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Big Value Outfit

"Margie", Sweet Sub-teen Doll

With Steel Trunk and Wardrobe


15-inch baby with rooted Saran hair to comb, brush and set. She's

all vinyl with turning head, lashed sleeping eyes, sits naturally.

Coos when hugged. She wears a rayon-taffeta dress, matching lace–

trimmed slip and panties, knit socks, vinyl shoes . . has her own

brush, comb, curlers and mirror; tissues; lipstick, rouge and powder

cases. Dress her comfortably in rayon lounging pajamas. Cotton

robe, sunsuit, summer dress, tweed-type cotton coat and straw hat.

All packed in a fiberboard carrying case


inches deep, with

plastic handle, metal hinges and snap lock. This is one of the biggest

outfits we've seen at this low price! She's a darling .. and handsomely

outfitted with well-made clothing.

17 inches tall with rooted Sarnn hair .. Lashed glassene

sleeping eyes. She sits alone, poses .. has turning head, ·

waist .. jointed arms, legs and elbows. Made of smooth,

soft vinyl.


ninon dress, slip, panties, socks, shoes and

necklace. Margie carries a clear plastic case with comb and

brush. Her


includes cotton dress, housecoat.

coat and hat,


pairs o'f vinyl shoes and socks,



sunglasses. Her

steel trnnk

is 18x9



inches. Send

your order today .. avoid the Christmas rush.

79 N 03654- Doll, Wardrobe, Trunk. Shipping wt.


lbs... $15.98

49 N 3634- Dressed Doll only. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs... .


49 N 3140- Complete outfit. Shipping weight 4 pounds..... ....... $7.57

79 N 09297- Metol trunk only. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.. .




and Beautiful Baby Dolls with soft cotton-stuffed bodies


"Prithilla"-you've seen this little girl play-

ing in a sandbox .. riding her tricycle . .

romping in the neighborhood! She's all vinyl ..


in. tall • . and all tomboy! Rooted straight

hair style with bangs. Lashed, sleeping glassene,

eyes, jointed arms, legs and turning head. She's

wearing a cotton flannel shirt, cotton jeans, rayon

socks, vinyl shoes.

49 N 3396-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz .... , . ... $3.89

[[] "Cutie," 15 inches tall, with one-piece latex

body and petal-smooth vinyl plastic head . .

delicate features, wipes clean. Her head turns,

she bas molded hair; lashed, glassene sleeping

eyes. Cutie coos when she's squeezed. Dressed in

full ninon dress and matching bonnet, half slip,

panties, shoes and socks. She's a lot of lovable

baby doll, sweetly dressed .. and at a low price.

49 N 31 10-Shipping weigh! l lb. 4 oz .. . ...... $1.98


Big 17-inch Baby .. with one-piece latex skin

body ... easy to clean with damp cloth and

dressed for her afternoon outing in a crisp rayon–

taffeta, lace-trimmed dress and bonnet. Has a

nicely-featured vinyl turning head .. molded hair.

Her lashed, glassene eyes close to sleep at bedtime

.. she coos when squeezed. She wears knit cot–

ton panties, knit socks, imitation leather shoes.

49 N 3134-Shipping weigh! 1 lb.8 oz ......... $2.97


14V2-inch Baby with rooted Saran hair to

comb and brush. A soft dolly with a one-piece

vinyl skin body with lashed, glassene eyes that

move, turning head and coo voice. She is made to

sit naturally. Prettily outfitted in a lace-trimmed

rayon a<1d polished cotton dress with a sewn-in

half-slip of net, matching ribbon-tie bonnet, lace–

trimmed panties, knit socks and vinyl shoes.

49 N 3137-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.......... $2.97


17-inch Baby with poodle bob and a hair-bow. Life-

like 1-pc. cotton-stuffed vinyl skin body with a pretty

vinyl turning head. Lashed, sleeping glassene eyes. Her

curly, rooted Saran hair can be combed, brushed and set.

Coo voice.


a frilly ninon dress with sewn-in half-slip.

Knit panties and socks. Vinyl shoes. A good size for little

girls to dress and play with. Order early and avoid the

Christmas rush.

49 N 3 138-Shipping weigh! 2 pounds................. $3.89

[] 18 -inch Baby. She's getting to be a big girl now! All

dressed up in her corded cotton coat and matching

bonnet. Soft cotton-stuffed one-piece vinyl skin dolt with

rooted Saran hair to brush and comb. Lashed, sleeping,

glassene eyes. Coo voice. Legs made so she can sit natural–

ly. Under her coat she wears an embossed cotton dress,

lace-edged panties; rayon socks and vinyl shoes.

An ex–

cellent value for a rooted-hair baby doll.

49 N 3149-Shipping weigh! 2 lbs. 12 oz............. . . $4.98

Make this

a gay

Christmas for


little girl


buy the doll she will love on Easy Terms. See page 264 for details