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Our Best Key-type


Portable Typewriter


Real keyboard with 84 letters and numbers arranged just like those

on a real office typewriter


• Steel frame and carrying case has 2-tone pastel finish, chrome trim

A small replica of a real typewriter sGaled for little hands ... helps chil–

dren get the "feel" of actual typewriting. Complete keyboard with capi–

tal and small letters, numbers and punctuation marks, responds to

feather-light touch. Attractive easy-to-read type. Strong metal construc–

tion .. yet light enough for a child to carry in its smart snap-on case.

Uses ·standard 8)1xl l··inch writing paper, standard Ya-inch· ribbon.

49 N.1775-IOY2XIOY2x4 inches high. Shippir:_g weight 10 pounds.


New! Accurate Toy Computer

Adding Machine Set

Adds, multiplies,


or divides

anv combination of numbers from 1 to

12: Answer stays hidden until the pro–

per buttons are pushed. Ideal for

teaching children arithmetic. Attach

legs on back for convenient slant.

High-impact plastic !Ox!Oxl in. high.

49· N 1767-Shipping wt. I lb. 12

oz . .


Ea.'iy-to-operate machine takes

any figures .. accurately adds

them up to 9999. All-steel con-·

struction with baked-enamel

finish . . mounted on metal

base. With magic slate and

stylus. 9x6x4 in. high.

49 N 1769-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. $2.49

Spelling-Counting Board

Colorful 931-inch plastic board,

movable wood inserts with

printed letters and numbers.

Slide inserts around board to

form words, solve simple prob–

lems. I t's fun and it helps

youngsters learn how to spell

and how to use numbers. Order


49 N l B45-Shpg. wt. 9




Clock a nd Calendar Teacher

10-inch fiberboard clock has 12 wood

blocks representing hourly numbers to

be put in proper position, two mov–

'able clock hands to tell time. Reverse

side has places for the 12



an enjoyable way for youngsters to

learn to tell time and to learn the

i;nonths of the year. Order now for


49 N 1734-Shpg. wt. 12 oz.......... 87c

Learning is l?izn

Santa's Educational and Entertaining Gifts

Dial-type Toy Typewriter

Just turn and punch the dial .. watch this

fast-working machine type attractive,

easy-to-read letters. The 40-character dial

has all letters of the alphabet, numbers

and punctuation marks arranged in an

easy-to-read circle. Non-working dummy

keyboard. Strong molded plastic body

looks like real typewriter. Uses standard–

size typing paper. One red and one black

typewriter ribbon included.


inches high. A wonderful way to make

learning fun.

49 N 1789-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 7

oz. .

. .


49 N 1848-Black ribbons.

Shipping weight

2 ounces . ..

.. 2 for 28c

l ow Priced Toy Typewriter

A good first typewriter for any hndding

young journalist or secretary. Makes

learning new words and spelling easier,

more fun. 35-character dial revolves . .

pti.nch it and watch easy-to-read capital

letters and numbers print on standard–

size writing paper. Non-working dummy

keyboard printed like that of a real of–

fice typewriter. All-steel fully enclosed

case. -Attractive colorful baked-on enam–


finish. No mar rubber feet protect



Y,xt0x4 in. high,

49 N 1732-Shpg.


2 lbs. 10




49 N 1714-Extra ribbons, I Black, I red.

Shipping weighL 2 ounces. .

. ... 2 for 29c

Point and Crayon Sets encourage budding young artists


Giant Popeye Re.,ersible Eras




plastic-coated Popeye pic–

tures to color again and again, 12 wipe-off

crayons. Tracer, sharpener, wiper. Lots of

fun for youngsters.

49 N 1748-13x21xl


in. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 az.$1.77

49 N 1746-6-pictures, 6



sharpener, wiping tissue. Wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.....



Roy Rogers Crayon-by-N umber. Set

for child too young for paints. Fill in

numbered spaces with crayon. 20 crayons,

sharpener, lift-out eta.yon holder. 16 num–

bered Roy Rogers outline pictures.

49 N 1853-Shpg. wt. I lb. 4

oz. : . . .... .




Ding -Dong School Finger Paints.

T\velve 1)1-oz. shatter-proof plastic

jars of paint; 10 sheets treated paper: 3

wood spatulas, instruction booklet. Or–

der early to avoid the Christmas rush!

49 N 1Z87-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 15 oz.... $1.77


N 1785-6

'jars of



sheets, I spo_tula,

booklet. Wt. l lb.


oz... .... . .. . . .... 87c


De luxe Fountain Brush Paint Set. 12

plastic applicator-type brushes with

U.S. Certified colored tablets. Fill with

\\'ater and paint . . fun, easy, no mess. 20

extra tablets,


pictures, stencil set.

49 N 1757-Shpg. wt. ·1 !b. 2 oz...... $1.77




Add educational toys to your Easy Terms






10% down on orders of $20

or more.

See page 264 for complete details.