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Tubular Steel High Chair


Little mothers will want to feed

their dolls on this all-metal high

chair with sturdy


steel legs.

M1>Vable feeding tray l_ets dolly get

in and out easily. Gay blue and yel–

low enameled finish. Shaped seat

and back. Seat 9x8 inches deep. 29

inches high overall.

79 N09224-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.. . ... $3.79

Channel Steel High Chair


Like above, but with channel

steel legs. Blue and yellow en–

ameled finish. Seat 8x872 in. 29 in.

high overall. Easy to assemble.

79 N 09285-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs...... $2.49

ACJd dolf fvrnifvre to your Easy Terms

Order. Pay only







or more.

Dolly's Own Wardrobe

Colonial style strol)g pine ward–

robe with a blond natural wood

finish. Just the place for the little

mother to store her doll's clothes.

Wardrobe has hat shelf, hangers

and drawer. Gay nursery decals

decorate door. l\1asonite Presd–

wood back. shelf, drawer bottom.

Hanger rod under shelf. 14x7X21

in. high.

79 N 09276-Shippi"'1 weight

10 lbs.. . . .

. . $5.98

Economy Doll Crib

Maple-finished wood, snug dowel

joints. Drop sides make it easy to

get dolly to bed. Play beads at foot

of crib; nursery decal at head. Re–

movable coated cardboard bottom

with wood slat supports. 22x12x

17)/z in..higb.

49 N 9283-Shipplng weight

3 lbs.


oz....... . ..... . .... $1.87


N 9251 -Tufflex* Mattress; plastic

cover. Shipping weight 7 oz.......



U.S. Pi\t.


(cellulose fiber)



Little Bathmaster Doll Bath


Combination hammock-dress-

ing table automatically lowers

and elevates doll in bath. Metal

splash guard has moving play scale.

Pocketed apron. Plastic drain hose.

Collapses for storage. %-in. chrome–

plated tubular steel legs; vinyl

hammock. Wt. 6 lbs.

79N09288L-23x17x27Y2 in. high. $7.98

Doll Bath with Dressing Table


Pastel dotted frosted vinyl

plastic top, hammock flap and

splash guard. Pocketed apron with

sponge, comb and soap. Metal ac–

cessory tray. Rubber drain hose.

72-in. tubular steel frame with

baked-enamel finish collapses for

storage. 12x20)/zx2772 in. high.

79 N 09250L-Shpg. wt.


lbs. .. $3.79



Complete Living and Bedroom Suites

built to scale for 8 to 10112 inch Dollies



24x14x11 in. high has

wood reinforced fiberboard walls.

White siding effect ontside; wallpaper

inside. 2 windows, 4 wood shutters, wood

grain effect floors. 2 pr. lace-like curtains

on metal rods. Red carpet 1Jx23


Framed picture. 4x8_Y:!-in. door.

13-pc. Philippine mahogany bedroom

set has. 6%'.xlO-in. bed with mattress,

sheet, blanket, bedspread, 2 pillows.


drawer "chest and dresser with mirror


slide-out fiberboard drawers. 2

night tables with slide-out drawers; 2

plastic-shaded lamps really light. (Bat–

teries incl.). Easy to assemble.

79N01446- Sove


Wt. 7 lbs.... $12;96

49N1481-Bedroom furn. Wt. 2 lbs. 14 oz. 5.98

79N01482-Room with fittings only. Shipping

weight 4 lbs. .. ....... . ............ $7.98


living-Dining Room.


room as at left. Living room:


sofa, chair, ottoman are cotton covered;·

2 step end tables, coffee table, 2 lamps

light (batteries incl.), curtains, dr_aw

.drapes, carpet, picture. Dining nook:

4x6x3%:-in. extension table with extra

board; 2 chairs. Easily assembled.

71iN01484-Sove $1.00. Wt. 7 lbs. Set $12.96

49N1477-Furniture only. Wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz. 5.98

79NO1483-Room with fittings only. Shipping




. . .$7.98

[]] Save.

$2.0~ ~ver S~parate


Furmshed hvmg-dmmg room PLUS

furnished bedroom PLUS roof. Would be

$26.89 if bought separately.

79N01464-Shpg. wt. 15 lbs. Complete $24.89

49N1453-11:>Y2x24xl4-in. roof. l lb.-12oz... 97c

Ultra-modern Dining and Living Room Sets

Contemporary furniture specially .styled for the 8 to 10-inch doll. Each piece

beautifully designed in selected hardwood. Gleaming natural wood, band-rubbed

finishes and chic decorator fabrics complete a set dolly will lo;e.

Dining Room Set.

Hix5 )/zx7%:-in. table;

2 upholstered chairs; modern buffet has

real sliding doors, sturdy shelves.

49 N 1480-Shpg. wt. 1 lb'. 8 oz.. . .. . $5.49

White Porcelain Tea Set,


rims. 4 cups, saucers, pot, sugar, creamer.

49N885-Japanese Import. Wt.


oz. 13 pc. 67c

Living Room Set.

Upholstered sofa; easy

chair; coffee table; end table; metal

lamp really lights, shade. No pictures.

Uses l battery (not incl.-see below).

49N1479-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


oz.. . . . . .. $5.49

34N4656,.-Battery for above. Wt. 1oz. 2 for 21