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All Cry Real Tears


16·in. Tiny Tears


with Car Bed


TINY TEARS hear her cry


blows bubbles, too


is so much fun

Squeeze this lovable baby and big tears roll down her chubby cheeks.

Tuck her in bed .. .she'll close her thick-lashed "go-to-sleep" glassene

eyes. Tiny Tears drinks from her bottle, wets .. loves her pacifier.

Bathe her in neck-high water to keep her soft molded rubber body

sweet. She dresses easily .. arms and legs aTe jointed. Hard-to-break

plastic head turns. Every Tiny Tears has instructions, accessories.


Tiny Tears with thick, glassy rooted Saran hair

for you to comb, brush and set over and over

again. She comes to you in a deluxe trunk of fiber–

board with plastic handle. Sweetly dressed in em–

bossed cotton romper. To keep her warm, she has a

new coat and bonnet. Dress her in her pink and white

cotton dress, panties and .boot ees. Her accessories

include diaper, bottle, bubble pipe, pacifier, wash–

cloth, sponge, soap, clothespins, Kleenex.

[]] Just put Tiny Tears in her 18 -in. square Play Pen

to make her happy ! Quilted plastic pad.cleans easily.

Tiny Tears is dressed in embossed cotton romper, is

16 in. tall, has lustrous rooted Saran hair to brush and

comb. She brings a waffie cotton dress, hat, panties, diaper

and bootees with her, has washcloth, soap, Kleenex,

sponge, clothespins, bottle, bubble pipe and pacifier.

79 N 03 145-Shipping weight 8 pounds... . .. ... ...... $15.48

49 N 3136-13 1'2-inch Tiny Teors with layette, trunk, occes·


16-i n. Tiny Tears ready to travel in her Car Bed of

sories os shown. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.... '...... . . .. . .. $11.27

quilted plastic. Steel frame,


in. long .. inflated

49 N 3035- l l



-inch Tiny Tears with layette, trunk, occes.

tufted mattress. Boxed layette has dress, bonnet, panties.

series !no coot, hot. Hos bothrobel . Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. . . . .$9.37

Plastic tote bag holds diaper, washcloth, soap, Kleenex,


Tiny Tears with Molded Hair .. looks so

much like a real baby. Easy to care for . .

you can bathe her .. low in price, too. She

comes in a lovely gift box .. is dressed in em–

bossed cotton romper. Give her the tender

care she loves with these accessories that are

included: bottle, diaper: sponge, soap, Kleen–

ex, pins, bubble pipe, washcloth, bootees, paci–

fier. Order now, make a little girl happy.

49 N 3033 - 16-in. Tiny Tears with cotton dress,

pants, bonnet, accessories. Shpg.


4 lbs..

, $9.44

49 N 3031 - 13Y2-in. Tiny Tea rs with dress, pants,

bonnet, accessories. Shpg.


3 lbs.. . .

. .$7.44

49 N 3131 - l l y,_inch Tiny Tears !Not shown). low priced

sponge, bottle, bubble pipe, pacifier. Rooted Saran hair ..

wears cotton corduroy overalls, felt coat, hat, knit bootees.

49 N 3030- l l Y2- in. Tiny Teors. Budge t priced; in

in gift box. Dressed in romper with accessories above, bib

romper shown above but without dress, pants, bon-

and 2-piece pajamas only. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. . . . . .... ... .$7.67

79 N 03146-Shipping weight 8 pounds..

. ... ,$16.97

net. Shpg.


2 lbs.. . . . .

. . . . . . . . , . $5.44







on Santo's budget, buy on Sears Easy Payment Pion. See page 264 for complete details