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81/z-foot long

ten-unit Freight Train


Santa Special!

Your choice of

these 5-uni! !rains

for only



Triple Diesel. Power Unit with headlight,

4-wheel power drive, oilless bronze bear–

ings, dummy " B" and rear unit.



cars with die-cast metal wheels


per car).

Rear Diesel unit, all cars have automatic

couplers. Let frei"ght go fast, slow, forward,

back .. couple, uncouple cars all by remote

control. Set has flat car with 2 tractors,

milk tanker, box car, stock car with ramp,

fence and 12 animals, generator car, girder

car. caboose. Plastic. 15 track. sections, un–

coupling section make 196-in. oval. 100-

watt circuit breaker transformer with



of posts, 1 for train speed, 1 for accessories.

UL approved for 110-120 volt, 60-cycle AC.

Send your order now in time for Christmas.

79 N 09638-Shpg. wt.


lbs ...........


6-Unit Twin Diesel Western Pacific Freight.

(Not shown.) 2 remote control switches with

electric and green signals. 17 sec–

tions of track . . two ovals . . over 20 feet.

Stock car with animals, tractor car, flat car,

caboose. 75-watt transformer.



for 110-120 volt, 60-cycle AC.

79 N 09633-60-in. Train. Shpg. wt. 19 lbs..


Allstate®Electric Trains with Circuit

Every Train has die-cast wheels •• strong track .. scale detailing



Trestle Train


Smoke-puffing 6-unit tralli. runs up, dov.-n and around

on more than 26 feet of roadbed, filled with grades and

curves. Die-cast metal locomotive bas piston rod action,

bright headlight and oilless bronze bearings. Scale-detailed

tender, box car, tank car, stake car with cartons, and ca–

boose ... all made of metal and plastic with double trucks


die-cast wheels on each car). Run train forward or in re–

verse, fast or slow, even couple and uncouple cars by re–

mote control. 12 sections of curved, 13 sections of straight

large-radius track make a.26-foot 9-inch


track lay–

out. 24-pieee plastic trestle set. Uncoupler track With

ramp and "Uncouple lfere" sign, track connector, smoke

refill incl. Train is 47;( in. long. SO-watt transformer with

circuit breaker. UL appr. 11CH20 volt 60-cycle AC.


N 09625-Shipplng weight 16 lbs'.· Was

$18.97 .



5-Unit Smoking Locomotive Freight Train Set


Young railroaders will be delighted with t)lis steam-

type locomotive that puffs harmless smoke as it chugs

along. Die-cast metal, with four-wheel drive, pony trucks

and two guide wheels. Cars include new slant-back tender,

refrigerator car,


tank car and caboose ..


scale detailed in plastic and metal. .You can control the

operation of the train . . move


forward or back, speed

it up or slow it down, couple or uncouple cars .. by remote

control. One straight and eight curved sections of big-radius

5-tie track, plus uncoupling ramp with sign, make



129-inch oval. 50-watt transformer with circuit breaker for

protection 'from shorts.


approved for 110-120 volt,

60-cycle AC. Track connector and bottle of smoke liquid


included in set.

79 N 09619-4!)% In. long. Shipping weight 10 lbs•••.•••




Big 9-Unit Allstate® Electric Freight Train


Accurate detailing .. over 7 feet long. Die-cast steam-

Low-priced 5-unit passenger and freight trains

type metal locomotive puffs harmless smoke, has four–

wheel drive, pony trucks and ·two guide wheels.



power pull feature for pulling heavy loads. Plastic and steel

coal tender and 7 cars, including tank car, automobile car

with 4 cars, piggyback car, crane car, Boston


Maine b'?x

car, flat car with girder, and wrecker caboose. Run tram

forward or back, fast or slow, couple or uncouple

cars, all

by remote control. 3 straight and 8 curved sections of big

radius track, plus uncoupler section make 129%-inch oval.

100-watt transformer with circuit breaker, 4 binding posts

(2 for accessories). UL approved for 110-:-120 volt, 60-cycle

AC. Track connector, bottle of smoke liquid.


5 -Unit Diesel Passenger Train Set.

Plastic Diesel switcher locomotive, with

headlight, pulls four lithographed steel cars

.. baggage car, 2 passenger cars, observa–

tion car,


with manual couplers.



sections, 2 straight sections of big radius

track make 129%-in. oval. Train is 34 in.

long. Track connector. .50-watt transformer

with circuit breaker. UL approved, 110-:-

120 volt, 60-cycle AC.


N 9639-Shipping weight 8 lbs .......






5-Unit 36-in. Freight .. your choice of

twin Diesel or steam locomotive . . both

have headlight, oilless bronze bearings, man–

ual couplers. Rest of train consists of litho–

graphed steel box car, steel gondola and ca–

boose. 10 sections big radius track form 129%–

in. oval. 50-wJttt circuit breaker transformer,

UL approved for 110-120 volt, 60-cyde AC.

49 N 9620- IWith plastic



and lender.I Shipping weight 7 lbs..........



N 9644- !Same train with lithographed steel twin

diesel engine.I Shipping weight 7 lbs ......•. . $9.98

79 N 09634-Train 89 in. long. Shpg.


16 lbs.........•. $26.39




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