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All Drink and


Sweet Baby Faces need a "Little Mother's" Care


A big, lifelike vinyl Baby in

glider-chair. Molded hair, coo

voice. She's 21 in. tall, fully jointed

. . drinks and wets, cries tears.


cars sun suit, socks: sandals.

Lashed sleeping eyes. Head turns.

She has nursing bottle with her.

Glider chair has real gliding action,

is 18x!Ox17


in. high. Aluminum–

finish steel frame, embossed plastic

fabric covering. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.

79 N T3288L-Doll ond gl ider ....$9.69

79 N 03255-Doll only. Wt. 4 lbs.. 6.49

49 N 9246-Glider only. Wt. 4 lbs. 3.39


Contented Baby in her play

pen. AU-vinyl plastic 133-§,-in.

baby doll that drinks and wets.

Jointed arms, legs and turning head

let you place her in many lifelike

poses. Molded hair and lashed

sleeping glassene eyes. She wears a

2-piece sun suit and ribbon-tied

bootees. She has her own bottle.

rattle, powder, clothespins, sponge.

soap, swabs, clothesline, washtub.

dress, bonnet and robe. Smoothly

finished wood playpen is 14xl4x10J4

inches and has swive1 casters. I-las

plastic-coated play pen pad, easy to

wipe clean. Send your order today.

49 N 3254-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs. .


[[] Baby in Basket ready to go visit-

ing. Wood basket has embossed

cotton cover, removable dainty

flounce. Taffeta pillow and coverlet.

All-vin,.-1 13-in. baby has jointed

arms, legs, turning head with

acetate fiber hair, sleeping glassene

eyes with lashes. Dressed in cuddly

tleece caniage suit with hood.

Carries bottle. Basket is 16%x10x6

inches . . holds this sweet baby

comfortably .

49 N

3259-13-inch baby and basket.

Shipping weight 3 lbs. 10 oz..

. .$7.98


13-inch soft vinyl Baby with

her own scale. layette and "hat–

box" carrying case. She has jointed

arms, legs, turning head . Molded

hair, lashed glassene sleeping eyes.

She drinks, wets. coos and blows

b ubbles. Dressed in tlannel kimono,

panties. Layette includes dainty

ninon dress, bootees, soap. bottle,

teether, bubble pipe, Q-tips, f\:kenex

and baby scale. Colorful carrying

case of fiberboard with plastic

handle ... 15x16x5 inches.

Here is an outfit that will give a

little "mother" hours of enjoyment

. . has everything baby needs.

49 N 3719-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs...... $8.97

Budget-priced Drink-Wet Babies ... love to be bathed, too


Big -Value Baby with bathinette and layette. All vinyl-plastic baby with

jointed arms, legs, turning head. Has Saran hair, lashed glassene eyes

that close. She loves her bath in the wood-frame bathinette that's 12x8x9


in. high. Comfortably dressed in a play suit; brings her kimono, bottle and

bath accessories with her.



3233- 10'./.2 -inch baby with bath and accessories. Shipping weight 1


b. JOoz .


[] lovable I 2-inch Baby with a how in her pretty molded hair. Vinyl

head turns, molded rubber body has jointed arms. legs. She drinks, wets,

coos, blows bubbles. Go-to-sleep eyes. Wears rompers. Bubble pipe and her

own plastic bottle included. She loves to be sponged clean.

49 N 3505-12-inch Baby. Shipping weight I pound . . ..

. .... $2.39


Sweet little I 0-.inch Baby of soft rubber with turning head. Mold-

ed hair and set-in plastic eyes. Fully jointed. She drinks and wets; cries

when squeezed. With diaper, bottle, bib, bottle brush, etc.



3516-Co!ored baby with accessories. $hipping weight l pound ..........


49 N

3515- White baby with accessories !not shown) . Shipping weight 1 pound..