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for Dolly

Comfy Beds and Cribs for Sleepy Toy Tots

New! Canopied Doll Bed in timeless Early American Styling

30-in. Bed

A masterpiece of doll furniture! Exquisitely mod<;]ed of solid maple and

finished in gleaming mahogany, this graceful four-poster is a small replica of

the most expensive adult bed. The posters and footrail are turned; the head–

board is shaped. Bed comes with thick mattress, 2 stuffed pillows, 2 sheets

and 2 pillowcases. A crisp dotted Swiss organdy canopy cover and. bedspread

complete a set that any little girl would be proud to own. Unassembled.

79 N M9281-30x18Y2X28 in. high. Freight, express or truck. ShPIJ. wt. 15 lbs... . . . $15.95

49 N 9289-Single bed os above lwith one pillow\ lox9Y,xl5 In. high. Wt. 4 lbs... 6.95




I Jf/ .


Convertible Maple Bunk Bed

Use it as a double decker, 27'in.

high; or side by side as twin beds,

each 14%"x29 il1. long. Authentic

colonial styling with turned corner

posts and rich maple finish. Maple

ladder helps dolly to top bunk.

Wood slat bottom. Mattress, pillows

not incl. (see below) .Easytoassemble.

79 N 09272-Shpg. wt. 15 lbs... . $10.95


N 9279-Tufflex* mattress for above

bunk. Shpg.


12 oz......... .Each 98c




Matching. Doll Bedding Set

Make dolly cozy. Pink cotton beacon

cloth blanket, 18x25 in.; cotton flan–

nel receiving blanket, 17x17 in.;

sheet, 17x27 in.; embroidery-edged

pillow slip; pillow; · clothes pins,

safety pins. Fits all doll beds.

49 N 9275-Shpg. wt. 8 oz...... . $1.89

Complete Bunk Bed Ensemble

It's easy and fun to rearrange dolly's

bedroom. Attractive hardwood beds

convert from a 26-inch high double–

decker to two 14x25-inch long twin

beds. Beds have striking white finish,

full panel headboards with gay decals,

slat foot posts. Matching ladder makes

it easy for dolly to climb in and out of

bed. Lovely sparkling white acces–

sories: plastic padded mattresses,

ruffled pillows.

79N09231 - Shpg. wt. 12 \bs. Complete $8.95

Drop-side Cribs .• so the little mother can tuck dolly in easily


Natural-finish Wood Crib has full-

panel headboard and footboard

with play beads. Pastel print mattress

on .durable Masonite Presdwood bot–

tom. Plastic no-mar casters protect

floors. Crib comes with soft plastic

bumper (not shown) to protect dolly's

head and shoulders. Crib 25x15x21 in.

high overall.

79 N 09216-Shpg. wt: 13 lbs..... . . $6.98


All-metal Drop-side . Crib has

white metal trim, light blue baked–

enamel finish. Sturdy full-panel head

and footboards trimmed with gay

nursery decals. Cushiony inflatable

pink plastic mattress rests on strong

steel wire spring. Clear plastic casters

protect floors. 26x14%x19% in. high

overall. Easy to assemble.

49"N 9222-Shpg. wt. 14 lbs.. • .•.... $8.69


Hardwood Drop-side Crib with

clear varnish finish. Sturdy panel

headboard and slat footboard. Pastel

print mattress on durable Masonite

P.resdwood bottom. Ruffled padded

bumper (not shown) has gay nursery

designs. Easy-rolling plastic casters.

25x14%x20 inches high overall. Easy

to assemble. Use Easy Terms.

79 N


wt. 8 lbs... . ... $3.98


All-steel Drop-side Crib has chip-

resistant. pink baked-on enamel

finish. Panel headboard and footboard

are decorated with multi-color nursery

designs. Soft inflatable plastic mat–

tress rests on steel wire spring. Swivel–

type rubber casters. 19%"li:12x6%; inch–

es high overall. Easy to assemble.

Shipping weight 6 lbs.


49 N 9263 ..... . ....... .. . . .... . $5.44

Add toys to your Easy Terms order

$3 .29

New! Musicrodle plays lullaby

Turn the crank .. rock dolly to sleep

to the tune of "Rork-a-bye Baby."

AU-wood cradle has multi-colored

dowel sides. Headboard and footboard

decorated with gaily colored nursery

figures. Decorated woodmattress. Crib

11%xl8% in. long. Easy to assemble.

49 N 9274-Shpg. wt.


lbs..... . ... $3.29

*Reg. U.S. :Pst. Off. (cellulose fiber)


,. Bosket only

Fiber Doll Basket



Collapsible white enameled basket is

light enough for little mothers. to

carry . . strong enough for hardest

wear. Folding legs lock in place. Mov–

able hood. Rolls easily on ·casters.

Pastel trim. 12x23x26 in. high overall.

79 N 09255-Baske! only. Wt. 7 lb_s. $5.98

49 N 9253-Tufnex* pad ond plastic print

liner for above. Shpg. wt. 7



$ 1.59