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Gifts for .the


Whoa he Well-groollled

To keep him "in trim" .. give him a Manicure Set


Our Finest, 11 -piece Set.

Every manicure need .. an

outstanding value! Forged preci–

sion steel implement s from Solin–

gen, Germany. 2 scissors, toenail

nipper, file, 7 others. Tan pigskin

grained leather zip case, 7x4% in.

(lOc Fed. Ex. tax. incl.)

8 N 9532E-Gift boxed. Wt. 8 oz. $4.97


9-piece Set. Fine quality

forged steel implements from

Solingen, Germany. Includes cuti–

cle scissors . . tweezers . . toenail

nipper .. file .. plus 5 others.


convenient tan leather zipper case

-measures 6x3% in. (Price in–

cludes 14c Federal Excise tax.)

8 N 9533E-Shipping weight 6 oz. $2.97


Our Finest Shaving Brush. Extra-

large, pure badger: Silky-soft full

knot pampers his skin. Ivory-color

Catalin plastic handle. Big 5-in. length.

8 N


box. Shpg. wt.


oz.. .$8.47


Fine Badger Brush. Generous knot.

Ivory-tone plastic handle. 4% in.

8 N 7693-Shpg. wt.


oz. : .



[]] Our Good Shaving Brush. Badger

set in rubber. Sleek Lucite handle.

8 N7691 -3lfis in. Shpg. wt.


oz .... $3.87

Badger Shaving Brush (not shown).

8 N 7683- 4


/is inches. Shpg. wt. 2 oz.$2.87

[[) Clothesbrush-Shave Kit. Cut 323.

Genuine suntan leather zip case

from Austria has built-in nylon-bristle

clothesbrush. Top·holds safety razor,

blade, nail file from Germany. Com–

pact 3Uxl ygx1%; inches. (7c Federal

Excise tax included.)

8 N 9352E- Wt. 8 oz. Wos

$1.47 ...



Hairbrush-Shave Kit. Tan simu-

lated leather zip case, built-in

plastic-bristle hairbrush. Gillette ra–

zor, blades; shaving cream; styptic

pencil, comb, file. (7c Fed. tax incl.)

8 N 9067E- 5x2V2X2V2 in. Wt. 8 oz...$1.97


6-piece Set for only $1 .. the

only set we know of at this low

price with 2 scissors-for nails and

cuticles- plus tweezers, file and 2

other plastic-handled implements ..

all made in Germany. Tan processed

leather zip case, 4% x 2% inches.

Boxed. (4c Federal tax included.)

8 N 9531 E- Shipping weight 4 oz...$1.00


6-piece Chrome-plated Set.

High carbon tool steel, har–

dened for lasting keenness. Forged,

round-nose safety scissors, finger nail

clipper, toenail clipper, tweezers,

nail file. Plastic comb. Ginger-color

simulated leather snap case. Gift

box. (7c Fed. tax included. )

.8 N 9248E- Wt. 8 oz. Wos

$5.00 .




Toenai I Nipper. Heavy duty 4%-

inch chrome-plated German im–

port. Rugged barrel spring. H igh

quality curved steel blades. Triple cut

file included. Tan pigskin-grained

leather snap case. Gift box.

8 N 9530E- 6c Fed. tox incl. Wt.




Travel, Utility, Fitted Shave Kit.

Contains military brush with ny–

lon bristles; Gillette razor, blades;

shaving cream; toothbrush, tooth–

paste; comb, nail file, nail cleaner. Tan

simulated leather zip case, 7x4x3 in.

18c Federal Excise tax included.

8 N 9069E- Shpg. wt. 1 lb...........$3.97

Men's Musical Jewelry Cases


6-in- l Pocket Manicure Imple -

ment. Gleaming chrome-plated.

Nail clipper, scissors, knife blade, nail

file and cleaner, key chain. Goes with

him anywhere in its own plastic carry–

ing case. Boxed.

8 N 9550- Shipping wt. 2 oz... . Eoch $1.97

[[] 7-duty Manicure Knife. Top qual-

ity stainless steel Italian import.

Sleek and durable. Has knife blade,

cuticle pusher, nail file and cleaner,

novel key chain loop. Tweezer-scissor

slides out for easy access. Gift boxed,

with penny for luck.

8 N 9323- Shpg. wt. 4 oz. ... .......$3.97


Wooden Treasure Chest:

Was $9.97.

Imported movement plays romantic

tune. Gift box.

State color

black or brown.

8 N 9267- 7% in. long. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.$7.97


Hand -crafted Case. Space-age shell-

inlay constellation design . . gleaming

black lacquered hardwood. Red rayon vel–

vet lining. Lock and key. Romantic tune.

A fine art product from Japan.

8 N 7174- 91/ax6x2V. inches. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs ..$4.77


Manicure Money Clip. An aid to

neatness that's as near at hand as

his money. Cutting knife and nail file

fold inside this sleek stainless steel

money clip.

Sold for ·$1.67 last year.

Shipping weight each 2 ounces.

8 N 9247- Eoch $1.27. Sovel. .. 2 for $1.97.


Key Case, Manicure Tool Set.

Pocketful of useful gadgets in one

compact (3Ysx2U-in.) genuine pig–

.skin case. Chrome plated knife, bottle

opener-screwdriver, file with nail

cleaner pull out of side. 4 key holders.

Gift box, (18c Federal tax included.)

8 N 9534E- Shpg. wt. oz..... . ....$2.47