12.97 $10.87

[[] New! · Ranch Wagon. Big, roomy

rear compartment just like real

station wagons. Smooth-operating


ball-bearing drive; ball-bearing 8-inch

double disc wheels with 1-inch solid

rubber tires. Heavy gauge steel con–

struction throughout. Beautiful sand–

tone enamel body with metallic bronze–

fin.ish panels, white trim. Aluminum–

color windshield, bumper, grille and

handrails. Rubber block pedals, bright

plated radiator ornament. Fiberboard

seat mat.17x47 inches long. Place your

order early, in. time for Christmas.


N 08939L- Shpg. wt. 37 lbs.. ...$19.98


Fire Chief's Car. Bell rings loudly

.to clear "road" for junior fire–

fighter. Easy-to-operate pedal drive.

Adjustable ball-bearing pull straps.

Double disc 8-inch wheels with %:-inch

solid rubber tires. Rubber pedals.

Latest design steering wheel. Heavy

gauge one-piece steel body and under–

gear. Enameled bright red with con–

trasting white trim. Red hub caps;

white-enameled bumper and grille.

Shiny bell. 17Y:lx38 inches long.


N 08930L- Shpg. wt.


lbs.. . . .$12.97


Our Best Chain-drive Tractor.

Sturdy all-steel construction with

massive enclosed hood, realistic motor–

tone gear shift and rear tractor-tread

tires- just like real tractors. Ball–

bearing chain


pedals like a

bicycle--more pull and speed with less

effort; fully enclosed for safety. Big

rugged 1U-in. hydrogen-brazed tubu–

lar steel frame. Easy-rolling ball-bear–

ing wheels- 8-in. front, 10-in. rear.

Semi-pneumatic 1%;-in. rubber tires.

Adj. spring steel seat. Sturdy steel

rear platform. Vermillion enamel-


ish; white trim. 38Y:lx22x277:! in. high.

79 N 08916L- Shpg. wt. 39 lbs..... $23.65


Steel Dump Trac Attachment. At-

taches to back of any .toy tractor.

Rider seat in front. Handle at side

dumps box. Hinged rear panel opens .

while load is being dumped. Two 8-in.

double disc ball-bearing wheels; Ys-in.

solid rubber tires. Red enameled;

white trim. 33xl5Y:Jxl4Y:l in. high.


N 08917-Shpg. wt. 17 lbs..... .. .$8.47


low-priced Happi-Time Choin-

drive Tractor. Full-size tubular

steel frame with enclosed hood. Ad–

justable ._chain enclosed for safety.

Double disc ball-bearing wheels-8-in.

front turns 360°; 10-in. deep lug, trac–

tor-type rear. Semi-pneumatic lU-in.

tires. Adjustable bucket seat. Simu–

lated· instrument panel. Removable

rubber .spark plugs. Bright green en–

amel finish. 37xl7Y:Jx26 in. high.



wt. 27 lbs.. ... $16.27


Trailer Attachment for



enameled steel. Double disc plain–

bearing rubber-tired wheels with fen–

ders. Easily attached to tractor (H)

above. 35x16x9 in. high over-all.


N 08937-Shpg.


14 lbs.... ..







All items




pages partly assembled .


easy to set up. Use Terms


only 10%, down


orders of $20- or more