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New/Jackets That Open and Close with a Touch

Remarkable VELCRO closures hold like magic .. contain no moving parts .. can't jam or snag

Grips like the familiar cocklebur.

Uses same principle, yet it's not

sticky, gluey or thorny. 2 sur–

faces of nylon Velcro tape adhere

at a touch .. grip only each other.

Cotton and Nylon



Masterfully tailored from a popular

new fabric that combines superb drape,

shimmering appearance and extra-long

wear. Shuns wrinkles. Treated for last–

ing water-repellency. Fully lined with

nylon fibers quilted under nylon. Holds

in heat. Elastic inserts at waist. Guar–

anteed VELCRO front closure and

adjustable cuffs. Hand washable.

Average length 24)1 in.

State et"'n


36 to 46 in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

-41 N 6515-llronze color

-41 N 6516-Charcoal ldarkl gray

-41 N6517-Navy ldarkl blue..•..


Velcro holds fast even nnder

strain. Thousands of tiny ny–

lon links mesh together form–

ing a perfect bond on contact.

"Open-and-Shut tested" in

our laboratory thousands of

times in succession and it still

worked perfectly!

Comfort where it counts.

Just press it shut-it

stays that way-secure–

ly! Opens quickly and -........._ •

easily from either end.


Quilt-lined Cotton Cord Surcoat


Keeps you snug from neckline to be–

low hip level. Fully lined with fluffy

nylon fibers quilted under nylon. It's

a real insulator that keeps you warm

on coldest days. Shell is woven from

premium-grade, long staple cotton

with interesting cord effect. Durable

water-repellent treated. Durene® cot–

ton knit collar, cuffs. Guaranteed

VELCRO front closure. Hand wash.

Average length 31 in.




36 to 46 in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

-41 N 6810-Sand llightl tan

41N6811 - Charcoal ldarkl gray... $15.90

Wash 'n' Wear Nylon Reversible


Takes to snow and rain like a duck

takes to water. Tough nylon fleece on

1 side reverses to water-repellent nylon

taffeta. Blocks out stiffest winds, in–

sulates against chilling temperatures.

All-nylon rib knit cuffs and waistband.

Guaranteed VELCRO front closure.

Say good-bye to costly dry cleaning.

Just hand wash, drip dry. Jacket

never needs ironing.

Average length 24)1 inches.


even chest

36 to 46 inches. Wt. 2 lbs.

-41 N 4276-lllack reverses to black

-41 N 4277- Red reverses to black .. $14.90

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Velcro closures are impervious

to damage from washing or

even dry cleaning.

Wash 'n' Wear Nylon Cardigan


Luxurious tailoring, smart "Deep-V"

design, expensive detailing seldom

found at this low price. Not an ordi–

nary unlined cardigan, this beauty is

fully lined with shimmering nylon taf–

feta. Fluffy, but tough nylon fleece

shell. AU-nylon rib knit cuffs and waist

inserts. Contrasting piping and trim.

Guaranteed VELCRO front closure.

Hand wash, drip dry, no pressing.

Average length 24 inches.

State et•m


36 to 46 inches. Wt. 1 lb. 13 oz.

41 N 61 00--Midnight black

-41 N6101-Fire engine red ...... $13.90

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orders of $20.

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