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She'll love to learn her A-B-C's of sewing!


Little home makers like to sew on this miniature model. Like mother's, it sews tfie

strongest of chain stitches and has an extension table that provides extra space in

which to work. Hand wheel controls speed in easy, safe operation. Thread tension adjusts

to fabric thickness, pressure foot holds it firmly. Safety guard, enclosed gears protect

little fingers. Bright, colorful enamel finish, die-cast head, plated trim. Uses 12xl No. 14 ·

needle. 'Extra needle and thread included. Hardwood base has drawer, metal clamps to

hold mad1ine on table. From West Germany.

49N 1221-12x43.4x63.4 in. high. Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces. ...... . ...... . .......


Similar to above, metal base only, no drawer or extension table.


49 N 1250-Size 8 Y2X4'.4 x6 inches. Shipping weight l pound 14 ounces... . . . . . . • .. . •...


Sewing kit and carrying case contain materials to make complete wardrobe for pretty

plastic doll! Also scissors, needle, thimble, thread, buttons, colored rickrack. 77\l-inch

doll has movabl"e arms, sleeping eyes, and real hair!

49N .1357-Case size, 18xl lx2 in. Shipping weight 1pound8 ounces.. • . • ........ ...... ..


Every Littl.e Mother



Thre-:-Level Design with Pool. Spacious .patio, p!cture

wmclows, hght and doorbell that work. Modern colors msicle

and out. Light powered by standard flashlight ,(battery not in–

cluded; see below). Sturdy steel house has plastic door that opens,

plastic stairs and railings for front entrance and access to lower

level. Also 2-way barbecue unit. .Family of 6 includes: mother,

father, sister and baby, diving boy and sitting


at pool. 35 plastic

utensils. Plastic furniture includes:

Living Room:

3-pc. Sectional

Sofa, Odd Chair, Torch Lamp, TV" Console. Corner Table, Coffee


Dining Room:

Table, 2 Arm Chairs, 2 Side Chairs, Buffet



Sink, Refrigerator, Stove, 2 Stools, Breakfast Bar.


Dinette Table, 4 Chairs.


Hollywood Tub, Commode,

L.avatory, Bench and Hamper.


Bed with separate head–

board, Van.ity, Bench and Dresser.


Crib, Hobby Horse,

High Chair.

Utility Room:

Washing Machine. Mangle, Clothes



Redwood-type Chaise, Love Seat, Chair, Table

with Umbrella, Coffee Table.


Diving Board, Ladder, Water

Toys. Over-all length of house and pool 38 inches.


N 01471-0ver-oll size, 29Y2x·loxl4 in. high. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.....


34 N 4650-2 standard Flashlight Batteries. Shpg. wt. of 2, 8 oz.... 2 for 35c


Colonial Style Twin Dormered 2-Story with Stairs, Breezeway

and Den. White brick and blue clapboard exterior on sturdy

steel. Plastic door that opens, doorbell, outdoor playground-gym

set, ph\stic cupola with weather vane. Polyethylene furniture

colored to match decor.

Living Room:

Sofa, Club Chair,Barrel Chair.

TV Set.

Dining Room:

Table, 2 Chairs, Buffet.


Table, 3

Chairs, Refrigerator, Stove-Sink Unit.


Double Bed,

Vanity, Bench, Chest-on-Chest.


Toilet, Tub, Washstand.


Crib, Play Pen, Potty Chair.


Piano, Bench, Ping

Pong Table, TV Set, 2 chairs.


2 Swings, Ladder, Slide,

Teeter-Totter, Sand Box.


N 01470-32xl5Y2X9 in. high. Shipping weight 8 pounds.........



5-Room Colonial design in metal has picture window, shutters,

stairs, patio-style ·canopy. Brightly deco.rated 2-tone exterior

with attractive simulated shrubbery. Plastic furniture ..i11clndes:

Living RQom:

Sofa, Club Chair, Barrel Chair, TV Set.

Dining Room:

Table, 2 Chairs, Buffet.


Table, 3 Chairs, Refrigerator,

Sink-Stove Unit.


Double Bed, Vanity, Bench, Chest.


Crib, Play Pen, Potty Chair.


Toilet, Tub, Wash–



Umbrella table, 2 Chairs, Chaise. Plus: 35-pc.

utensil set.


N 1469-0ver-oll size,


in. high. Shpg. wt. 6Jbs. 6 oz..


· @)

Miniature Dining Room and Kitchen. Box opens to form colorful

room setting. Detachable metal sidewall contains c.abinets, sink,

stove, refrigerator. Doors open to show tiny accessories including

toaster, coffee pot, broom, dustpan, 2 saucepans, 2 cups, saucers,

plates. Metal wall for dining unit has breakfront cabinet, table with

4 chairs. 2 candlesticks, 4 cups, saucers, tumbiers.

49 N 1121-Shipping weight I pound 7 ounces. . ......

. ... .


Five-piece Cleaning Set $1.87

FrictionVacuum that works! $1.87.

Famous Weave-Rite Hand Loom $3,98

Sew-It-Yourself Set

Happi-Time Cleaning set cuts dirt

clown to size! :Metal sweeper


2 in. has fiber bristle brush and bottom

that opens to empty. Plastic bristle

broom with 24-in. wood handle, metal

dustpan. 26-in. multi-colored wood–

handlecl dust mop. Plastic apron.

79N01302- Shipping wt. .3 lbs..-. ..$1





What fm1 to push . . motor hums,

"cold" sparks really fly and so does

dirt! Picks up by suction and re–

volving brush. Vinyl plastic bag

inflates and top slides off to empty.

Sweeper 6x6Yix3 in. Over-all" height

27 inches. From Japan.

49 N 1203-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. ... . . .

$1 .87

Such fun and industry for busy little weavers!

An authentic reproduction of large models . .

has 3 plastic warp holders with assorted colored

threads to weave scarves, ties, doilies, pot holders

or a blanket for dolly! Completely assembled.

10.Yilx97'1: in. high, 8 in. long. Easy-to-follow

instructions. Macie of sturdy styrene plastic.

49N 1353-'-Shipping weight 3 pounds ..... . ...


Fun in the making! 3 terry

towels with applique poo–

dles; 2 linens



"hers" design; embroidery

ring; 3 skeins colored

thread ; colored tape;

needle, thimble.

49N1379-Wt. l lb.5oz.


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