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Happi-Time 23-piece Tool Kit

Red steel box, 16%x8Ux3%, has 2 catch–

locks and carrying handle. Holds: 10-in.

level; 15-in. saw; 6-oz. claw hammer;

forged slip-joint pliers; screw driver; 3

open-end wrenches; T-square; block plane;

brace and bit; coping saw with 3 blades;

sanding block; 2 pieces sand paper; car–

penter's pencil; 12-inch rule and 24-page




1503-Shpg. wt.




oz..· . ..... $4.89

Happi-Time 33-piece Tool Kit

Steel wall cabinet (18x18 in. open) has a special

place for eaeh tool. 14);2-in. saw; 10-in. level; 6-ozc

hammer; slip-joint pliers; coping saw with


blades; screw driver; block plane; T -square;


and %-in. chisels; 3 open-end wrenches; hand

drill with 9 drills


/is-U-inch size; carpenter's pen–

cil; 12-in. rule.and 24-page manual.

79 N 01512-Shipping weight


lbs.. ....

. . $8.87

79 N Tl 553L-Save $1.02. Combination of above tool set

with bench 179N01510Kl at right. Wt.


lbs..... $17.34

Belt, 13 Tools


Junior Tool Set

Leather Tool Belts k.eep


tools handy

Stnrdysteelbox, 12Ux5Ux2U

in., holds: saw with 8-in. blade;

4-oz.. claw hammer; metal T-

... square; screwdriver; pliers;

metal triangle with 6 sizes of

gauge holes; sandpaper block;

2 p)eces sandpaper; pencil;

12-inch rule ; and work-book. ·

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz.

49 N 1523 ........ ... .. .$1.89

_ [Kl

Fitted Tool Belt. Pliers,

flashlight uses 2 batteries

(not incl.) see right, screw–

driver, jack-knife, friction

tapeon chain,hammer.Leath–

er belt fits waists 22 to 30 i·n.

491-ll 516-Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz. $3.98


49 N 1517- Junior Belt. Sim–


ilar to above, but without knife,

flashlight. Wt. 1 lb. 15 oz. .. $2.87

De luxe Top Grain Belt.

Hammer, Phillips screw–

driver, reg. screwdriver, long–

nose pliers, slip-joint pliers,

jack knife, tape-on chain, 3

wrenches, flashlight uses 2

batt. (not incl.), rule, carpen–

terpencil. Fitswaists22-30 in.

49Nl 552-Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz. .$5.79

34N4650-Batt. Wt. 8 oz.. 2, 35c

For Young Hobbyists

Tool and Craft KitS develop skills

Our Best 45-piece Happi-Tirrte Tool Kit $14.49

Sturdy steel wall cabinet opens to big 24x24-inch size. Cabinet

specially made to provide each tool with its own place. Teaches

craftsman-like neatness . . keeps workshop orderly. Fully

equipped with: saw with cross-cut metal cutting, key hole,

pruning and hack saw blades; coping saw with S coping saw

blades and 1 hack saw blade; hand twist drill set of 9 drills,

'/is to U-in. sizes; brace with U-in. bit;. 9-oz. claw hammer;

T-square; 6-ft. folding wooden rule; 10-in. level; 2 screw drivers;

3 chisels,



and 1-in. sizes; slip-joint pliers; block plane;

3 open-end wrenches; carpenter's pencil; 24-page working

manual. Build your order to $20 or more. Use Sears Easy Terms.

79 N 01514-Shipping weight 16 pounds . . ....... . ...... Set $14.49

Save $1


Combination of tool set above and bench

(79N01510K) below. Ideal gift for the hobby-mi11ded youngster.

Payonly$2.50downonSears Easy Terms. See page


79 NT 1556L-Shipping weight


pounds ...... Complete set $22 .50

Save on Bench-Tool



B;nch only


Work bench has 32x16-in.

top, 28 in. from floor..Metal

vise. 24x14-in. storage tray,

large wood drawer. Unfin–

ished, easy to assemble.

Save money! See combi–

nation offers 79NT1553L,

79NT1556L above.

79N01510K-Wt. 27 lbs. $9.49

Woodburning Sets make exciting designs in wood, leather and foil .. safe, UL-approved air-cooled Electric Pens are 110-120 volt, AC or DC

Economy Woodburning Set. Bum designs

in wood . . tap patterns on foil plaques.

\Voodburning pen, paints, instructions.

49 N 2221-Shipping weight l lb... . .... $1.69

Larger Set has 2 extra brass overpoints.

49 N 2003-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.... $2.69

Better Woodburning Set has 2 wood plaques, 4%x4Ys

in.; 5 wood plaques 4%x2


in.; wood tie rack; 2 figured

foil plaques; 6 leaf foil transfers. Woodbnrning pen, 3

extra points, tapping tool, paints, brush. pencil, instruc–

tions. In sturdy metal box.

49 N 2177-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz..... . ... . .. Set $4.98

Our Best Woodburning Set features 4 extra-large wood

plaques; 2 book ends; 4 foil and 2 wood tappings. Woodburning

pen with 4 extra points, paints, brush, tapping tool, pencil.

49 N


metal box with tray. Wt. 3 .lbs. 8 oz.. -·· ..... $6.98





BvilcJ an Easy Terms

order oi $20 or more


pay 10% down