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Our Best Allstate® 6-unit Passenger



has triple Diesels?





Guaranteed to thrill young railroaders. Big triple

Diesel locomotive, realistically detailed ·in plastic.

Power unit has bright headlight, four wheel drive,

oilless bronze bearings and new power pull feature

(friction-grip driving wheels). Set also includes



unit, diesel rear unit, two fully lighted

Astra-Dome coaches and one lighted observation

coach. Five sections of straight, eight sections of

curved large-radius track, ap.d one uncoupler section

Breaker Transformers.... 5 -tie Track


wit h more pl ay v a lue t ha n most t rai ns w e've ev er seen


$15 79

with sign form


oval. Train measures

69 inches overall.. Run it forward and back, speed

it up or slow it down, couple and uncouple cars, all

by remote control. 100-watt transformer with cir–

cuit breaker and 2 sets of binding posts . .

operate train .. other for accesspries.- UL Approved

for 110-120 volt, 60-cycle AC. Track connector.

Use Sears Easy. Terms on orders of $20 or more.

79 N09632-Shipping weight



. . .. $29.79