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Our Rest Lionel Tr ain has 9 Units

New . . features Magne-tr action drive



new 9-unit Work Train powered by huge

"Wabash GP-7" •Diesel-type locomotive. How he'll

thrill to its power . . running train forward or back,

fast or slow . . coupling or uncoupling cars by remote

control . . the built-in "live" sounding wail of a real

Diesel horn . . bright headlight . . rail-gripping Magne–

traction . . the crane car with its realistic rotating cab

and separate hand wheel controls for boom and hook

. . the New Haven box car with its sliding doors ..

loading and unloading the plane, autos and lumber on

de luxe flat cars . . the remote control lumber car

with logs, unloading bin, new transformer car atid

unique work caboose. Plastic and steel.

8 curved pieces, 7 straight and 1 uncoupling

section form 147-in. oval track. 90-watt drcuit

breaker transformer has two controls: one for

horn, the other for speed. Two fixed voltage ranges

for accessories. Track lock-on and lubricant. Ship–

ping weight 18 pounds.

79 N 09658-97 in. long. . .... . . . . . .

. .$49.75


Powerful Ne.(,- Lionel 'V27""G auge


8-unit Lionel Train

Powerful Twin Diesel Freight .. Plastic and Steel



have UL approved

transformers for 110.120-volt,

60-cyde AC. Cars have 2 double

trucks, 8 die-cast wheels with

remote-control uncoupling.

Denve r and Rio Grande

locomotive with Snow Plow,

Modeled aftertheVulcan,gear–

driven "workhorse" of the

mountains. Simulated lights

front and rear; dummy bell.


die-cast wheels; 4 wheel drive,

operating coupler. 8 in. long.

49 N 9870- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. $1 1





Ne.w! Union Pacific Diesel

Switcher. Two-tone yellow and

gray combination-a versatile

"workhorse" with headlight

and self-centering couplers

front and rear,. 8 wheels.

Magne-traction gives it tre–

mendous pulling po\ver, great-.

er speeds on curves without


12;l4 in. long;

49 N 9867-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.



7 -unit Freight



Steam-type with re_a l

piston-rod action!





Colorful 8-unit Twin Diesel 79-inch

freight with headlight and powerful

magne-traction. M.K.T. power . unit,


dummy unit, flat car with boat,

box car, girder car, gondola car with canis–

ters, hopper and caboose. Load and unload

the boat, canisters and girder .. couple, un–

couple the cars, travel· fast or slow in

either direction , all by· remote control.

Eight curved, three straight and one

uncoupling section make 117-inch oval

track. 45-watt transformer, lock-on and

instructions are included.

79 N 09656- Shipping weight 11 lbs.. .. $29.79

[[] New! Real istic 7-unit Freight ·Train.

Steam-typelocomotive with real piston

rod action-. . how he'll thrill to the sight of

its lively power as it hauls six cars- tender,

hopper car, gondola with canisters, box

car, Range Patrol car, and caboose. Train

js plastic and steel.

Eight curved, 2 straight sections of

track form 94-inch oval. Automatic un–

coupler unit for uncoupling the cars fits

an)• straight track section. 45-watt trans–

former, lock-on, instructions included.

Train is 61 in. Jong.


79 N 09655-Shipping wt. 9 lbs... . ... .$ 19.95

New! Executive Inspection

Car. Actual model of station

wagon used by railroad ex–

ecutives for inspection of

their right-of-way. 4 extra

flanged wheels for rail travel.

Illuminated interior. 2-posi–

tion reverse gives direction

by remote control. Car 7


in. long.

Operoting Section Gang Cor. '

Built-in motor. Car and work–

ers.reverse automatically when

buffer plate at either end

strikes object. Plastic and

steel. For "027" or "O" gauge.

6 inches long over-all.

New! Fireflghting Car. Self–

propelled, reverses direction

when contai::ting another

object and helmeted fireman

swivels automatically. Car

equipped with outrigger type'

dummy sprinklers, red light

flashes when in ·motion,

carries reel of fire hose which

actually unrolls! 7 in. long.

49N9860-Wt. 2 lbs.. .. . $10.98

49 N 9857-Wt. 2 lbs...




Buy the trains of your choice

on Sears Easy Terms ·.. only

103 down on $20 or more!

49 N 9846- Wt. 2 lbs.. . . .. $6.29