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Miniature Make-believe l/VcJrlds

Take them to fun lands of "let's pretend"

Over 190 pieces Make


Appear Just as It Is "down on the farm"

[]] O ur Biggest, Modern Farm with hands,

equipment .. everyth ing to n1ake


run :

Big, hip-roofed steel barn with attached

shed and twin silos. Strong sheet steel con–

struction with all edges, windows turned for

safety. Colored in true-life detail with plastic

cupolas. Haylift hoists plastic bales of hay.

Open back makes it easy to bed down animals

for the night. 22 in. long. 9 in. wide. lO



high. PlasHc-roof silos. Easy to assemble.

Chicken House wit h realistic broken-span

roof. 7


in. long, 3 in. deep, 3


in. high.

Friction-drive metal Tractor hitches to and

pulls spreader. conveyor, i)low, harrow. rake.

rnmving 1nachine. wagon- all attachments

have moving


Farm Anima ls and Fowl. Lifelike models in

3-dimension molded plastic . . horses, cows.

colts, calves, dogs, lambs, kids, pigs, goats.

sows. roosters. hens. ducks, other tiny birds.

Horses 2


inches high. others in proportion.

Molded Plastic Produce. Cabbage heads. to–

mato plants, pole beans and corn stalks.

Form Folks. Farmer with pitchfork. boy with

pail, farmer with hoe. 3 farmhands: 1 with

wrench. 1 carrying chicken. another a feed–


Ba rn Accessories' Feedbags. feedbox. block

and tackle. litter carrier slides along overhead



bales of ha.v, garbage can, milking stool


pitchfork.. shovel. new cowstall with wire

stanchions. milk rnno

Fence. 12 largE' sections plastic barbed wire

fence. 8 small sections plastic farm fence, large

shade tree.

79 N 05989-Shipping weight 8 lbs..... . .$7.98

Over 100 pieces of "good earth" fun for would-be farmers


Realistic modern fa rm set with large h ip-

roofed barn and slant-roofed chicken

house. Steel Barn. Opens at back to admit

animals and


bales of hay. Haylift really

lifts! Litter carrier slides! 2 plastic cupolas on

roof. Measures 13Yzx9)4xl0Y, inches high.

Separate silo 9


inches hif(h. has plastic dome ;

brightly colored steel. Easy lo assemble.

Fa rm equipmenh Plastic tractor with hitch–

ing-l10ok for plastic implements. Planter, plow,

stone boat. harrow, tractor scoop. tractor

scraper, wagon. Plastic barn accessories.

Feedbags, feedbox. bales of hay, garbage ca n


shovel, pitchfork, milking stool.



litter carrier, block and


with hook.

Farm livestock. Molded plastic horses, cows,

colt s) calves, dogs. lambs, kids, goats, pigs,

sows, roosters, hens, ducks, chicks, dllcklings,

birds. Horses 2 in. high , others in proportion.

Ten 4%'.-inch sections plastic barbed wire

fence enclose livestock in farmyard.

79 N 05941 -Shipping weight 6 pounds . . ... .$4.99

New! 192-piece Battleground Set with 3 long-range missiles


Authe ntic miniature of powerful U.S.

invasion force. Set includes: Plastic com –

bat sold iem over 80, divided in 2 fierce fight–

ing units. Figures 2)4 in. high (standing)

others i11 proportion. Command Post: Hq.

tent. pup tents, cot, flag and pole, plastic

" barbed wire" fence. Heavy Equipment (poly

ethylene): tank, tiel<l gun, helicopter, landing

craft, jeep, half-track, assault raft. 3 Shooting

Wea pons: for medium


long and dose-range

firing, and miniature compass for tire control.

Battlefield Equipment, over 90 realistic plastic

accessories include pillbox, sa11dbag emplace-

ments, roadblock, barbed wire entanglement,

ammo case, recoilless rifle on tripod, first-aid

case, field switchboard, bombed out building,

trench mortar, pontoon bridge, fallen log, land

mines, mine field flags, trees, stumps, others.

79 N 05943 -Shipping weight


lbs... . . . . . .


33 -piece So ldier Set (not shown.) Hq. Build–

ing of brightly decorated metal. Soldiers and

field equipment are detailed molded plastic.

Includes 6 pieces of fence,flag and pole, plane,

armored vehicle, machine gnn that shoots,

shell, 22 soldiers, many in fighti ng poses.

49 N 5906-Shipping weight I pound.. . . .. .. $ 1.97

44-pc. Set Re-creates the World of Prehistoric Beasts and Cave Men


Price Cut! Warehouse with


and Truck

Operation "Fun" . . loading and unloading 18-piece open-face

warehouse set with rubber-tired mobile fork lift .. clicker

crank, 3 pallets, 3 barrels, 2 blocks and 7 decorated fiberboard

boxes .. plus realistic rubber-tired platform truck! Drawbar

on truck attaches to fork


1Sx3%'.x14-in. high building of

3-ply board on. wood frame with 12x16-in. Masonite Presd–

wood base. Easy to assemble.

49 N 5926-Shipping weight 6 lbs. Was

$4.47.. .

. ....

Now $3.77

Fun-Rea lism with 3-dimensional Figures

Collecting miniatures can be such fun! Carefully detailed

figures in each set of molded Polyethylene plastic, some 2

inches and up to 3 inches tall. Others in proportion.


49 N 5953- 53-piece Plastic Farm Animal Set. Cows, horses.

3 inches long; small form stock, fowl, birds in proportion.


49 N 5957- 14-piece Knight Set, Variety poses---i:1rmed Knights


on foot and






5954- 16-Piece Prehistoric Set.


kinds of dinosaurs, birds,



cove men, 2¥4 inches to 3 inches toll.

All Sets Above.

State Catalog



quantity. Sh



each 10 oz.

Each Set 88c.

. .... .... . ..... . . . . . . ..... 2 sets for $1.69


Includes 23 Reptile Species, 12 Cave Men

[]] Re-create the world of dinosaurs, reptiles and cave men as

they were millions of years ago! Realistic, earth-color



inches high. Has simulated blue

pool, waterfall, realistic palms and ferns.

Twenty-three prehistoric


of colored polyethylene

plastic in lifelike shapes: a gigantic Brontosaurus, duck–

billed Hadrosaurus, toothless glider-like Pteranodon, huge

bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus, fierce flesh-eating Allosaurus,

broad-snouted Trachodon and other priinitive creatures. In–

cludes 12 cave men, dwarfed by the beasts. wielding stones,

spears and primitive clubs. Size of beasts and men ranges

from 8 inches long to 2 inches high, all in proportion. Complete

with illustrated, informative book.

79 N 05934-Shipping weight 4 pounds . . . .

. . .. . •..... $4.79

NOTE: Play pieces included in Sets may vary slightly, but

total number will be as stated.

You can OPEN a Sears E asy T erms Account

if yo u r order totals $20 or more . .

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