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Toys that Help


Tots learn coordination while they play



G iant Nesting Blocks


Six colorful corrugated

fiberboard blocks, strong

enough to hold an adult.

Nesting feature aids in learn–

ingletters. numbers; helps de–

velop co-ordinatio;... Provide

endless play activity. SxS in.

to IOxlO in. Can be wiped

clean with a damp cloth.

Self-storing. Easy to assem–

ble. Very colorful.

79 N 04732- Wt. 5 lbs... $2.98


41-piece set


Jumbo Building Blocks


Twent y corrugated

fiberboard blocks . . .3

different shapes - squares,

rectangle$, triangles. Printed

on 3 sides in simulated

brick. other sides in various

solid colors. Strong enough

to hold 150 pounds. Build

houses, forts, ships, etc...

provide hours of creative

play. Easy· to assemble.

79 N 04734- Wt. 8 lbs... $2.98

Educatio nal Blo cks


Like those used in kin-

dergartens. Correctly

balanced assortment o f

shapes. sizes. Tots build

houses, bridges. etc. . . de–

velop s c o-ordin a tion.

Smoothly sanded pine.

Blocks l


in. thick.

79 N 04664--41-piece set.

Shipping weight 10 lbs..... $4.39

49 N

4663- 22-piece sel.

Shipping weight 6 lbs . . ... $2.69

Hardwood Snap Train, Track Set

Bigger Snap Train and Track Outfit


Fun to put together, take apart .. ideal

for tots; keeps them safely entertained

for hours. Snaps on each of the 5 cars for

easy coupling, uncoupling. 34-inch track

layout with ramp and blocks can be set up

in many different arrangements. Smoothly

finished. From Japan. Build your order to

$20 or more . . only 10% down, Easy Terms.

49 N 4665- Shipping weight 2 pounds..... $2.69





More pieces, more play value. Straight

and curved track sections plus switch for



different layouts. "Snap-action"

makes it easy for playtime railroaders to re–

arrange track sections, couple and uncouple

cars. Made of sturdy hardwood to stand up

under hard use. Smoothly finished for safety.

Provides hours of creative activity. Imported

from Japan. Order now to avoid Christmas

rush .. Use Sears Easy Terms.

49 N 4633- Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz..... $4.49



Little -Train-that-goes-to-

Bed. Fun to pull at play–


folds for storage at

night. Cars easy to couple. un–

couple. Unbreakable pol.vethy–

lene. 3 72x4Y.x22 inches long.

49 N 4421 -Wt. I lb. 8 oz.. $ 1.69


Foo d Grinder. Drop five

l-in. beads into grinder . .

turn crank .. " ding ding"–

they pop out into the separate

bucket. Smoothly fini shed

hardwood with metal bell.

SY.x8x7 inches.

49 N 4725- Wt. I lb. 8 oz. $2.69


Take -apart Work Bench.

Has wrench, hammer and

screwdriver. Also a pounding

toy! Made of sturdy wood, with

Masonite Presdwood back.

Bench is 1072xllx6 in. high.

49 N 4761-Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz..$1.99


Peg Pounder. Pound down

on one peg with wooden

mallet . . peg opposite pops up;

pegs can't drop out of bench .

Non-toxic colors. Smoothly frn–

ished wood. 872x.3 Y,x4in. high.

49 N 4688-Shpg. wt. I lb ... 88c


Flip -Flop Peg Boa r d.

Pound with wood mallet

on 8 colorful wood pegs; then

flip top over and begin

Smoothly varnished hardwood.

672xl372x4 inches high.

49 N 4762 - Wt. 2 lbs. 9 oz.. $ l .79


Take -apart Iron. Little



enjoy as–

sembling 5-piece smooth hard–

wood iron. Help lVIommy

" iron" Daddy's shirts, dolly's

clothes. 3x6x3



49 N 4728-Shpg. wt. I lb..


l .79


Freddie Fireplug. Happy

one minute, sad the next as

mouth and eye sections are

turned upside down. Corel

prevents loss of smaller pieces.




