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Modern-Kitchen and Store

Reinforced corrugated fiberboard Kitchen Appliances for little housekeepers


Right-Size Toy Refrigerator has separate

freezer compartment and shelves in door for

more space . _ greater play value. Plastic pull

handles. Reinforced hinges. Blue and red on

white. Little homemakers will love storing

·'perishables" for later-use in preparing meals

for the "family." Don't disappoint them. place

your order in plenty of time for Christmas.

79 N 01150-18x11x38 in. high. Easy-to-folio;,, assem-

bly directions. Shipping weight 8 pounds .. . ....



Right-Size Toy Sink has lift-out plastic sink

tray for easy filling, non-working drain and

faucets. Corrugated fiberboard treated with

water-repellent coating. 2 doors, 2 roomy


79 N 0115.1-19\-1 xl0%x26Y, in. Easy-to-follow as–

sembly directions. Shipping weight 6 pounds.




Right-Size Toy Stove has 4 big make-believe

b urners. red knobs. pull-out drawer. clock

timer, oven, oven shelf and look-in plastic oven

window for kitchen-like realism. Fiberboard.

79 N Ol l 37-16xl lx26V2 in. high. Easy-to-follow di-

rections. Shipping weight


pounds.. . · . . ....... $3.27


N 01152-Sove $1.20 on motching ensemble of



above. Shipping weight 19 pounds.$10.48


Dish Cabinet has 3 shelves, cutlery drawer,

storage compartment. Blue, red on white.

7.9N01136-J6Y,xl1V.x40 in. high. Dishes not incl.

Easy-to-follow directions. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs..... . ..



Superma_rket with packages, toy money.

Red, blue, tan tile effect outside: shelves.

. 79 N 01138-34x20V.x61 In. high. Easily assembled.

Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.... .... . ..... . .- .. .. ..... : .. $2.97

Stewardess Set


Diaper Bag Set 92c

16-pc. Bath Set


31-pc. Feeding Set


"Miss American Airlines"

Set in sky blue "flight-case"

with carrying handle. Con–

tains reproductions of AA

bat pin, flight wings,

ste~ardess ring, post cards and

luggage stickers; flight serv–

ice tumbler, serving tray

and accessories. stewardess

diploma; cotton felt hat fits

all sizes. Many other flight


49Nl 077-Shpg. wt.


lbs. $4.87

Pretty viny1 carrying

bag holds everything

dolly will 11eed while

traveling with her new

mother. Double-opening

bag has two sturdy metal

catches and double carry–

ing straps. Accessories

include plastic milk

bottle. diaper with · pin

and plastic bib to pro–

tect dolly's clothing.

49N 1391-Wt. l lb.... 92c

Pretty drink and wet doll

with sleeping eyes comes

with her own pastel poly–

ethylene bath set. Acces–

sories are bassinet, baby

bath and diaper pail with

cover: cotton flannel doll

blanket. Plastic vanity

tray has carrying handle

.. holds baby's hair comb,

rattle, bar of soap and six

. clothes pins. Wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.

49Nl083 .......... . $1.95

Everything a new motherneeds

to feed her dolly.



lene bottles with caps, nipples.

Enameled metal sterilizer with

cover, plasticbottlerack, tongs.

l\1easuring cup, spoon, funnel.

Orange juicer \}'ith strainer,

feeding dish, spoon, teething

cup, r;ittle. For Cleaning up . .

bottle brush, soap powder

,and sponge. Pastel colors.

Attractively gift boxed.


N 1373-Wt. 1 lb. 11 oz. $1.84

5-drawer Nursery Chest


Spacious utility chest with solid wood

frame construction and sturdy ma–

sonite top. Colorful nursery design

print covered with scratch and stain–

resistant Mylar@ wipes clean in a

jiffy. Five drawers ideal for toy or

clothes storage. 12xl9x28 inches high.

79N01395-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs.....•. $8.87