Smooth hardwood.

49 N 4723-Shpg. wt. I lb.. $1.79


Junior Ed -U-Kit. 3 un-

breakable plastic toys:

Bild-A-House .. 7 interlocking

pieces; Kittie in the Kegs ..

tiny kittie inside 7 kegs; Ed-U–

Phone .. 8 pcs. make toy phone.

49 N 4740- Wt. I lb. 6 oz.. $2.99


New! Take -a part Truck

with Blocks. Load and tm–

load . . take truck apart with

wood screwdriver. Smoothly

finished wood, nontoxic colors.

Truck 8x872xl872 in. long.

49 N 4685-Wt. 7 lbs. .. ... $6.69


New! Mobile Wo rk Shop.

Take apart completely,

put together with wood screw–

driver, wrench, h ammer.

Smoothly finished wood. Non–

toxic colors. 7x7 Y,x20 in. long.

49 N 4672 - Wt. 6 lbs...... $4.79


Sewing Machine. Turn the

crank .. watch spools bob

and disc revolve as rubber

"needle" hits it . Size is lOx


inches. Smooth hard–

wood. Non-toxic colors.

49 N 4726 -Wt. I lb. 6 oz.. $2.49


New! Perky Pot and Lunch


Turn crank .. "Pop,,

says Perky as ball strikes

acetate dome. Hardwood. 5x

672x3 inches. Plastic 5x4Y,'

272-inch lunch box, leakproof

plastic bottle.

49 N 4701 - Shpg. wt. I lb... $1.57


K.i d d i e - Ka r y Ca



Blocks can b<e strung to–

gether. 5 shapes fit hoies on

elastic hinged cage top. Cage

6 in. high , 7Yz-in. diameter.

49 N 4662-Wt. I lb.


oz.. $2.99


Milk Carrier. Deliver milk

bottles to Mom and pals.

Fun to stack too, replace in

rack. All wood with smooth

edges. 6Yzx472x6 inches.

49 N 4657-Wt. I lb.1 2oz.. $1.79


Fill 'n' Play Milk Bottle.

Tykes jiggle the 9-in. high

polyethylene bottle filled with

smoothly finished hardwood

clothes pins, play "fill the bot–

tle. " Plastic cap.

49 N 4419-Shpg. wt. 8 oz.... 74c


Koo Zoo Blocks. Wil d

beasts in 172-in. square,

clear plastic rnges. Safe, easy

to rattle, fun for bath.

49N474l-12-pc. set. Wt.8 oz ..98c

49N4705 - 20-pc. set. Wt. I lb.$1.49


New! Blockville Blocks.

Build colorful ci stles,

houses, villages. Smoothly fin–

ished wood. Non-toxic colors.

Shpg. wts. 1 lb.


oz., 2 lbs. 10

oz., 4 lbs.

49 N 4706-36- pc. set. ... . . .97c

49 N 4707-72-pc. set.... .


l .87

49 N 4729-108-pc. seL



Bag of Blocks. Big mesh

bag of 70 blocks . . 10 dif–

ferent shapes cut from Ys-in.

thick wood. Smoothly finished

edges, non-toxic colors.

49 N 4733-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. $2.69


Hi-Lo Sa fety Blocks. Wood

embossed with letters, pic–

tures, Grooved top and bot–

tom. Rounded edges. Non–

toxic. Shpg. wts. 1 lb. 6 oz. ,

2 lbs. 12 oz., 4 lbs. 4 oz.

49 N 4775-30 1%-in. blocks . .98c

49 N 4776- 30 131. -in. blocks.$1.97

49 N 4777-48 1Y, .in. blocks. 2.94


Happi -Time Wagon with

Interlocking Safety

Wood Blocks. Steel wagon

with double disc, swivel front

wheels. 14-inch handle.

49 N 4773-32 blocks. lH'.x7Y., x6-

in. wagon. Shpg. wt.


lbs . .$2.74

49 N 4797-32 blocks. l3Y2 x7x5Y2 -

in. wagon. Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.. . .. $2.25